Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 Predictions

Hello everyone, I am truly excited to write about the upcoming jupiter transit in tauras 2024-2025 predictions as my moon is placed in vrishabh rashi and this guru peyarchi 2024 to 2025 is also going to be a new cycle with new horizons and new challenges for me after jupiter completing the 3rd cycle or parikrama in my life. Jupiter takes approximately 12 to 13 years to complete one parikrama around the 12 zodiac signs, each 12 year cycle brings many changes in one’s life, opens up new windows, new opportunities, new learnings and new perspective of life.

The first 12 years are crucial for samskaras on the new born child, it will clearly define how your child will show up in the world as a person and what kind of life he is going to have. Good samskaras in the first 12 formative years go a long way in defining whether one will blossom into a lotus in muddy waters of the world or just waste his life. The next 12 years for education and drowning into the sea of challenges/worldly pursuits followed by next 12 years of settlement, marriage/children and trying to slow down in life, the 4th and the 5th 12 year cycle is all about trying to sustain and growing up in your career/profession in the today’s competitive world. The 6th cycle of jupiter comes after retirement age where one can devote his life to spiritual practices if one wishes to do so.

The 4th cycle usually coincides with the mid-life crises which many people go through in their late 30’s and early 40’s and here many people get shaken up in life due to lack of direction and problems if the individual horoscope is not good enough.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions

Coming back to the jupiter transit in tauras 2024-2025 predictions, Tauras/vrishabh is a natural sign of finance/family/wealth and jupiter entering this sign will have major impact on the economic and financial aspects in the mundane world. This off course has to be assessed by also considering the other major planetary transits of Saturn and Rahu/Ketu. If you notice the Saturn and Jupiter both will be stationed in Sthira/Fixed signs from 2024-2025 which indicates stability or slowing down or remaining fixed in a place/situation. But co-incidentally we also have the elections this year in more than 60 countries, This year is also called as the election year with national elections expected or scheduled around 64 countries. To me, the transit of jupiter and saturn in sthira rashi speaks about settlement/stability and slowing down around the world, there will be a temporary stability and slow down in the world in a positive sense with almost all countries looking out for peace and stability to prevail around the globe. The economic and financial aspects will be the key aspects in focus in the year 2024-2025 while jupiter is transiting in Tauras. There will be many changes in banking/finance sectors in our country, some of the biggest scams may be exposed in the later part of the year even if the year is good in terms of money and financial aspects as we have rahu in the lagna in vrishabh in our country’s horoscope. This year will be overall good for metals/infrastructure/oil&gas/finance & banking. There will be high fluctuations in the stock markets though they may reach new high’s in the later part of the year or by start of the next year after a correction. Upheavals will be indicated due to transit Jupiter meeting natal Rahu in our country’s horoscope in the Lagna. The elections with saturn in kumbha rashi sthira rashi and jupiter again in sthira rashi indicate a stable government signaling that the present government will remain stable in the center though there will be some scandals and upheavals due to jupiter+rahu again.

Now we will see the impact of jupiter transit in tauras 2024-2025 predictions on all the 12 zodiac signs. The predictions here are general in nature and can be checked from both lagna/ascendant or moon sign. These may not apply to everyone as each person has an individual horoscope where many things change based on desh, kaal, paristhiti and varna. So do take the predictions sportingly and do not panic or reach any conclusion without consulting with an expert astrologer if you have some doubts or seek clarification.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions
Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for Mesha rashi or Aries.

Jupiter will leave your rashi and enter the 2nd house from your moon sign or ascendant. You have begun a new 12 year cycle of jupiter with a transformation in many areas of your life beginning with family/finances/speech. Jupiter in the 2nd house will bring good news within the family, expansion of wealth, family is indicated. It will aspect the 6th, 8th and 10th house helping you reduce your misfortunes and protect you from the evils/arista yogas. Jupiter’s aspect on the 6th house will give you good success in competitions, competitive exams, sports, victory over enemies, good servants, good employees, happiness from pets, servants, employees and growth in your service. Avoid over-eating and eating too much sweet food, learn self-control. Jupiter’s aspect on the 8th house will help you to overcome many arista yogas, protect your longevity and well-being, the aspect of jupiter on the 10th house will be very good period to get you a job or climb the ladder of growth in your career. Those who are just looking to start out new in their career are in luck here. You will quickly manage to get good opportunities in your professional life. You may gain recognition and respect in the society and your family/tribe will also grow this year with many happy events and news. Overall a great year for you if you happen to be born with Aries rising or aries moon sign.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for Vrishabh rashi or Tauras

