Vastu for Small scale industries

Vastu tenets and principles given by our seers are universally applicable for every type of vastu be it commercial or residential. Small scale industries are the backbone of our economy, Being labor intensive they create much employment opportunities and also help with per-capita income and resource utilization in the economy. In this post we are going to elaborate on Vastu for small scale industries.

Profitability and smooth working are both equally important for any type of industry to sustain be it a small business, small scale industry or a large scale industry. Vastu shastra tips for small scale industry can ensure smooth working and increase in profitability thereby helping the business to flourish. Let us understand how vastu shastra can be useful in increasing profitability and efficient working of small scale industries.

Vastu tips for small scale industries

  • Shape of plot should be given high importance while starting any business/industry/mills. A square and rectangular plot is highly recommended as per vastu shastra, if your plot is not in proper shape you can get it fenced according to advise of an vastu expert in a way that it will have positive vibrations. Selection of the right plot with help of vastu expert for any business helps to avoid problems later.
  • Surrounding areas should be checked for any vedha/shoola or any other dosha which affect your vastu.
  • Main entry Gate can be made on all 4 directions in 3rd and 4th Pada of vastu mandala. North and East gates are more auspicious if you want to choose any one direction for Main gate. Square shaped gates are preferable. If Main gate is divided in 2 parts, left part of the main gate should be bigger than right part as per vastu principles.
  • As per Vastu shastra principles Plant and Heavy Machinery should be installed in the South or South-west direction only. Other machinery can be installed in West.
  • South and West part of the factory/mill/building should be more higher than the North and East part of building.
  • Land slope should be towards East and North. The floor levels in factory should be higher on south and west side.
  • More space should be left towards North and East direction as per Vastu shastra principles.
  • Any water body like well/tank/bore-well/ponds should be in North-east area. Water tank at height can be kept in West in “Varuna pada” as per vastu principles.
  • Toilets are best in the West direction because west is waste. North-west is another direction for toilets. Bathroom’s where one bathes can be there in East as per vastu principles.
  • Finished goods should be kept in North-west Direction for quick movement of stock.
  • Unfinished goods or Goods in process should be kept in West direction.
  • Raw material storage can be made in South or west, while waste material can be stored South-west.
  • Parking for vehicles can be kept in North-west side of the factory.
  • Furnace/Broilers, Electricity generators, Motors, Transformers should be installed in South-East direction. Any activity related to fire or electricity can be done in South-east. Kitchen and pantry should be in South-east direction. Canteen for workers should be in the West.
  • Discussion, Meeting, brainstorming, training rooms etc should be in the East.
  • Financial activity like storing cash/cash in-flow/outflow should be done in the north-east of the premises. All Important documentation and paper work should also be kept this direction.
  • Cabin of the owner should be in North-East.
  • Any factory, Mill or small scale industry constructed as per the principles of vastu shastra helps in getting more business.
  • Most importantly work process should be in clock wise manner from Raw material to Finished product.

There will be some variations in the above Principles of Vastu for Small scale industries depending on the type of industry, the product it deals in and so it is always better to take expert guidance and consultation in these matters.

The above vastu tips for small scale industry when applied with the help of an vastu expert will surely help the business to flourish. If you are facing any problem in your business or want to start new factory/mill/small scale industry as per vastu principles you can get in touch with me through contact form below.

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