Transit Jupiter Gemini 2013 for Aries.

Transit jupiter gemini 2013 for Aries zodiac

Jupiter enters the playful mischievous Gemini this year on 31st may 2013. I have already written about transit of Jupiter in Gemini 2013 in one of the previous articles.

Here we are going to see how Transit Jupiter in Gemini gives results for sign Aries. If your ascendent or moon sign happens to be Aries you can read this and see how the transit of Jupiter in Gemini 2013 is going to be for your ascendent or moon sign Aries.

Aries is the first sign of natural zodiac and Jupiter will be transiting 3rd house from Aries, 3rd house represents all types of communications, short journeys, neighbors, self efforts, valor, arms etc. Jupiter in 3rd will give you opportunities to make new friends through communications travels, short trips, adventure trips, religious trips as it is placed in 3rd house from aries in gemini the sign of communication, aspects the 11th house of friends, and the 9th house of religion and dharma.

Jupiter will also aspect your 10th lord saturn in the 7th house giving you relief in your career for those who are facing problems in job. People in business will also get relief through the aspect of jupiter on 7th. Saturn rahu in 7th of aries may have caused a lot of problems, misunderstandings, tiffs amongst partners, husband-wife which will be sorted out through communication as jupiter enters gemini, there will be relief to those having strained relationships. Those who have had a very bad period in career can expect relief with jupiter’s entry in gemini as it will control the negative results of saturn and rahu in tula by aspecting them.

For people who are unmarried and looking out for a match will get opportunity to meet their life partners, prospects of marriage are good with jupiter entering 3rd house and aspecting 7th from aries. There is a possibility of you getting tied in a wedding knot. Those having vivah saham in libra will also have an opportunity to get married. Many could meet their match through mediums of communication/print media/advertisement/marriage websites etc as jupiter is in a house and sign of communication.

Overall jupiter’s transit in gemini for aries zodiac is going to be positive w.r.t to communications, neighbors, marriage, career, short journeys and religious trips along with gains from friends and new contacts which might prove fruitful for your business and money prospects.

Disclaimer : This is a very general reading and will not apply to everybody as every person has a unique horoscope and many more things have to be seen for over all results for individual charts.

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