Jupiter enters your rashi/rising completing a 12 year cycle about to bring in a big transformation and change in your life from this year onwards. A new beginning and a new life awaits you from here onwards with Jupiter entering your moon sign/ascendant. A new wave of optimism will engulf you and make you cheerful and happy. It’s a time to look after yourself, your life and your priorities and off-course your mental/physical health and well-being. The jupiter from your rising or moon sign will aspect the 5th, 7th and the 9th house which is a golden time for you to set things in your life right. The 5th aspect will be good for students and give good success in education, you will be able to focus on your studies and do well in your education, those married and looking forward to start a family will have a very good possibility of having children and extending their family, those who are sadhakas and spiritual people will get success in your sadhana as jupiter aspects the 5th house. This is a great time for unleashing your creative side or updating your knowledge and new learnings. Jupiter aspect on the 7th house will be very good for those who are looking forward to get married, this jupiter has come here after 12 years on your natal jupiter so there cannot be any better period for taking major decisions of your life. It is a very good period for entering grihastashram dharma by getting married. Take the next big step without wasting much of your time guys. The 9th house aspect will help you do good dharmic karya, punya karya and religious activities, the aspect of jupiter on 5th and 9th actually gives success in any dharma karya and sadhana you do during this time. It is there to bless you with “tathastu”, the blessings of guru will fill your life with luck, abundance, success and prosperity. Vrishabh rashi people have a period of big transformation ahead of f them and they should really look forward to embrace the new beginnings and new phase of life.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for Mithuna rashi or Gemini

Jupiter is entering the 12th house from your moon sign or rising ascendant. You will be spending your money on shubh karya or fruitful things, since jupiter is a benefic you can spend on doing punya karma/religious activities. There will be rise in expenses, but make sure that you spend for a good cause as the money is anyway going to be spent. The 12th jupiter will aspect your 4th house, 6th house and the 8th house. This Jupiter transit is more protective and defensive shield for you this year. Jupiter in the 12th house can help you get success in migrating to a foreign country, overseas opportunities in career/profession. The aspect of jupiter on the 4th house can mean relocation to a new place/buying a new property/vehicle etc, the aspect on 4th house also indicates that you will experiece peace and happiness within you. The aspect on the 6th house is good for getting success in court cases, legal issues, competitive exams, competitions etc. You will also get good servants, happiness from pets, good employees if you are an employer. You need to keep your health in focus and improve your lifestyle, With saturn also aspecting the 6th house there can be trouble with health and enemies, Jupiter’s aspect seeks to control the damage here by offering protection. The aspect of jupiter on the 8th house gives possibilities of sudden gains, protection from arista yogas and help you attain samadhi or spiritual progress as it is influencing the moksha trikona from the 12th house. This is a very good period for those who seek spiritual progress or interested in astanga-yoga. The 12th jupiter with its aspect on the 4th and the 8th house is a perfect position for learning yoga and spirituality, it can also be a great time for initiation for those seeking to get into some spiritual path.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for Karka rashi or Cancer

Jupiter enters your 11th house from where it will be aspecting the 3rd house, the 5th house and the 7th house. Saturn’s transit is not very shubha for you as it is passing through the 8th house slowing down many things for you, having said that the jupiter’s transit is good for you in this year as jupiter passes through the 11th house of your rising or zodiac sign. The aspect of jupiter on the 3rd house will give success in establishing relationships, communication. You will do well in the area of networking and communication. Short travels are indicated and they will be fruitful giving success in your endeavors. You may met some old friends after many years and rekindle the old memories, you will also make new friends and acquaintances who will be helpful in future. Your network will grow much wider in the coming year with a positive impact in your life. The aspect of jupiter on the 5th house promises good success in education/studies for those who are into this age group, there is a very good promise of having progeny if you are looking forward to multiplying your tribe. Waste no time in planning children as both saturn and jupiter are aspecting the 5th house and mars will also aspect the 5th house from the month of June to August 2024 The aspect of jupiter on the 7th house will be good for business partnerships, expanding your business, and starting something new. The aspect is very good for those who are of marriageable age and looking for suitable bride/grooms, marriage is clearly on the cards with jupiter aspecting the 7th house from the 11th house, you may get alliances through social media/networking/dating websites/matrimonial/newspaper adverts/siblings/neighbors/word of mouth etc as jupiter aspects the 3rd, 5th and 7th all together.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for Simha rashi or Leo

Jupiter is transiting the 10th house from your rising sign or moon sign which is going to be a very good period for you in the coming year. The transit of jupiter from the 10th house will aspect the 2nd house, the 4th house and the 6th house covering the complete artha trikona resulting in increased happiness and peace within you. The 10th jupiter will probably give you new opportunities and new roles, you may be considered for an upgrade/promotion in your career, there will be positive atmosphere around you in your work place with positive and happy vibes. The aspect on the 2nd house will increase your wealth, savings and help you build more wealth for the future, there will be addition to family fortunes and many happy events in the family during this transit. You will be able to spread smiles and happiness in your family. The aspect of jupiter on the 4th house indicates that you will find peace/solace and increased contentment in the coming time, there are also indications of purchasing a property/land or any asset like a vehicle. The jupiter being 5th house lord in the 10th house can give you siddhi in some sadhana you do as it is passing through an important kendra sthana, the karma sthana with your good karmas you can bring about a positive change in your life in this transit is the message for you. Some of you may find yourself changing/switching jobs. The aspect of jupiter on the 6th house will give good servants, employees and happiness from pets, there will be improvement in health if you control over-eating. Keep checking your sugar levels if you are having sugar issues. The 5th house lord in the kendra in transit can give very good distinction to students who are expecting important exams this year.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for Kanya rashi or Virgo

