Will I have a love marriage?Love marriage Astrology

Will I have a Love marriage ?

Are you familiar with the above question ? Everybody is curious to know if he/she will have a love marriage. Every astrologer faces this question often. Having a Love marriage is a dream of every person, Falling in love and being successful definitely requires some astrological combinations in your horoscope, but love is never complete without Marriage, So astrologers have to go a step ahead and see combinations for Success in love+Marriage. The culmination of Love into marriage can only be termed as successful love. Love is a disease for which Marriage is the only cure. so you also have a question,

Will I have a love marriage ?

Read on to find out some important paramters for love marriage.

Love marriage
Will You marry me ?

I did a bit of research on Love marriages by taking up a small database of charts I had and submitted one research paper in a Research Quiz on one of the astrology groups (Vedang Astrology Group) on Facebook and won the first prize for research. Since I am interested in doing more research in the field of astrology, I need a lot of data and correct data for doing original researches. My aim is to do contribute something to astrology by doing sound original researches. The more data of a particular case I have the more easier it becomes to find the common parameters in them regarding particular event. 100 charts of love marriages will enable me to find 10 common parameters with 75-80% applicability, 500 will enable me to narrow down to 5 parameters with more applicability say 90%. The more charts I have the more easier it becomes to narrow down common factors.


"Love marriage"
Love marriage


Here are some parameters which I have found to be applicable in cases of successful love marriage :-

  • Connection of 3rd lord to the 5th house or 5th lord to 3rd house (3rd being 11th to 5th shows success in love affairs)
  • Nakshatra connection of 3rd and 5th lords.
  • Jaimini Darakaras of the two people having love marriage are the same planets in most cases or aspect each other either in d-1 or d-9 charts. Jaimini darakarakas Aspecting each other show pure love.
  • connection of 7th and 5th lords (well known combination for love marriage)
  • Nakshatra connection of 7th and 5th lords.
  • Varshaphala chart gives clue to timing of marriage.
  • 9th house also does have some connection being the 5th to 5th house for success in love affairs and blessings to succeed on account of purva punya.
  • The dasha plays a very important role, there should be a suitable dasha for the combinations to fructify.
"Love marriage"
Love marriage

There are exceptions to the above combinations as well, some charts show obstructions inspite of having the above combinations for success. Connection of 6th, 8th, 12th lords can be spoilsport sometimes, but more so if planets like moon, mercury and venus are afflicted under rahu/ketu axis, saturn, mars axis. Affliction to all three moon, mercury and venus can give failure and lead to depressions which people usually face in love. Bad dasha+bad combinations can lead to failure, depressions and untoward happenings. Heavy affliction to moon, venus and mercury is a sign that a person should not get entangled/attached deeply in a love affair lest he suffers after failure. Another simple technique to find out whether a person will have a love marriage is casting a prashna chart, when the person comes and asks you the prashna. This can be answered through KP in just a yes or no. One can be mentally prepared for the worse after getting a clear answer through astrology. Those who had love marriages can submit their birth data (birth date, place of birth and exact time of birth) for research purposes, this is to formulate parameters with more applicability in future, more horoscopes I have the better my research becomes. Those who wish to know, if they can have love marriage can contact me through “Astrology Consultation” page. I combine natal horoscope along with prashna chart to get accurate answers.

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