Horoscope 2022 Cancer

People born with Cancer rising or Cancer Moon can check this article Horoscope 2022 Cancer. Here are the key transits for Rashifal 2022 for Karka rashi.

Venus retrograde at the start of the year

Mercury retrograde in January 2022

Rahu/Ketu axis to transit Aries/Libra from 12th April 2022 on your 4/10 house axis.

Jupiter to transit Pisces on 13th April 2022 into your 9th house.

Saturn to transit Aquarius on 29th April 2022 for a short stay of 3 months in to your 8th house.

Saturn moves back to Capricorn on 12th July 2022 (Retrograde from 5th June to 23rd October) into your 7th house.

Jupiter retrograde 29th July to 24th November

Mars Retrograde 30th October to January 2023

As per Drik Siddhanta

Horoscope 2022 Cancer

You are going to have a mixed year in 2022 as jupiter is not in a very good position from your chandra rashi or lagna whereas saturn will enter your 8th house (astam shani) for a brief period of 3 months which will put burden on your career adding a lot of performance pressure or possibility of a sudden job loss for some of you in the first half of the year.

Jupiter will enter the 9th house giving you good health and mental strength after April 2022, it will also cause bhagyodaya after Mid 2022 for many of you. Rahu in the 10th house will be good for you in terms of success in profession towards the end of the year.

Jupiter’s transit in 8th house will be good for family/finances till April 2022. If there is dasha support and good astavarga bindus in the transit signs of jupiter and saturn you could even buy a property/land or build a house during the first 4 months of April 2022.

Foreign travels are possible after August when Mars will be in Gemini in the 12th house. April onwards Mars aspecting the 5th house along with Jupiter and saturn is good for family planning and conceiving a child in horoscope of females if dasha supports.

If you are looking forward for higher education the year will be good as jupiter’s transit is improving for you people.

Career/Profession Horoscope 2022 Cancer

The months of March to July 2022 will be a time to be careful in your business/career/profession as Mars will pass over saturn. Saturn will enter Kumbha rashi and aspect your 10th house where rahu will be transiting in gochara so 10th house will have pretty bad influences resulting in possibility of sudden job loss/downfall or decreased performance rating for you.

You will be burdened with additional work and responsibilities and may get stressed out due to it. Foreign travels in the last quarter of the year related to job/work are possible.

Those who are into work like police/military/Manufacturing/Metals/Fire related works/technical professions will have a challenging time between April to July 2022 and should be careful during this period.

Marriage/Married life/Relationships Horoscope 2022 Cancer

Saturn passing through the 7th house if you have Moon sign as cancer will be a tough and emotionally draining period for you if you are born in the last pada of pushya nakshatra and entire ashlesha nakshatra. Saturn will aspect your moon creating emotionally draining situations and difficulties in relationships. It will be a testing period for your relationships.

You could have misunderstandings with business co-partners/spouse etc during this period. Jupiter entering Pisces will be a very good relief and support for you during this time. Jupiter aspecting your moon will give you the strength and optimism to find solutions and settle everything.

Those having malefic planets in Cancer/Capricorn in their horoscopes will have intense negative results than others with only Moon/Lagna in cancer.

The 2nd half of the year will be good for family planning and having children if you are thinking about it in the coming year.

Financial Horoscope 2022 Cancer

Jupiter in 8th house aspecting 2nd will protect your savings and indicate positive time in terms of finances. Gains through insurance, inheritance is possible. The first 4 months of 2022 can be good in terms of financial prospects as rahu is also passing through 11th house.

The next part of the year with saturn aspecting 2nd house could squeeze your finances between April to July 2022 due to some emergency expenses for family/children etc.

If you have jupiter passing over your Venus or Sun in the 8th or 9th house there will be substantial gains and increase in prosperity for you otherwise a normal year in terms of finances/money.

Health/Well-being Horoscope 2022 Cancer

More than physical health you will undergo mental frustrations and emotionally disturbing times if your moon in cancer is closely aspecting by saturn along with any other malefic. Jupiter entering Meena rasi from April 2022 will be protective and ward off all the negative influences granting you good health and well-being.

Remedies Horoscope 2022 Cancer

  • Get Shani Japa and Daana done when Saturn enters 8th house on 29th April 2022.
  • Recite Dashrathkrut Shani stotra daily.
  • Worship lord shiva and offer bilwa patra with milk abhisheka on Mondays.
  • Bramhana bhojane seva and godaana in later part of the year will give you prosperity.

Disclaimer – This is a general prediction and does/may not hold good for everyone as each and everyone will have a different planetary position, different astakvarga, different bhinnastavarga points and different dashas in his personal birth horoscope. The positive/negative effects can be amplified based on the overall structure of your personal horoscope.

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