Hindu New Year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for India and the 12 signs.

We have entered the Hindu New year Vikram Samvat 2078 with the onset of Chaitra mass and shukla paksha pratipada tithi at sunrise on 2nd April 2022. The samvatsara is Plava which means a small shallow boat. This year also Marks the change of rashi of all the 4 slow moving planets which are Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu/Ketu. Let us see the Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 predictions for India and the 12 signs with the major shifts in planetary positions happening in the coming year. How will it be for our Country and in general for all the 12 signs.

Vikram Samvat 2078 Major Planetary changes

  • Saturn is changing sign to Aquarius in Chaitra month itself from Capricorn to Aquarius for a short while.
  • Jupiter will move to Pisces his own sign in Chaitra month itself.
  • Rahu/Ketu are also changing their signs in Chaitra Month itself from Tauras/Scorpio to Aries/Libra.
  • Mars will be retrograde for 2 and a half months from 31st October 2022 to 12th January 2023.

Hindu New year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for India

The Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 predictions are based on the Tithi pravesha chart which is cast at the time of the onset of a particular Tithi. Here is the Tithi chart for Vikram Samvat 2078.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for India.


The horoscope has Mithuna lagna rising and Moon posited in the 10th house. Now you can note a few prominent features of this horoscope.

  • The lagna lord is in the 10th house but debilitated.
  • Sun is in the 10th house which is good.
  • Mars+Saturn in the 8th house and Rahu in the 12th house, this is a very bad position in this horoscope.
  • Jupiter aspects the lagna from the 9th house.
  • Jupiter Venus in bhagyasthana is very good in this horoscope.

Lagna lord in the kendra and lagna aspected by a benefic Jupiter indicates that we are gradually going to become successful and stronger in the coming year.

Lagna lord is neecha, Moon is conjoined Mercury in the 10th house and aspected by saturn. People will suffer from mental maladies, psychological issues and mental disorders will be on rise. We will be struggling to achieve success as the lagna lord is debilitated, it will not be easy.

Sun in the 10th house promises good elevation and success but it is aspected by saturn so again there will be delays, obstructions in implementation of plans.

Improvement in Technology related to communication, networking and advancement in technology, improvement will be the focus of the year as mithuna is the lagna rising and 3rd house lord is in the 10th house with the lagna lord. Moon also connected with these planets can bring the focus on mind related stuff like mind and brain control technologies, focus on advancement in this area can be there.

Mars+Saturn in the 8th house indicate Civil Unrest, Chaos, pressure on the people in professions like Army, Police, Surgeons, Doctors, Fire and construction related professions. Fire accidents, rise in fatal incidents, crimes, fights between people/groups/communities, legal issues will be on rise, this will mainly be due to loss of jobs/employments and the mental maladies as mentioned earlier. Fire accidents, brutal killings or some engineering hazards like collapse of some eminent project/bridge/buildings can be in the news this year.

The law and the order can go for a toss in the coming year due to common man suffering. Saturn+Mars aspect on the 2nd house and the lord also indicate a blow to economy and financial losses. See the 11th lord also posited in the 8th house though exalted. Sudden gains will accrue through wars for the country. Income tax raids will be on rise this year, some ugly stories could come out. See the 6th house lord in the 8th exalted, it is also the 11th house lord.

A friend itself can turn out to be an enemy and create situations of war/fights/unrest. Terrorism activities can be on rise in this year, a lot of underground activities good and bad could be taking shape at the moment while I am writing this.

4th house lord and lagna lord debilitated and aspected by saturn. The 8th house having malefics indicate danger for people in high ranks/power. Saturn aspecting Sun in the 10th house can result in downfall of certain people in power. Downfall of whom depends on their individual horoscopes. There can be some news of downfall/stepping down of some eminent person in power.

Since Rahu, Saturn and Mars happen to be in the same direction in signs Tauras, Virgo, Capricorn which indicate south in Naadi astrology. The southern part of the country will have possibilities of more tragedies. A major Earthquake of some natural calamity will take place this year.

The year will be mixed as there are some positive planetary changes as the year progresses. Jupiter entering Meena rasi and Saturn entering Kumbha for a short while will mean good time from April to July 2022 and February to March 2023. There will be rise in spiritual interests and interest of people in sanatana dharma, there will be rise in new technology new successful start-ups/ventures as the 5th house lord Venus is in the 9th house. A lady could come into prominence.

