Marriage Counseling

In the present times marriage counseling plays a very important role in repairing relationships which are on the verge of breaking up. Marriage counseling is meant to help couples understand their problems and resolve conflicts in order to improve married life. It has become an integral part of astrologers work to help couples deal with the conflicts among themselves in a healthy manner.

It takes a substantial amount of hard work and dedication on both sides to make a commitment like marriage work, When you are in a marriage or any committed relationship your life ceases to be just about you. It is about both of you now. No relationship is perfect, no man or women is perfect. It is the ability to handle the imperfections which makes relationships between two people perfect.

Marriage as a dharma makes a man eligible for many dharma karyas and women to have children who lead your pitrus to heaven and save them from naraka. A daughter liberates two families while a son liberates one family. A savitri stree leads both her paternal family and the husbands family to swarga by her virtues while a son liberates only his own pitrus to swarga by giving tarpana. So marriage is a very serious and essential dharma than anything else which enables both a man and women to settle their runa towards their families.

Such is the divine importance of “Vivah” in dharma shastra.

Marriage counseling

Marriage counseling and astrology

There are following advantages of marriage counseling and astrology

  • An astrologer can see the karmic pattern and problem in your birth horoscope which a normal marriage counselor cannot see. He can guide the couple as per their horoscopes as to what to expect from married life and how to improve married life.
  • An astrologer can guide the couple as per shastra/vedic literature on how to treat marriage and married life as marriage is one of the most important milestone and essential sanskara in Hindu dharma. Marriage is one of the most essential part of shodash sanskar in Hindu dharma. Marriage is necessary to fulfill the four purusharthas of life i.e Dharma, Artha, Kaam and Moksha. So having a sound and happy married life is very important. An astrologer can guide the couples well to understand these aspects through vedic point of view which a normal marriage counselor cannot.
  • Sometimes the problems are temporary as per the ongoing dasha/mahadasha or gochara of couples involved in marriage, at such times crucial and right guidance can prove very important. An astrologer can see this and understand that the problem can be temporary and can be resolved with time, patience and remedies.
  • Astrology can give you the overview of marriage/married life and remedies specific to your problems as per your horoscope.
  • Pre-marriage counseling can help both boy and the girl to set the expectations right in terms of their partners and their married life. It helps them to understand the challenges and problems they are going to face so that they set their expectations right.
  • Post marriage counseling can be very helpful to tackle the ongoing problems and disputes between couples according to their individual horoscopes.

Disadvantages of marriage counselling

It is not a full proof method since not everyone is destined to have a very happy and long married life in today’s times given the independent temperaments, impatience and fast lifestyles we are running. It is almost impossible to change nature and behavior of people. Here shastra comes to rescue but some do not want to understand it and lead extravagant lifestyles. They do not consider marriages as a sacred institution and dharma anymore.

Sometimes horoscopes clearly indicate separation, no amount of counseling can work for these couples.

I have been doing marriage counseling and consultations since a very long time and have received very good feedbacks on the counseling methods, it was after some feedbacks that I realized there should be a separate page/article on marriage counseling as many people initially came to my website for marriage counseling but could not find the service/term which discouraged them from consulting initially. Many must have gone back as they did not find what they wanted based on the feedbacks I received from those who consulted.

The intention to start this service is to help people understand their problems as per their individual horoscopes whether they are of temporary nature or permanent and help them to deal with difficult circumstances as per shastra. Even if my approach is able to save 5 out of 10 marriages I would consider this service to be of great help to mankind.

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