Uranus in Astrology

Uranus in Astrology
Uranus in Astrology

Uranus in Astrology

Uranus was discovered in the 1781 by astronomer William Herschel which is why it is popularly known as Herschel.

There are reference in naadi texts about discovery of 3 planets in outer orbit which will be used in astrology in modern times.

The vedic literature always had mention of Prajapati, Varun which are Uranus and Neptune.

Uranus in astrology does not have rulership of any sign but it is higher octave of planet mercury. Uranus has more powerful characteristics of mercury.


Uranus gives very sharp intelligence and spontaneity. Results of uranus are very spontaneous and powerful, it is considered much powerful than jupiter and mercury in terms of intelligence.

Uranus in astrology rules technology and age of technology, it serves the role of catalyst when mixed with other planets. If mercury is wind uranus is storm.

Uranus has ability to challenge old norms and bring new discoveries.

Uranus primarily rules technology, electrical engineering, aviation, telephone, cellular networks, innovations, thrills, suddenness, unusual, originality, independence, rebel, break-through etc.

Uranus knows no boundaries it does not like to be bounded by any traditions and limitations. It believes in going beyond limitations breaking norms, traditions etc.

Uranus is the sudden bolt of lightening if mercury is the light of gleaming stars and jupiter is soothing light of moon.

Intelligence of uranus is not limited to any one area of life it can be found in every sphere of life right from science, technology, engineering, arts, literature, creativity, business, politics, arms and ammunition, warfare, emotional sphere etc.

If uranus is in good yoga with other planets it will act as a catalyst thereby infusing huge energy in karakatwa of other planets but this should happen in tight orbits to experience the result of uranus.

For example : If a person under strong mercury takes years to do a good research connection of uranus to mercury will make the same person do same research in few months.

A person having strong mars may score century staying on the ground for whole day but a person with uranus connection will score a century in one hour entertaining people with glitz and glamorous shots.

Uranus loves speed and spontaneity there is a lightening speed and spontaneity in the karakatwa of uranus, there is eccentricity in nature of uranus.

Uranus connection with moon or lagna makes people very moody, eccentric, weird and irritable, they have a lot of uncertainty about themselves, their behaviour is uncertain and weird they do not tend to mix with society or conform themselves to societal norms. They act in spur of moment can be very sensitive to emotional hurt, may show huge courage and it is very difficult to understand their reactions in any situation. People with strong uranus will be a puzzle. You may call such people intelligent yet weird and eccentric.

People like Howard Hughes in Aviator are good examples of uranus dominant in horoscope, passion for aviation, craze of innovation, love for speed, terrible accidents, eccentricities in spending money coupled with weird behavioural traits. His birth date shows uranus strongly conjunct sun within 1 degree orbit and Mars+Saturn too conjunct within 1 degree orbit which is rare.

Uranus is a mix of mercury and mars, one side has intelligence whereas other side has power like mars. Uranus has lack of maturity and understanding nature. If mars in marriage indicates fights uranus will straight away indicate divorces.

Many people with Venus Uranus tight orbit are found to have weird taste and eccentricities in relationships, Many couples who have divorce have venus in strong tight orbit to uranus in a bad yoga. The present culture of live-in relationships, wife swapping, group sex, threesome and other horrible sums are all the ideologies of uranus.

Afflicted uranus can give more teribble results than afflicted mars. It can cause murders, rapes, horrible accidents, electric shocks, fire accidents, hysteria, insanity, accidents due to explosives. Uranus will not cause daily harm rather it will give one horrifying experience which will never be forgotten.

Uranus loves occult and research in the occult, uranus gets fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and its karakatwa is experienced in the researches happening around demystifying mysteries of universe.

Readers who had terrible mind shaking experiences in the life can check their uranus in connection to the karakatwa of planet concerned with any particular event.

E.g Venus+Uranus – Divorce, terrible experiences in marriage, weird sexual habits. Good yoga between uranus and venus can produce amazing singers, artists, creative people.

Like this Uranus in astrology acts as a catalyst in shaping events related to other planets by lending its high voltage energy in good or bad way to any planets karakatwa. It does not have any independent rashi or nakshatra or house of its own, it will act in connection with other planets and be more effective in tight orbits with other planets or bhav arambha of any house in the horoscope.


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