Venus in Leo Horoscopes

As I promised in the last article I am presenting two cases with Venus in Leo. How venus reacts in particular horoscope when placed in the sign Leo can be seen through study of Venus in Leo horoscopes. The primary karakatwa of Venus is related to marriage and spouse, but astrologers have to keep a very liberal view as afflictions to venus can also result in damaging the karakatwa of Venus as per its ownerships in the horoscope. This will differ as per the different ascendent signs. Let us take a look at our first case study.

Venus in Leo Horoscope 1

venus in leo horoscopes
venus in leo horoscopes

This horoscope belongs to a female who is highly educated, having a very good job and beautiful looks. She had a divorce within a very short span of marriage, here Venus is vargottama and placed in Leo along with Ketu in tight conjunction within a degree though they are placed in different navamshas, here affliction of venus increases by being with ketu, there is a seed in the horoscope giving indications of a bad marriage, but to see if the event will actually happen or not, we check the 7th house and lord from both ascendent and moon. The 7th lord Mars is in Gemini in the 2nd house in tight conjunction to Uranus both being on the same degree and being placed in 8th house from its own house. Here conjunction of uranus on same degrees cannot be ignored so 7th lord is highly volatile. The 7th house from moon has Venus with ketu conjuct and the 7th lord from moon is sun, it goes to the 6th house from moon chart with the 8th lord mercury. From the overall influences we see that the seed in form of venus in leo has sprouted and grown into a tree resulting in giving its fruits of spoiled marriage. We have to examine every horoscope like this, Even the 7th house and lord of d9 are afflicted and venus is combust with sun in the 6th house and aspected by saturn from the 12th house of navamsha.

Venus in Leo horoscope 2

Venus in leo Horoscopes
Venus in leo Horoscopes

This is a horoscope with Tula lagna horoscope from a person of old generation, many planets are self placed making the horoscope strong, This person had a very early marriage and a divorce also around 21 years of age. Venus is placed in leo and Combust with sun within 1 degree, Uranus is conjuct Venus on the same degree making this combination worse. On the other hand the 7th lord mars has gone to the 12th house and is being aspected by the 6th lord jupiter, Mars jupiter opposition on the 1/7 axis is considered bad for marriage and said to be an unmad yoga creating troubles in married life, you can consider this a variation by liberal view as the 7th lord is mars here being aspected by jupiter from the 6th being 6th lord. Moon is with Ketu and 7th from moon has rahu, the 7th lord from moon is well placed but could not help much, mercury is in debilitation being the 7th lord in d9 and aspected by mars. Venus has gone to the 8th house with sun again combust and there is a exchange of 9th and 8th lords in d9. Leo Venus reacts more prominently when the afflictions slowly increase to make it more worse. Such people already go through a mental struggle regarding relationships and love, there is a certain nature/psycho-analysis attached with this venus which springs up after marriage if other factors like the 7th house, 7th lord, 7th house and lord of the navamsha etc are afflicted, the final picture can be seen after observation of all these factors. Rashi tattwa are very strong and should not be ignored. There are many such horoscopes with Venus in leo and having suffered in different areas than marriage also, these horoscopes were given considering primary karakatwa of venus as marriage. Venus in Leo is generally also good for love marriage and theatre, it also gives prosperity and material happiness in life which need to be seen as good things of Venus in Leo. So always weigh the pros and cons but also never forgot to study the rashi tatwa of planets which is present in the form of a seed sown in the ground.

2 thoughts on “Venus in Leo Horoscopes”

  1. HI sir,i am taurus ascendant ,i have venus in 4th house leo and saturn in 10th,mercury and sun in 2nd house,mars and moon in 1st house,jupiter and rahu in 6th house,ketu in 12th house……..will my marriage happen to be fruitful?D.O.B:07/07/1994,PLACE VIJAYAWADA,ANDHRA PRADESH,TIME:03:40 AM,NAME :KARTHEEK

    1. Namaste Kartheek,

      The kalatrakaraka venus and the 7th house of your horoscope is aspected by both mars+saturn which will delay marriage and also indicate problem in married life considering the affliction of the 7th house in both rashi and the navamsha horoscope.

      For more detailed analysis you can opt for paid consultations.

      Thanks and regards,
      Ashish Desai.

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