Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018

After 13 months of stay Jupiter is all set to leave libra sign and enter next sign scorpio on 11th October 2018. Jupiter enter’s scorpio a very secretive and mysterious sign ruled by mars. It is fixed sign and has water element. Mars is friendly to jupiter hence jupiter transit in this sign will prove good. Let us see the impact of Jupiter transit in scorpio 2018-2019 for all 12 signs of zodiac.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and optimism, he is the guru (gu) darkness (ru) light who lights up your life with his illuminating radiance, guidance and blessings thereby removing all darkness and adversity surrounding you. His aspect on you can burn many sins and relieve you of all the pain.

A strong jupiter in horoscope makes jataka very lucky. He is knowledgeable, respected, wise with a pleasant and positive personality.

Guru gochar in Vruschika rashi 2018 will prove very good for Karka, Kanya, Tula, Vruschika, Makara, Kumbha, Meena rashi wheraes it will be medium for Vrishabha, Mithuna, Simha and bad for Mesha and Dhanu rashi.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 for Aries (Mesha Rashi)

Jupiter enters the 8th house of your horoscope and will be beneficial for you in terms of spiritual progress and occult. Those into occult and spirituality will have a very good year ahead. There are good chances of foreign travel this year, you will see sudden ups and downs in your financial position due to 12th lord aspecting your 2nd house. 9th lord in 8th will cause lack of luck when needed. Those looking to invest in property can do so after March, 2019 as jupiter aspects your 4th house this year and Rahu moves away from 4th house. Gains will be moderate due to aspect of saturn on 11th house. This year you will spend on good things due to aspect of jupiter on the 12th house.

Make sure to spend time with your family, Children are advised to focus on studies as Jupiter is not very supportive this year. Foreign travels or change of place from September 2018 to March 2019 will be highly possible. Spend on doing pooja, homa and daana now as Jupiter transit in sagittarius will make you reap good benefits of the good karma done now.

Remedy: Donate Jaggery and dhotar shalya with yathashakti dakshina to brahmana to get good results of jupiter transit 2018-19.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 for Tauras (Vrishabh Rashi)

Jupiter enters the 7th house of your horoscope, this is a great relief period as jupiter will help you balance the challenging phase going on in your married life with Mars your 7th lord highly afflicted under rahu/ketu axis. Many of you must have gone through a lot of mental anguish and frustration in relationships. The problems between business partners, relationships will reduce and be under control. A sigh of relief on the way since mars will also leave rahu/ketu axis by November 2018.

Rahu in your 3rd house is good for travels at present, it is also good to give you the required control, patience and strength to stick in the competition, rahu’s movement in Gemini your 2nd house from 2019 March will affect your finances and family life, you need to pay strong attention to finances and family in coming year. Health will improve as jupiter aspects lagna. Saturn in 8th is not positive for your professional growth, you are still going to face challenges on professional front for next 2 years till ketu passes over saturn from Sagittarius in 2019.

Being patient and persistant in your efforts is the key. Do not give you, improvement is slowly seen for you. Children will have a mixed year and will need to put more efforts in studies.

Remedy: Light diya with til oil in shani mandir on saturdays and recite hanuman chalisa daily.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018
Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 for Gemini (Mithuna Rashi)

Jupiter enters your 6th house this year even though not a good house jupiter aspects the 10th, 12th and 2nd houses from this position. Your career will undergo improvement and new opportunities will come to you. Those in service can expect a good promotion or growth this year. Rahu is already in your 2nd house causing havoc with your finances and family life, Saturn in 7th house is also not very positive but rather neutral as it aspects its own 9th house.

Jupiter will help to stabilize the results of rahu as it will cast its aspect on 2nd house improve your family/finances and overall domestic life. 12th house aspect will help you to spend in good things, do punya karya and probably travel abroad or to spiritual places.

Rahu entering your lagna and Ketu entering your 7th house over natal saturn later in 2019 March is not a good sign for married life, those who are newly married or having problems in married life can undergo chances of separation. Don’t let your quarrels go to extreme by taking timely help. Those who are looking to get married should avoid doing so for atleast 2 years if possible or be very careful for while fixing marriage and during first 2 years of marriage, do not take hasty decisions. Health of spouse can also be an issue for many of you with already afflicted horoscopes, bad dashas and this transit acting as a trigger.

Avoid doing big business contracts after March 2019, exercise caution or take help of astrologer to avoid being cheated. 2018 October to 2019 March/April will be better time for you. Children are advised to keep their focus on studies especially after March 2019.

Remedy: Donate til and til oil, light diya with til oil in shani mandir on every saturday. Donate dhotar shalya, jaggery, yathashakti dakshina to brahmana or to rayar mutt.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 for Cancer (Karka Rashi)

A period of emotional outburst, frustrations and turmoil for you in relationships, marriage, business, profession is coming to an end with entry of jupiter in your 5th house. It will help you to regain your self conscious and take better decisions, your 5th and 10th lord afflicted in 7th house under rahu/ketu axis must have brain washed you for sometime now.  Jupiter’s aspect on Rahu in lagna and mars moving away from ketu is going to be a boon for you.

