Mars and Ketu in Capricorn

Mars and ketu in Capricorn

Mars entered capricorn on 2nd May, 2018 where ketu is already posited. Mars and Ketu in capricorn will conjoin in close orbit between June to September 2018 indicating a very chaotic period.

Mars and Saturn retrograde will add more fuel to it. Saturn retrograde 2018 has already been covered in earlier article here.

Mars is a fiery planet and indicates fire incidents, aggression, brute force, strikes, fights whereas ketu is said to be like mars as per parashari dictum. So both planets conjoining together will definitely increase the aggression and agitation in people. Those who have such combination in their horoscope will suffer more than those who don’t.

People having key planets in cancer/capricorn axis are also likely to suffer the wrath of mars and ketu in capricorn.

On the mundane level there will be increase in agitated movements, fights, accidents, fire accidents, suicides, mass movements, natural calamities and heavy rainfall as predicted in the earlier article of effects of retrograde saturn 2018.

In the past few month including July many would have noticed the increase in suicide incidents, accident cases, mass movements, the incidents of thefts, murders, robbery has also been on rise in past 1 month.

The negative effects will be felt by those having negative combinations in their horoscope whereas those who have positive combination will feel an increased zeal to work, enthusiasm, energy and boost in confidence to start something enterprising. Many of you will find yourself taking risks which you never thought about.

Wait a moment ! don’t be in haste, sit and consider your pros and cons before jumping in the well. This is a passing phase, your enthusiasm might drain away once the effect passes away, there is also an lunar eclipse waiting to pass on 27th July 2018 and it will be visible in India which will definitely have its effects in +- 15 days on mundane level. Heavy rainfalls and floods/natural calamities or some incident affecting national interest can be visible as this eclipse is happening through the lagna/ascendant of India which is capricorn/Makar.

You can see the illegal property sealing act getting continual order from the supreme court today, it is the effect of Mars and ketu conjunction in capricorn. Those who have faced such losses should examine their horoscopes and see how astrology works.

Let us see the effects of mars and ketu in capricorn along with effects of lunar eclipse for all 12 signs.

Mars and ketu in capricorn for Aries

Your ascendant and 8th lord mars exalted in 10th house will give you a boost in confidence and your enthusiasm will be sky high in this period, you will also be susceptible to injuries/burns/accidents as mars is also your 8th lord however there will be nothing stopping you from achieving your targets/goals.

You are advised to take little precaution and do things bit carefully than taking rash decisions. Overall this combination will be positive for you, those who have this in negative houses in their horoscopes will be affected more as mars is the ascendant/rasi lord for you.

Chandra grahana in 10th house of profession/karma can cause fluctuations in your career/professional front. You may witness sudden unexpected problems in career/professional front. Avoid getting into any problem at your work place and postpone major career decisions.

Remedy : Get ganpati atharvasheersha avartana seva done if you are facing problem.

Mars and ketu in Capricorn for Tauras

Mars in 9th house for you is good and will tend to give increase in bhagya or spiritual inclinations. Ketu will mars can make you over excited and aggressive in terms of religious activities and travels, you are advised to take necessary precautions in case of long travels. There can be disturbance in higher education and health of father.

Married life and relationships can be affected as mars is the 7th lord for your ascendant/rashi. Do not go overboard crossing your limits as it can damage your relationships beyond repair.

Chandra grahana in your 9th house can affect father’s health and also bring opportunities to travel for spiritual purpose, it can be good for you.

Remedy: Get Mars and Ketu japa done in case of severe problems.

Mars and Ketu in Capricorn for Gemini

You will be more susceptible to surgery, injuries, burns or accidents due to mars and ketu passing through your 8th house, mars being the 6th lord can cause complications in surgery, already existing wounds etc. You should be very careful about your health and driving etc, there are strong possibilities of near fatal incidents for those who already have afflicted horoscopes.

Mars being the 11th lord in 8th will also indicate loss of money and cheating through friends, so you have to be alert in your money dealings, do not do big money transactions or deals which can invite trouble.

Many of you may face troubles or tensions from your in-laws especially girls if you have that combination in the horoscope. Avoid confrontation and back lashing for next few months. Things will mellow down with time.

Chandra grahana in your 8th house can be fatal for you, avoid unnecessary travel, do not do any stunts or go for any adventure, treks, water body as there can be danger to you. Don’t do any money dealings on that day and also avoid eating junk food.

Remedy: Ganpati atharvasheersha avartana and mars ketu japa. Do vishnu sahasranaam avartana as well for your ascendant or rasi lord budha.

Mars and ketu in capricorn for Cancer

This combination passing through your 7th house and 7th lord passing through 6th house in transit indicates a very rough period for cancerians in terms of relationships, marriage, married life etc. You are advised to lay low in this period and avoid taking extreme steps, things will slowly improve as saturn moves to makar rashi after 2 years, early improvement signs will be seen after mars leaves aquarius.

However this could be a good time for entrepreneurs and professionals involved in some profession connected with engineering, medical, surgical etc, you will find new enthusiasm and energy in your work. Take your decisions wisely.

Chandra grahana happening through your 7th house is a strong indicating that you should avoid fighting with your spouse and postpone any major business decisions.

Remedy: Ganpati atharvasheershi and laza homa to lord ganesha will be good for cancer lagna/rasi.

Mars and ketu in capricorn for Leo

Mars and ketu in your 6th house will be extremely good for destroying your enemies and getting success in competitive exams, sports and things where there is competitive spirit. However this period can also create new enemies and possibilities of legal hassles related to property, vehicle damage/injury to legs or accidents are possible.

