Career Counselling through Astrology

Career counselling through Astrology

Can there be effective career counselling through astrology ? How does astrology help in choosing a right career and education ? When should people consult astrologers to get career guidance for their children ?

Yes Career counselling through astrology can be done to get more accurate results and idea about our talents and abilities, The 5th house in your birth horoscope shows your talents and education, whereas the 10th house shows career, 9th house is seen for higher education and 8th shows interest in research and engineering. This can be further magnified in the varga charts to get a detailed analysis about the mental make up of a person, D24 or Chaturvishamsha division is seen for area of education and talents related to the same, d9 or navamsha shows hidden talents of the person carried over from past births which is represented by the 5th and 9th house which may or may not flourish depending on the dashas and other factors in a horoscope. A horoscope of a person reveals more about his talents and weaknesses more than a career counselling session. Career counselling can only map your brain based on the aptitude test but astrology can also point out your hidden talents and abilities according to your horoscope and make you capitalize on those abilities which you are yet to discover. It is a very effective tool in hands of right astrologers who will help you to find your potential areas where you can excel.

It is honestly difficult to tell exact career pattern through astrology as there are thousands of careers and to find the exact career can be a difficult task for an astrologer and even an career counselor but one can easily tell which types of careers are suitable as per the horoscope, E.g Engineering, Technical, computers, artistic, medical, administrative, government, one can also find specializations in these careers as per the horoscope but the task is bit difficult yet never impossible, It becomes really easy when client has certain choices in mind and wants to choose one from many available to him, in such cases astrology can help you very nicely. Astrology will anytime reveal your career pattern more easily than a career counselling session, An analysis done with the help of career counselor and astrologer could lead to very accurate and startling results.


"Career counselling through astrology"
Career counselling through astrology

When should one consult an astrologer for career guidance ?

Parents and children can consult an astrologer for career-guidance right after 10th standard or 12th standard  when they want to decide further line of education and have no idea regarding choosing a career. Parents can also take astrological help when their children are confused between multiple career choices. Astrological guidance can be of immense help in all such cases. It has often been noticed that people choose wrong careers choices many times due to temporary craze or liking for a particular vocation or subject due to bad dashas and non-availability of right guidance, but over time they realize that they never had an interest in what they choose, this happens with many people and your time and money is wasted by that time, Once gone time never comes again and so does your age. So it is always better to spend a few thousand rupees for astrological guidance and career counselling than spending lakhs of rupees in a wrong course and later realizing that you have no interest in what you are doing.

It can be easier for parents to make choices regarding future prospects and talents of their children by consulting career-counselors and astrologers, Both the analysis can be of immense help to narrow down to few good choices of careers. It is best to consult an astrologer before making any career choices after giving 10th, 12th and degree exams if one wants to study further.

Should One really go for career counselling through astrology ?

Yes career counselling through astrology be of immense help if done by a competent and good astrologer. Astrology can guide your destiny by showing you light in darkness, it should be used as a guiding tool but one should never be totally dependent on it, too much dependence can be fatal, the wise only uses it at the time of confusion for getting guidance. One should use it as a guiding tool rather than deciding everything, every step of your life by astrology. There should be no fatalistic approach towards astrology, god almighty is the higher power who has made planets after all, better worship him with all your faith and devotion rather than trying to appease planets. Bottomline is that astrology can be used as an effectively tool for career counselling and guidance.