The wheel of time

The wheel of time looks to be an apt title for this article as the planetary positions in the next 3 months is going to be very severely bad showing how the wheel of time rotates indicating the good followed by the bad and the bad followed by the good.

Saturn in gochara is already with ketu closely conjoined which is not a very happy disposition indicating a huge chaos and confusion among the masses and probably a frustrating phase in life of many people with respect to professional growth as saturn is the karaka of karma, health as jupiter too is retrograde and posited being in rasi gandaant bhaga of scorpio.

This saturn is further afflicted by aspect of mars indicating possibility of riots/fights/curfew/agitation of masses. To add to woes Mars will enter Gemini/Mithuna rasi on 7th May 2019 and directly aspect saturn, by the Mid of June and July Mars would have closely conjoined Rahu creating more volatile situations on mundane level increasing possibilities of terrorist activities or wars as well.

Since these conjunctions and oppositions are happening in Dhanu and Mithuna the countries/states/places falling in the West, East, North-east and South-west as per the natural position of zodiac may suffer more damage.

There will be volatility in Oil prices, Coal, minerals, metals and the stocks related to these etc. The stock Market will also be very volatile and touch new highs as well as fall. So control your excitement and greed.

Karka, Vruschik, Mithuna, Makar, Dhanu moon signs/lagna will be more affected than others as these lagnas have the axis fall on 1/7, 6/12, 2/8 houses. Mars for vruschik lagna is worse afflicted and can be very dangerous so these people are to remain very careful during next 3 months. Kanya lagna/rashi has mars+mercury afflicted so they also have to be careful.

Simha/Kumbh lagna/rashi can still have a good time as the malefics are in 11th house from these lagna/rashi and may help them.

Mesha, vrishabh, tul, Meena lagna will have mediocre time.

It is a sincere request to avoid fights over petty issues as these can lead to serious consequences unknowingly, people will loose their sense of right thinking.

There will be more heat in next 3 months as mars aspecting saturn/sun aspecting saturn from gemini will increase heat and hot winds, Rainfall will probably be erratic before July end. There are possibilities of disasters/accidents/fire incidents/cyclone/quakes in months of June and July. Some bigshots can be in news around the month of July. Venus in Mithuna rasi is usually bad for India, it will very closely conjoin rahu/sun and oppose saturn between 15th to 25th July. Moonsoon may pick up well after July this year due to sun, venus, mercury, mars all entering cancer sign.

Keep water for birds and animals. Make provisions for the same, as there will be heat issues.

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