Mahadasha lord

In the earlier article we saw the importance of the lagna lord and the placement of planets from the lagna lord in the horoscope, in this article we will see the importance of Mahadasha lord in the horoscope. There are many conditional dashas in astrology which are to be applicable as per the different conditions present in the horoscope and hence are called the conditional dashas, the vimhshottari dasha is the most widely used dasha in astrology and in this article we are going to see the importance of Vimshottari Mahadasha lord in the horoscope. The horoscopes where conditional dashas are applicable, readers can check the placement of concerned conditional mahadasha lords in the horoscope for deeper analysis but vimshottari dasha works in almost all cases as a general applicable dasha to all horoscopes, the conditional dashas can be related to vimshottari to cross check and confirm the events reflected in the vimshottari dasha. There are as many as 120 dashas in parashari and jaimini astrology out of which only a handful are known and used today.

There are many good and bad combinations in a horoscope but people often complain that they did not get the results of exalted planets in the horoscope or they did not not experience the result of so and so combination, this happens because the mahadashas running during the life time do not promise certain things, people usually experience the results of those things which are promised by the mahadasha lord in the main period, the antardashas further give additional good and bad results as per their karakatwa and placement in the horoscope, the transits will never give results if the mahadasha do not promise it. The transit of jupiter happens every 2-3 years in connection with the 7th house but everyone does not get married in that, why ?

The answer is until the mahadasha lord does not promise the events in its dasha, it will not take place. Suppose a person having dasha connected to 6th house strongly will never be able to get married in that particular dasha irrespective of all the good combinations in the horoscope related to 7th house and marriage, this is because the mahadasha does not promise marriage, in contrast to this when one has all the bad combinations in the horoscope related to marriage and married life, it will not manifest until the mahadasha does not promise it, infact the person will get married and lead a happy married life if the mahadasha lord strongly shows houses connected to marriage.

Those who ignore the mahadasha lord and its karakatwa and give predictions based only on transits fail miserably due to ignoring this very important aspect of astrology, the new students or learners especially should learn to focus on the Mahadasha lord in the horoscope and its signification in the horoscope. These are the basics of astrology which many new learners and practicing astrologers ignore while making predictions. This article will be updated further with examples.


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