Trade & Relationships with foreign countries will improve but there will also be some kind of pressure from the foreign countries to implement things they want to in our country.

Stock markets will be mixed this year, we may not cut the lifetime high so easily. This year does not look to be highly bullish. The chances of big fall is there from September Mid to December 2022 and Later from 3rd week of January to 1st week of March 2023. Some insane rallies either side are possible due to rahu aspected by saturn during some months of the year especially April to July 2022 and January to March 2023. The rallies could be fake and to trap innocent investors.

The year overall though mixed will not give a huge blow because of the aspects of Jupiter on the lagna and the position of the lagna lord in the kendra. We will struggle and eventually find success slowly and steadily.

The places on the East/West axis and the south will suffer and undergo huge problems as the saturn transits Makar and Kumbha rashi while the Rahu/ketu axis shifts to the Mesha and Tula rashi. Saturn’s aspect on Rahu will further intensify the problems in the south-east and western part of the country and the Western countries.

Next year before the start of the new samvatsara we will be on the path of progress and becoming one of the powerful and influential country in the world, before that some suffering is still remaining.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for the 12 signs

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for Mesha rashi

You be will bubbling and jumping full of energy with the start of this year. Your horoscope indicates a very good and productive year for you professionally and career wise. You will be able to achieve a lot in this year with saturn in your 10th and 11th house respectively. Mars in the 10th house exalted indicates your energy, enthusiasm and commitment towards your work/career.

Foreign travels are also indicated as Jupiter transits your 12th house, Buying property/investment in property, Building a house, buying a vehicle are also indicated for many of you. Those having a favorable dasha/planetary position will achieve this in the coming year.

Rahu/Ketu axis entering your rashi will cautions you to slow down and give rest to your mind. Rahu in your rashi can make you have unrealistic expectations and useless running here and there. You should give some time to relax and meditate to keep your mind in good shape, otherwise some of you could find themselves in a mentally bad shape.

A decent year for students in terms of studies, will need to focus and put efforts to achieve what you want. Marriage and children possibilities between July to November when Jupiter is in retrograde motion giving aspect on the 5th and the 7th house respectively from the previous sign.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for Vrishabh rashi

Saturn posited in your 9th house and the 10th house will prove good for you to some extent. This year you will be burdened with more responsibilities and expectations. There will be increase in workload for you but you will reap the good rewards in this year itself as the transit jupiter will be entering your 11th house.

Marriage yoga is there for those who are looking forward to get hitched up, check your individual horoscope and dasha for more concrete outcome. Those thinking of family expansion also have a good year there with jupiter aspecting your 5th house. So marriage, children, financial prospects wise the year is going to be very good for vrishabh rashi.

Students will also have an extremely good year due to aspect of jupiter on the 5th house and jupiter’s placement in own sign in your 11th house. Especially those who are into medical, finance, economics, Law, biology, biological sciences, bio-tech related areas will have very good year.

Rahu transit in the 12th house in this year from your lagna rashi can give you a freehand in terms of spending money, so control yourself and try to curb your expenses.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for Mithuna rashi

Saturn+Mars both in your 8th house and Rahu in your 12th house warns you of a difficult time in terms of health, accidents, uncontrolled expenses, financial losses. You are advised to be very careful in health and money matters. Avoid getting into trouble and fights with anyone as that can be fatal for you due to the adverse planetary position in the first 2 months of this year.

After the initial 2 months your time will improve considerably and you will have financial gains, progress and rise in career. The financial condition will improve with jupiter’s aspect on the 2nd house, there will be some stability and protection coming from somewhere. You can have a very good rise in your career in this year, so keep looking for the right opportunities and jump as soon as you see the potential.

Students of mithuna rasi will have a decently good year ahead in terms of studies/education.

Recite Runamochak mangal stotra and give daana to poor and needy on Saturdays.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for Karka rashi

Saturn in your 7th house with mars can cause of lot of misunderstandings/fights in married life and there can be misunderstandings with business partners/loss in business. Jupiter too was not in a very good position for you in the past year, but by the end of the Chaitra month your positions will change and there will be scope of improvement in many areas of your life.

Career will still have some ups and downs, a change of job/work or temporary set back is possible for some of you if your natal horoscope also has some adverse positions. The jupiter’s transit in the 9th house will bring improvement in health matters.

The year is good for family planning and trying for conception, marriage wise the year will be a mixed bag for you but for those who are into a relationship will have a good year.