Jupiter is entering the 9th house from your moon sign or rising ascendant. You will find your life improving largely in many aspects first and foremost being the health and well-being. Saturn and jupiter both have been transiting trika sthanas in 6th and 8th with rahu/ketu axis having just moved out of the 8th house last year september, some of you must have gone through a lot of pain and transformation in your life in areas of health/relationships/education/children etc. The transit of jupiter in the 9th house largely improves your luck this year and brings you back in the game, the aspect of jupiter on the lagna will help you regain your health and well-being the first thing, you will also gain confidence and overcome many odds starting this May 2024, You should focus on your development be it mental or physical, investing in yourself and your well-being is the mantra this year. The aspect of jupiter on the 3rd house will see you having interacting with people again, your networking skills will improve, you will be able to connect with people and get help from them, you will able to clearly communicate and execute your ideas this year. The aspect of jupiter on the 5th house will be good for those who want to plan for children and have a family, those who are into spiritual practices will also have a very good year with jupiter’s blessings giving success in your sadhana, students will have very good year in terms of education studies. All kinds of journeys and travels undertaken will give success in your desired output. The saturn’s transit in the 6th house is still not very good for you so focus on your health, do not get into trouble with undesirable people and avoid hurting anybody who is less privileged than you else you will face the wrath of saturn for your karma.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for Tula rashi or Libra

Jupiter enters the 8th house from your rising ascendant or the moon sign signaling not so good period for you guys, jupiter being a functional malefic for you is good making a vipareet yoga. This transit of jupiter is very good for you to plan and restructure your finances. Spending time with family will give you some solace and happiness as jupiter aspects the 2nd house, you should definitely spend time with your family, you may look out to buy a property or any assets due to aspect of jupiter on the 4th house. The 12th house aspect of jupiter will be very good for those who want to travel abroad, the transit where jupiter aspects the complete moksha trikona is also good for spiritual and yogic practices. Some of you can have very bad stomach/liver trouble due to over-eating and eating junk food, be very careful about your health this year. Improve your eating habits, liver issues can surely happen if you are a drinker and have no control on your eating habits. You should focus more on your family life, health and finances this year as these things will keep you on your toes. Even if anyone of you is looking for completely relocating or settling into a new place/city/country this is the best transit to do so between 2024 to 2025 May. Some of you may get inheritance or sudden gains or monetary benefits unexpectedly.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for vruschik rashi or Scorpio

Jupiter is entering the 7th house from your moon sign of the rising ascendant, this year is very good period to achieve your desires as it is covering the entire kama trikona by placement and aspects. It also aspects the rising sign or the moon sign giving you much desired optimism and positivity in life which has been disturbed in the past few months due to saturn aspecting your moon sign/lagna. You have been dragging yourself for a while to find peace, solace and optimism in your life which saturn’s aspect on the natal moon did not let you have. Some of you may look forward to settle down in life in a peaceful alliance/marriage with jupiter entering the 7th house. New partnerships/relationships can materialize this year giving you happiness and solace, partnerships will also materialize and you could also start a new business venture. There will be increase in income and widening of your social circle, you will make many new friends and social contacts this year. Saturn’s aspect on the moon/ascendant will keep you balanced with experiencing sorrow and happiness alike. The aspect of jupiter on the 3rd house indicates success in travels and journeys undertaken, you will get happiness from neighbors/siblings and acquaintances. Some good news related to siblings and his/her family may also come this year. This year is also a time of reflection into your own self and ponder on the right and the wrongs, what has been bothering you and how you can correct it by doing the right karma. The key to your happiness lies in correcting something which has been haunting your mind since probably a year now. The aspect of jupiter may lend some wisdom and clarity on the matter helping you to see it through.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for Dhanu rashi or Sagittarius