You are advised to do land and property dealings very carefully as you can be easily duped/cheated during this period.

Chandra grahana happening through your 6th house can affect your health due to unhealthy eating or even cause problems through enemy or increase possibilities of stomach upset. Avoid driving rash and follow signals as it could be your bad day.

Remedy: Do Mars and ketu homa and japa and give dakshina to sadbrahmana.

Mars and ketu in capricorn for Virgo

Mars and ketu in 5th house of your horoscope is good for those in engineering studies or technical education. This combination is not good for pregnant ladies who are expecting and they are advised to be careful about their health and movements, they should avoid running here and there in haste, take your time to relax and don’t stress yourself. It is okay even if you are late to reach somewhere or your food is burning in kitchen, do not run or act hastily as it can cause damage to baby and be critical for you as well due to mars being your 3rd lord and 8th lord from rashi/ascendant.

Chandra grahana happening through your 5th house can make you take wrong decisions and act whimsical, it is advised that you stay at home and avoid taking any major decisions on that day.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman chalisa 7 times daily and get mangal+ketu shanti japa done if there are serious complications.

Mars and ketu in capricorn for Libra

Both planets in your 4th house will keep your homely atmosphere hot and filled with arguments, you are advised to keep cool and avoid arguments with your spouse because of mars being your 2nd and 7th lord in 4th house with ketu causing troubles in domestic and married life. It is single handedly afflicted all houses related to marriage, wealth and family.

Chandra grahana is happening through your 4th house, health of mother can be severely affected, keep your domestic atmosphere calm and avoid fights with wife and do not drive rashly. Drinking can cost you heavily if you are a heavy drinker.

Avoid driving rashly as your vehicles can suffer damage. Invest or spend your money wisely and do not get attracted to ponzi money making schemes.

Mars and ketu in Capricorn for Scorpio

Your ascendant or rasi lord in 3rd house in exaltation with ketu will give you extra hot blood and kick to do adventurous and risky tasks never done before, you will be willing to take huge risks during these 4 months which can be rewarded well if your horoscope is good and supports it, however if there are malefic combinations and your mercury is afflicted you are advised to lay low even if you are getting adrenaline rush in your body.

You can experience fatal accidents if you do unnecessary stunts and adventure. Mars is also your 6th lord so stop showing your muscles where not required as it could land you in serious trouble with law.

Chandra grahana happening through your 3rd house may indicate some issues with your siblings and neighbours, it could also indicate some bad experience in travel. Avoid long journeys and do not fight with anyone. You may experience depressive moods on that day.

Remedy: Mars and ketu japa and homa should be done.

Mars and ketu in capricorn for Sagittarius

Both planets in your second house are going to indicate disturbance in your family life and finances, there may be some frustrations surfacing in family. Finances could be out of control with increased spending out of the blue. There may be tensions related to children and studies as well. You are advised to take care of your eyes, there could be injury/surgery related to eyes for few of you with such combinations.

Avoid having heated arguments and control your tongue else there will be much damage which could not be undone later.

Chandra grahana happening through your 2nd house indicates that there can be some unexpected bad incident related to family or finance, you should avoid doing any risky stunts and eating unhealthy at it can injure your eye or give health issues.

Remedy: Ganpati atharvasheersha avartana seva and donate udid daal, red dhotar shalya, red coral to brahmana with dakshina and get japa of mars and ketu done.

Mars and ketu in capricorn for Capricorn

In your ascendant these planets will make you bold and enterprising for sometime giving you a pumping adrenaline. You make take very bold decisions and sound very high in confidence but make sure that you are making the right decisions, property and land related decisions can wait. Don’t get into hasty decisions in terms of buying land and property, you may get cheated due to 4th lord mars conjoining ketu.

Don’t trust your friends or colleagues blindly as there can be chances of being cheated in money matters. Some injury could happen to you while attempting acts of bravery. Don’t go on unnecessary weight lifting spree if you are one of the gym enthusiast. You could break your bone or injury yourself.

Chandra grahana is happening in your rashi so you are advised to stay low and avoid boozing. Though it is not completely negative it can give you terrible low feeling or mood swings. You could become short tempered and hurt someone. Avoid fights with anyone.

Remedy: Get mars and ketu japa done.

Mars and ketu in capricorn for Aquarius

Mars and ketu in your 12th house will give you opportunities to go abroad and at the same time can cause hurdles in case of those who are already in line to go abroad for onsite projects.

You will find yourself getting into situations of unnecessary wait and delay in terms of career/profession. There will be unnecessary travels which will waste your time and energy.

There will be sudden increase in spending and possibility of injury to eyes.

Chandra grahana happening through your 12th house is not good and can give unexpected health issue or expenses. Avoid eating unhealthy food for +-7 days from eclipse. Do not take unnecessary risky adventures.

You are advised to have patience and everything will be alright in matter of few months.

Mars and ketu in capricorn for Pisces

This combination is beneficial for you as it is passing through your 11th house. You can expect sudden gains and favors on your side. There will be success in your activities, however family life may be side-tracked or affected in all this.

There may be some misunderstandings with family or siblings which should be given due attention and sorted out in time. Studies can be affected due to mars and ketu aspecting your 5th, due attention should be given to studies.

Your lagna lord in 8th house in transit is not in your favor apart from that you will not be much affected with this transit.

Chandra grahana happening through your 11th house can be beneficial for you however you could act weird and have mood swings due to moon being your 5th lord.

Remedy: Do japa of mars and ketu and give dakshina to sadbrahmana taking his blessings.




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