Your health and bhagya will improve with jupiter’s aspect on lagna and 9th house. Make sure to do guru upasana this year to get maximum benefits and blessings of guru. You will have foreign trips after March 2019 when Rahu moves to your 12th house.

Ketu moving over saturn in 6th house gives a warning to exercise caution in health matters of you and spouse. A good period for children in terms of education dawns from 2019 January. Those planning for child can go ahead from end of this year.

Remedy: light two diyas to guru every thursday and give for anna dana. Recitation of ganpati atharvasheersha will be very good for you. Get sahasravartana done through brahmana in case of any critical trouble or vighna (obstacles).

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 for Leo (Simha rashi)

Jupiter has entered your 4th house from where it will be aspecting your 8th, 1oth and 12th houses respectively. This year will prove good for profession especially for those who are in medical profession, finances, banking, consulting, teaching, law and any kind of advisory profession etc.

Lots of foreign travels are on cards which is good for sportsmen and business people. Saturn transit in 5th house will give slow results for children in terms of studies, they should keep their focus intact and put more hard work.

Jupiter’s aspect on 8th will give interest in occult, sudden gains, gains from unexpected sources, inheritance etc. Spending money on good things and punya karya is advised, Rahu in 12th however can make you squander your money, avoid taking unsecured loans.

Remedy: Donate Til on Saturdays, Light diya with til oil on saturdays in shani mandir. Get durga saptashati paryana done as much as you can.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 for Virgo (kanya rashi)

Jupiter enters your 3rd house activating your yoga for marriage, those looking to get hitched in the bond of marriage can start looking for prospective grooms/brides aggressively. Your relationships with partners will improve, business will prosper this year with aspect of jupiter on 11th and rahu posited in 11th house for you. October 2018 to March 2019 is going to be an excellent period for you in terms of marriage, business and gains. Rahu entering 10th house thereafter will wipe out the opponents from competition and help you gain a strong foothold in business, rahu in 10th at the same time can cause troubles in professional area so it will be a mixed transit after that.

Ketu in 4th house with Saturn is not good for you and mother’s health. Keep check of your heart and blood pressure problems, do not drive rashly after 2019 March.

Jupiter aspecting 9th house is excellent for sadhana/spiritual/religious aspects and can give you short travels/journeys which will be fruitful. Good period to do punya karya for you. Luck will strongly favor you with Jupiter aspecting 9th house and 11th rahu.

Children will have a good time till March 2019, they will undergo problems in education in 2019/20 with ketu affecting their 5th lord saturn. Overall a good transit worth making out the most of it.

Remedy: Offer annadana and worship guru.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 for Libra

Jupiter enters your 2nd house from October 2018 and promises good professional growth to you. Rahu in 10th house, saturn in 3rd house are all excellent transits for the librans now. Jupiter’s entry in Scorpio will add more positivity to it. Some of you have undergone trouble in married life/relationships in the past few months which will be over from November 2018.

Good growth in career, addition of member in family, good education prospects for children are all seen in the coming year. Rahu entering the 9th house from March 2019 is neutral and could affect father and dharma causing disruption in your sadhana due to aspect of saturn also on it.

Jupiter’s aspect on 6th house will prove good for those in service sector whereas the aspect on 8th ensures sudden gains and inheritance. Ensure a good diet and healthy lifestyle as you could suffer from health issues due to sedentary lifestyle.

Remedy: Donate til and til oil on saturdays and light diya in shani mandir every saturdays. Vishnu sahasranaam recitations will be very helpful.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 for Scorpio

Jupiter entering your zodiac sign will ensure you get the results of all past good karma done as it will aspect your 5th, 7th and 9th respectively. Make sure to increase your punya karma by doing more worship this year.

Those who are expecting to get married can start looking for prospective brides/grooms. Marriage is on Cards for Scorpions as Jupiter aspects 7th house. Aspect of jupiter on 5th house ensures good time for child planning and birth of children, Saturn is also aspecting the 5th house which is excellent promise.

9th aspect of jupiter will ensure you get good results of present and past good karma done which in turn will improve your luck and prosperity.

Remedy: Light 2 diyas with ghee on every thursday to guru and do yathashakti annadaan seva.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 for Sagittarius

Jupiter enters your 12th house, it is the rashi and lagna lord itself for your zodiac hence you will end up spending a lot of energy in useless things in the coming year. You can end up being tired and sick due to too much work. Avoid spending your energy in useless tasks and overtime. This year can be good for foreign travels, spiritual journeys, spending money in good things.

Relocation can be on cards for many of you due to aspect of Jupiter on 4th and its position in 12th from its own sign. Aspect on 8th will help you to gain inheritance, sudden gains, interest in occult and spiritual pursuits, you will be looking for deeper meanings of life in the coming year.

Your focus may shift from gross to subtle and search for true self, there can be transformation in your own self for better. Rahu in 8th indicates danger from water/heights so avoid venturing to such places which are risky.

Rahu/Ketu shifting to Sagittarius/Gemini from 2019 march can affect your health, family and married life, you are advised to exercise caution in these areas.