Jupiter’s aspect on the 5th house will prove very good for the students and education.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for Simha rashi

For you the year does not look very promising because neither saturn nor jupiter is well posited from your rashi/lagna. The start of the year will be good for sports person/athletes and those into police/army/medical fields.

You are strongly advised to avoid getting into fights as they can really turn ugly and prove fatal for you, avoid rash driving and drive carefully. Sports persons will have possibilities of injuries/surgeries.

The transit of Saturn from April end to July will be good for you but after that saturn again in the 6th house is not good in terms of health. Jupiter in the 8th house aspected by saturn cautions to be careful about health. Rahu/Ketu axis in the 9th house will give fruitless travels and wandering.

Students will need a lot of focus and concentration on studies as it will not be an easy year for you. Foreign travels can be possible for some of you and investment in property etc is good between April to July 2022.

Give daan to poor and needy on saturdays and offer food to cow on Thursdays.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for Kanya rashi

Jupiter and Saturn both are going to be good for you in the coming year. Kanya rasi people have a good year ahead to tie the marriage knot as jupiter enters your 7th house. The aspect on the lagna, 3rd and the 11th will ensure that you will gain through networking and communication. Health will improve in the coming year.

April to July will be a very good period for those in competitive environment but beware of minor injuries and give due attention to health issues if you suspect any as rahu in the 8th house aspected by saturn in the 3 months will not be good.

Students will need to put up with a lot of hard work and efforts to get good grades as saturn in the 5th house will not give you good results unless you toil hard.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for Tula rashi

Saturn passing through the 4th and the 5th house as a yogakaraka is good for you while Jupiters transit is mixed and favorable in certain areas. This year will be mixed for you in many ways and areas. Business wise the months from April to June are not good and tula rasi people should avoid striking any major deals during this period.

Career wise Jupiter’s aspect on the 10th house will prove to be beneficial and give you a rise/growth or promotion in your career as the sign is jupiter’s exaltation sign. The aspect on the 2nd house will give financial growth as well. Rest of the year health needs to be monitored as Jupiter in the 6th aspected by saturn is not much shubh on health front. Those with already existing diseases and problems related to sugar, liver and diabetes should take care in this time and try to keep the health in check.

Students will have to work hard to achieve good results in the coming year. Not a great year for marriage and relationships.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for Vrischik rashi

Jupiter entering your 5th house will bless you with good education, children and knowledge. The aspect of the jupiter on the lagna and the 9th house will improve your health and bhagya/luck. This year will prove good for scorpio natives due to a positive jupiter transit.

Saturn in the 3rd and the 4th house is decently good for you, Rahu’s entry in the 6th house will destroy your enemies and give success in competition and competitive areas. There will also be success in legal pursuits, but rahu in the 6th will also make you more enemies.

The year is good for family planning and children. Gains through stock markets and speculations will be there. Depending on the dasha/antardasha and overall horoscope Vruschik people can expect a good year ahead.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for Dhanu rashi

Saturn transit through the 2nd and 3rd houses for you will be decently good in this year. Jupiter entering your 4th house and aspecting the house of karma will give good career opportunities and growth.

A good year to buy property/house for yourself. Jupiter’s aspect on the 12th house will give foreign travel/onsite opportunities. The year can also be good for spiritual people as jupiter occupies the Moksha trikona in the horoscope.

Rahu in the 5th house may give you interest in speculation and there can be some errors in judgement and decision making. Take advise of your elders on important matters just to be on the safer side in terms of money matters.

Students will have distractions and lack of interest in studies due to transit rahu passing through the 5th house. You are advised to keep your focus on your goals.

Do ganapati atharvasheersha recitations and offer durva to ganappa on Tuesdays.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for Makar rashi

Saturn passing through the lagna in the past 2 years may have mellowed you down giving realization of the responsibilities. The cautious approach creeps in and physical activity, enthusiasm and energy levels get reduced with the saturn transit in the lagna. Saturn must have taught you a lot of lessons in the past 4 years, most important of them being humility and devotion to god.

You are entering your last phase of sadesati in the beginning of 2023. The change of saturn into your 2nd house will shift this approach to family and wealth, you will focus on increasing your reserves and savings. You will have matured and become a responsible person by the end of your sade-sati.

Jupiter’s transit aspecting the 7th, 9th and 11th house will also ensure prosperity, bhagya and increase in wealth. There will be good business opportunities in the coming year. Those who are looking forward for marriage will get success as jupiter aspects the 7th house.

