Saturn Transit Capricorn 2020-2023

Saturn-transit-in-capricorn-2020 to 2023

Saturn transits Capricorn on 24th January 2020 in the early morning hours while Dhanu lagna is rising, It will be amavasya tithi and moon will be ironically close to saturn. Ah ! Not a good day to change a sign. Moon saturn will also be conjoined very closely that day in the morning. So here we go to our post on Saturn transit Capricorn 2020-2023.

Capricorn is the sign owned by saturn himself and it is really fantastic to come back home after a long and tiring journey of 30 years around the other signs. Welcome home Dear Saturn…!!!

Capricorn is the last of the earthy signs ruled by saturn and symbolizing karma as it comes in the natural 10th house of the heavens. Time to settle the scores and taste fruit of your actions. Shani gochara makar 20202023 will be a fresh start towards a successful financial economy and probably changing times as saturn prepares for another 30 years cycle, new trends will be emerging making the old one’s outdated. For E.g The electric revolution will be picking up pretty fast, the next 30 years can be about a new revolution, new technology, new changes, new world. The Indian economy will slowly start regaining itself making new highs at the stock markets from 2020 onwards in the next 3 years. As Jupiter too passes through capricorn the change in the world or some revolution or change in the way things function is evident. There will be change in Law and order and many new laws and resolutions will be passed and introduced.

Picture the time from 60’s to the 90’s and 90’s to the 20th century, everything including currency rate, standard of living, rate of crimes, simplicity to technology and morality all underwent a drastic change, this is exactly what I am trying to talk about. A world of the future, the way to the future begins here.

The next 3-5 years will be very good for financial markets, very good for agriculture, minerals, real estate, town planning, railways, mining, probably oil business could undergo a lot of changes the way it functions. some very good by-laws will possibly come in to effect while saturn and jupiter pass through capricorn. Jupiter also passes through another of its own sign Pisces while saturn passes through Capricorn-Aquarius which will be the time when you actually start sensing/witnessing the changes.

Saturn passes through the Nakshatra of Sun, Moon and Mars all 3 planets are his enemies in this sign, while the transit in Uttara-shada will indicate some conflict/changes in government, it will take heat to the next level in summers, transit in shravan will have some chilling effect and change in weather, Rain could be unexpected and unsual, temperatures going down than ever before, Mars nakshatra gochara can indicate some warlike situations.

Having said that let us move on to the effect of saturn transit Capricorn 2020-2023 for 12 signs.

Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023

Saturn-transit-in-capricorn-2020 to 2023
Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023

Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023 for Aries

Saturn enters capricorn which is the 10th house of your horoscope, it enters its own sign making a shasha mahapurush yoga, it is actually the time to taste results of your karma good or bad as per the other combination in your horoscopes, you are gonna taste it real good or bad. Jupiter in Sagittarius/Capricorn and Saturn in capricorn in 2020 is going to be a good year for you in terms of your career.

Many of you could reach the pinnacle of your career and shine in your professional area. You will find yourself having more responsibility on your shoulders and working like a donkey though you will enjoy it. This is a good time for those in agriculture related profession as you will reap good in the coming year. If you have been looking to start something new this is the time for building things from scratch with your dedication and hard work. A good year for students and to get good grades as jupiter aspects your 5th house from the 9th.

Make sure you do not neglect your married life, home and family while you over work yourself. Months of April to July could be good to invest in some property. Those who are planning for kids have a good year ahead to plan.

Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023 for Tauras

After a long career crises your life will be finally able to redeem itself as saturn moves into capricorn. There will be good opportunities ahead and luck will be on your side giving you possibilities of rise, promotions with transfers or travels. There will be rise in your social status and reputation in the coming time. You could say that “happy days are here again”.

You are however advised to keep going ahead without giving up even though the gains may seem less initially. It may still take some time to heal the emotional and physical wounds, health will take some time to recover as jupiter transiting through 8th with ketu is still not very positive for you. Months of April to July would be good for you when jupiter enters capricorn for a brief while joining saturn in your 9th house.