Remedy: Do annadaan seva and yathashakti guru seva on thursdays.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 for Capricorn

Jupiter enters your 11th house to bless you with gains. Saturn your lagna lord/rashi lord is posited in 12th house from lagna/rashi indicating that you are under sade-sati fr those who are having makar rashi, this is just the first phase of your sade-sati so jupiter’s positive transit may not have much positive effect on you if your horoscope has afflicted moon.

Jupiter in 11th will ensure good gains and ability to think clearly due to aspect on 5th house. A person starts thinking waywardly in sade-sati which is the first symptom of his doom, Jupiter will help you to think clearly and try to save you from going in wrong direction.

This year is good for those expecting to get married and even for those who are looking forward to plan children. Jupiter’s transit on 3rd, 5th and 7th is beneficial in this regards, short journeys will be fruitful on account of jupiter’s aspect on 3rd.

Good year for children as jupiter aspects 5th house. All having makar rashi should take care of your health and ensure that you do not spend energy and time in unproductive things which is a high possibility as lagna lord is in 12th house from lagna.

Rahu’s transit in 6th can bring troubles from enemies, opponents, legal hassles and at the same time affect your health from March 2019 onwards since your lagna lord saturn will also be under rahu/ketu axis in 12th from lagna.

Remedy: Shani japa and shaanti, lighting diya on saturdays with til oil in shani temple, recitation of shani stotra and 7 times hanuman chalisa everyday to protect you from negative effects.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 for Aquarius

Jupiter enters your 10th house indicating an excellent time for you in terms of growth in professional front. Your improvement in karma will result in growth and chances of promotions or better opportunities as Saturn is also in the best position in 11th house. Rahu on the other hand is posited in the 6th house indicating an excellent time in terms of success, growth and winning in competitions. Planets are in mood of saying “Tathastu” to you, whatever you wish will be fulfilled.

Jupiter’s aspect on 2nd house will bring happiness in family and increment in financial prospects. Jupiter’s aspect on the 6th house indicates success/growth in service for people who are in service sector, You will have victory over enemies and success competitions as rahu in 6th house will be aspected by jupiter giving more beneficial results. Nobody will be able to win with you.

You are advised to make the most of your good time.

Remedy: Recite Vishnu sahasranaam and lakshmi astaka daily.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio 2018 for Pisces

Jupiter will enter your 9th house and relieve you of all the stress and tensions you have been through in the past 1 year, your health will improve as jupiter aspects the lagna.

Jupiter’s aspect on 5th house will be excellent for child planning and improvement in studies for children. Any sadhana/worship done will bring good results in this year.

Aspect on 3rd will give fruitful short journeys and visit to spiritual places.

Saturn in 10th house is making you toil hard but you are soon going to reap the benefits of this in coming 2 years, so do not hesitate to put efforts. Rahu in your 5th house was blocking your clarity in thinking which will now be alright due to aspect of jupiter on 5th making you take decisions wisely

Overall a beginning of new dawn after a scary night for pisces.

Remedy: Worship Guru by lighting diya every Thursday and offer diya with til oil in shani mandir every Saturday.

On Mundane level Jupiter Transit in Scorpio 2018-19 would trigger many secret activities and operations due to jupiter entering sign scorpio, there will be increase in prices of oil and underground reserves, petroleum, minerals, chemicals, and oil products will be hit. There can be some important updates concerning above things. Possibilities of Natural calamities like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, rise of water levels will probably happen in coming year.

This year will bring some new discoveries to surface as jupiter is in scorpio. Finance sector will see some positive outcome/reforms after few ups and downs due to jupiter’s aspect on Tauras and natural 2nd house.

Water diseases/water pollution will be on rise in the coming year 2018-19. More heavy rainfall can be seen in 2019.

As far as General elections are concerned there will be chaos during the months of March to June due to rahu changing signs, retrogression of jupiter, Saturn plus rahu conjunction and Mars joining Ketu in Gemini during May/June 2019. Incidents which can affect masses pre and post election can be witnessed due to Saturn in grip of rahu. During this period people are cautioned not to get agitated and re-act especially the reserved classes and probably minorities which may cause some serious trouble. There may be discussions on modifying reservation reforms. Saturn and jupiter in dhanu in coming two years is going to be a big game changer.

This year is good for people in occult and spiritual area.

With this we come to end of this long article “Jupiter transit in scorpio 2018”. Hope our readers like this article, any inputs and comments from readers are welcome.

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  1. Hi my natal guru moon in Scorpio 10th house. I was told that since guru is only 3 degree and only 4 points gives in its ashtakvaega, so not to get excited about this transit?. Is it so? Moon-sun dasha running

    1. Namaste,

      Gochar jupiter in 10th from lagna and transit over moon will give good results for your ascendant. 4 points is neutral in bhinna astavarga, sarvasta varga points will also matter, apart from that major transits for aquarius are good. Dasha of moon so you can also check horoscope keeping dasha lord sign in lagna which is scorpio.

      complete analysis can be done after checking horoscope. For now it can be said that the transit will be good.

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