The Jupiter transit will be passing through your 6th house from 1st May 2024 to 18th May 2025. Jupiter will activate the artha trikona by its placement in the 6th house aspecting two very important houses the 10th house of karma and the second house of vitta, wealth and family. The aspect of jupiter on the 12th house will ensure that you will spend your money on doing good karmas. The spending will be worth and on the right things, those who are looking forward to move abroad have a very good transit to try materializing your desire. Being the lagna/rashi lord in the 6th house signals you to focus on your health and avoid unnecessary eating, look at your weight and control your belly. Health issues are possible this year and spending on health is also possible. The Saturn and jupiter both jointly aspecting the 12th house does indicate increased spending but jupiter’s aspect on the 10th and the 2nd also ensure that you will be able to generate more sources of income or be able to save money and may also get raise in your salary/income, this is the best time to look after your financial goals and plan them wisely for the future. The 10th house aspect of jupiter will do good for your growth in career/profession and help you achieve your professional goals. You are advised to look after your weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle strictly to avoid any problems in this year. Spending time with your family and engaging into family affairs will give you happiness and also improve your family life. You will earn respect and recognition in the society and your work place in this jupiter transit.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for Makar rashi or Capricorn

Jupiter entering your 5th house will be good for you in many ways. This is a very good year to update your skills and learn new things, gain more knowledge, do more manana, sadhana and reading. Try to read more and more and gain more and more knowledge, if you were looking to join some course or upgrade your education, this is the right time and jupiter transit in 5th house will help you upgrade your skills, knowledge and education, do not hesitate to spend on learning, treat it as an investment in yourself. Those who are looking forward to family planning have a very good period to try for children. There will be good opportunities coming your way for earning more money and improving your earnings, your income will grow this year, financially there will be good opportunities for you. Keep your eyes open and hands ready to grab them. The aspect on the 9th house will enable you to pursue spiritual practices, jupiter’s blessings or guru’s blessings will be there on you. This is also a good year to go on pilgrimages or religious places as jupiter’s aspect on 9th will get you blessings of the divine almighty through punya karma and travels to spiritual/religious places. Your luck will be activated due to these blessings, you will be able to capitalize on the good things coming your way in this year if you are open and willing to move ahead in life. The aspect of jupiter on the 1st house will help you to regain good health and physic, optimism and positive outlook will be developed through new learning, wisdom, travelling, upgrading yourself leading to happiness and success. The influence of jupiter on the dharma trikona enables you to have sound understanding of the right and the wrong and take right decisions at the right time. Make sure that you capitalize on most of these positive aspects this year.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for Kumbh rashi or Aquarius

Jupiter will be transiting your 4th house from the moon sign or the ascendant activating the moksha trikona along with the house of karma the 10th house. You may get onsite opportunities in your career or there will be good opportunities coming your way to grow in your professional life. The aspect of jupiter on the 10th house lends positivity, optimism and happiness in doing what you are doing now. Saturn too is aspecting your 10th house making you work tirelessly, jupiter’s aspect will slow down things for you and give you some time to breath and get some comfort along with growth, your hard work will be appreciated and rewarded now. There is a possibility of purchasing a house/property or asset in this jupiter transit as it passes through the 4th house, you will find peace and comfort in your dwelling. The aspect on 12th house indicates that you will spend money on doing good karmas, charity etc. The aspect of jupiter on the 8th house helps to overcome misfortunes and arista yogas which may otherwise be present in the horoscope. There can be good success in spiritual pursuits, yoga and spiritual activities. Financially the year will be decently good if you are able to convert your cash flow into assets through purchase of property/shares/gold/term deposits etc Be focused on your career goals this year as you are very close to achieve them, saturn and jupiter both aspecting the 10th house can bring about big changes in your career for better.

Jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for Meena rashi or Pisces

Jupiter is transiting the 3rd house from your moon sign or rising ascendant. You will be able to express and communicate your creativity and ideas clearly, those who are into writing, communications, media will have an absolutely great year. You will be able to execute your projects and ideas and make them big success. You may be able to write a very good book if you are an author or writer, this year is a time to unleash the creativity within you and present your ideas into reality. Your travels will be successful and bring you more opportunities through networking and making new friends. If you focus your energies on marketing yourself well you will be able to make very good financial gains. The aspect of jupiter on the 9th house opens up your luck and blessings from the spiritual realms, you may undertake some trips to religious places, this year will be good for short and long distance travels alike, you will be able to make some very good friends and have an experience of life. Those who are looking forward to get married have a good year ahead with jupiter aspecting the 7th house of your horoscope. You will be able to find your spouse through social media/networking or through friends. The activation of kaama trikona by jupiter’s entry in the 3rd house signals you to take a leap of faith to achieve your desires and ambitions.

Note: The above jupiter transit in Tauras 2024-2025 predictions for all 12 signs are very general in nature and will vary according to different planetary positions in the individual horoscopes. You are advised to consult your astrologer for an individual reading if you want to know how the jupiter transit in tauras will be for you considering your individual horoscope.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank all my blog audience, readers, well-wishers, friends and all those who encouraged me to astrology all these years. Your support and encouragement is much valued. For any astrology consultations feel free to get in touch with me through jyotishresearch@gmail.com or through whatsapp here.

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