Kundli Matching simplified

I have been dealing with Kundli Matching since a very long time. It is really difficult for people to understand that horoscope compatibility is not as simple as it looks. Yet, people keep asking queries like, “We have 16 gunas, can we marry?”; “My partner is Manglik and I am not, can we marry?”; “My Rashi is X, my partner’s Rashi is Y, can we marry?”; “We have same Rajju, can we marry?”

This article Kundli Matching Simplified will put light on such queries in detail.

Kundli Matching Simplified

Kundli Matching is not based on any single factor like Rashi, Nakshatra, Gun-milan, Rajju, Mangalik etc. Rather it is a study of two horoscopes in which all 12 houses, 9 planets, dasha patterns have to be studied.

The basic promise of happiness in marriage/married life/children in each horoscope is different irrespective of gun-Milan, Rajju dosha, Manglik dosha.

A person having Ashwini nakshatra will get same guna/points when matched with 10 different people having Bharni nakshatra but all those 10 people will have completely different horoscopes, planets, promise of marriage, married life, children, financial prosperity, longevity, family life etc.

Let us see some common queries under Kundli matching simplified.

वैवाहिक गुण मिलान, kundli matching simplified
वैवाहिक गुण मिलान, kundli matching simplified

How many gunas should match in kundli for marriage?

—-> Minimum 18 is required in North Indian system and Minimum 5 required in South Indian system (Kerala Matchmaking and Tamil Matchmaking), the lesser points, the more compromise will be noticed in such relationships. However it does not mean that people having less than 18 points cannot marry each other, they can if their horoscopes tally well in terms of planetary matching, indicate the good promise of marriage/married life, children, longevity. These factors are independent of gun-Milan or points and need to be checked separately in both horoscopes.

What zodiac signs are compatible for marriage?

—–> As I earlier said compatibility depends on a complete study of two horoscopes when it comes to spending entire life with each other.

Yet signs which are of same “tattwa” and those of “Friendly Tattwa” can have more lasting friendships, but this again is subject to good positive planets/rinanubandha between them.

Signs having Mrityushadastaka will have extreme differences and probably indicate that the relationships will require lot of compromise which both partners may not be willing to do in the long run as they will start hating each other. But again as I said overall horoscopes need to be studied for that.

(All 12 signs are divided in Agni, Prithvi, Vaayu, Jala tattwa).

Can Marriage Matching by Name or numerology be done?

No, Marriage matching by name and Marriage matching by numerology does not work independently, it is another short cut like just checking gun-milan. Unless complete horoscopes of both bride and groom are checked it is not called a complete match making.

My partner has Manglik dosha, I do not have Manglik dosha, Can we marry?

—-> Yes, You can marry provided the horoscopes are compatible in terms of marriage/married life/children/longevity etc. These factors are checked in both horoscopes individually and then compatibility is done by matching planets. It is a tedious process and not a simple one.

We have Rajju dosha, Can we Marry?

Yes, You can Marry provided horoscopes promise good married life and longevity in both horoscopes. This is again checked by a complete study of horoscopes.

Rajju dosha causes health issues and a good marriage cannot be enjoyed without good health. So you need to check horoscopes to see if there are extreme indications for the same.

what is the best Kundli Matching?

A best kundli matching is where both horoscopes promise good marriage and married life, good promise of children, good dasha patterns and more the kootas matching after this the better.

Kundli matching can still be done if koota matching is less but horoscopes of both bride and groom have good promise of marriage and married life. Less koota will indicate both having to compromise in certain areas which are weak in their compatibility.

More such questions will be included in this article in future according to the queries received by the readers. I hope this article actually makes the topic of Kundli matching simplified for the readers.

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