Networking is the keyword for you to get success in business/profession in this year. You will get good opportunities through your contacts and friends.

Saturn transit in the 3rd house will give you the courage and determination to push yourself harder to achieve your goals. Rahu in the

A decent year for students but good for higher education. Religious trips and teertha snana will be successful. You will receive blessings of many saints/powers residing in those vicinities. Since saturn is still in your sing for most part of the year, you are advised to keep yourself focused on your studies.

Remedies: Read Shani Mahatmya on saturdays, Donate Black Blankets/vastra to poor and needy on saturdays, Donate til and til oil in shani temple. Offer Oil to Lord Hanuman on head with sankalpa for protection during sade-sati. Read hanuman chalisa 7 times daily if you are in too much trouble. Remain humble and do not insult or talk rudely with anyone. Keep your ego aside else you will be badly bruised.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for Kumbha rashi

You are under the first phase of sade-sati from 2020 beginning, Saturn in your 12th house in the past 2 years must have given you useless wandering, rising expenditure and a feeling of being lost.

It may also have given some of you travels or change in place. The present year it will enter your lagna for a short while which can make you feel more burdened with responsibilities. The transit of jupiter over your moon in the past 1 year could have been a blessing for you giving big protection and strength of mind.

With saturn in the lagna, Some of you may loose the abilities to see the right and wrong and take correct decisions, mind will be frustrated and agitated due to too much pressure.

Jupiter transit in the 2nd house however is good and can give you a rise in career with the increased responsibilities/roles. Even though saturn in your rashi/lagna burdens you more it could be for a positive outcome as jupiter aspects the 10th house from 2nd indicating growth/betterment in area of your karma.

The transit rahu/ketu axis will move to your 3/9 houses. Rahu in 3rd will make you adventurous, give you courage to take risks. But saturn in kumbha rasi aspecting this 3rd house rahu between April to July 2022 and January to March 2023 can make you do something wrong with over confidence, Do think 10 times before doing anything in the spur of the moment.

Ketu in the 9th house at the same time can make you feel spiritual as saturn aspects it after going back to Makar rasi in July 2022. There will be more interest in spirituality and philosophy.

Overall the year will be mixed for you but you can expect positive events in your career/professional life. Students will have to focus on their studies due to sade-sati as loss of concentration and focus is there due to saturn’s transit on your natal moon. Those having good horoscopes can find themselves pretty focused on the contrary to those who have badly posited moon in their horoscope.

Remedies: Read Shani Mahatmya on saturdays, Donate Black Blankets/vastra to poor and needy on saturdays, Donate til and til oil in shani temple. Offer Oil to Lord Hanuman on head with sankalpa for protection during sade-sati. Read hanuman chalisa 7 times daily if you are in too much trouble. Remain humble and do not insult or talk rudely with anyone. Keep your ego aside else you will be badly bruised.

Hindu new year Vikram Samvat 2078 Predictions for Meena rashi

Jupiter entering your rashi is very good, you will be happily rejoicing and feeling positive as jupiter enters your sign. This will give you a mental elevation and feeling of optimism.

Jupiter’s aspect on the 5th, 7th and 9th house will give many happy moments. There will be marriage opportunities for those who are looking to get married. There will be bhagyodaya/rise in fortune in the coming year.

Those who are planning to have children will also have a very good year ahead, you will be successful with saturn’s aspect on the 5th and jupiter too aspecting the 5th house.

Transit Rahu in 2nd house and Saturn in 12th house between April to July 2022 and January to March 2023 will be a period of feeling stuck. Some financial difficulties may arise and there can be some unhappy events in the family.

Do not make tall promises or speak too much during the above mentioned periods, you could possibly end up saying something or making some promises which could affect your relationships in future.

You will be entering the 1st phase of sade-sati officially in January 2023. The trailer will be out between April to July 2022. So remain humble and do not show-off or have ahamkara about anything else it will be crushed as your sade-sati begins. Avoid hurting anyone especially those who are below your level.

Financially you could find yourself burdened next year onwards so get into the habit of saving and wealth building, avoid the stock markets and speculations for few years now. Investing can continue but if you are into trading you could loose a huge fortune. So be very careful in financial matters, avoid taking huge loans.

Remedies: Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily 7 times from now onwards to be prepared for the blow of sadesati if you have a badly posited moon. Recite Ram Raksha stotram daily and light deepam, offer til oil and til in shani temple on Saturdays.

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