The year will be mixed in all respects for taurean people but sure sets up a way to the future.

Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023 for Gemini

Golly ! Saturn transits your 8th house even though its own house it is dragging your career down if you don’t play your cards right. You need to focus on improvement in your career/professional life.

Managing Family, Finances and Children should be one of your focus goals in the coming year. Jupiter passing through the 7th house is good for many of you to get married. You could develop a chronic disease if you are not looking after yourself well. Sudden gains are possible in the coming year. Students will need to put extra efforts and hard work to achieve their targets.

Jupiter is there to bless you but saturn in 8th is not very good for you indicating a mixed time. Your luck may not always favor you in the coming 2 years so be prepared to put in extra efforts.

Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023 for Cancer

After a long period of suffering and pain you are going to be relieved as Saturn leaves the 6th house and enters 7th house in its own sign, this brings about a time to fix alliances and settle down in life. Jupiter entering Capricorn between April to July will make many of you tie the wedding knot.

Many of you could have faced a lot of trouble in past 2 years right from separation, enemy trouble, health issues, legal battles etc, the movement of saturn is gonna ease things for you. Jupiter still in the 6th warns you to take care of your eating habits and health, strictly avoid drinking alcohol. Many of you could be easily prone to liver damage or a lifestyle disease like diabetes as jupiter in 6th as the 6th lord can make you prone to this disease.

Those who have had lot of troubles in married life are going to see happy times ahead as the misunderstandings will subside giving improvement. You are advised to put efforts to regain your health, self improvement and spend time with your family.

Professionally you are going to do good with jupiter aspecting your 10th house and 2nd house. The next two years is just a time to settle down in your life taking a break out of all the mess in your life.

Just Relax … !!! Take out a vacation, go on honeymoon, holiday but you seriously need to relax.

Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023 for Leo

The past two years must have been challenging for you in terms of family, children and finances, studies may have been completely affected with a clear loss of sanity.

Saturn entering your 6th house is not very great, but it is moving away from ketu in the 5th which is very good, this period is good to gain victory over enemies, court cases, competitions and even sports. There can be misunderstandings in your relationship with spouse but you will be able to take care of it if you are well prepared to tackle it.

Next 2 years you could drain your health and well being by too much stress on work. Those in jobs will get promotions and positions of responsibility between April to July 2020. Jupiter ketu in 5th together is a good time for spiritual pursuits and getting siddhi of any mantra japa for a spiritual person. You will also get success in studies and competitive exams.

Those in agriculture will reap good harvest in the coming years, foreign trips are indicated for you.

Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023 for Virgo

Saturn enters 5th house from your sign which is a very good promise for getting married and having children in the near future as jupiter too will enter your 5th house in the coming year.

The present time is good for studies, learning new things, mantra siddhi for those who are into spiritual pursuits, jupiter in 4th will aspect your 10th making your career improve, it will also give foreign travels and spiritual sucess with its aspect on 12th and 8th while saturn in 5th aspects the 7th, 11th and 2nd house. The focus should be on family, marriage and finances in your coming years. You can plan about your family and finances in the coming 2 years any addition will be a welcome move.

It is a good time to go abroad, study and learn many things for the future growth.

Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023 for Libra

Saturn transits your 4th house promising a good time for you making a shasha mahapurush yoga, your long time dream of buying a house or property will be materialized now in coming two years with both Jupiter and saturn connecting to the 4th house.

There will be exponential growth in career in coming two years, this transit will be like activating the results of yogakaraka saturn for your sign. If you are lucky enough to have a good dasha this transit is going to give you a lot. It has a potential to fulfill your material aspirations.

Students will have a good time with studies and scoring, You can also look forward to become creative with investment in farmlands or properties.

Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023 for Scorpio

Saturn enters your 3rd house in its own sign Makar, malefics are said to give very good result in the upachaya houses 3,6,10,11 especially a planet like saturn is said to fulfill all your aspirations. This is what you can look forward to, you will be invincible with your persistence, patience and efforts as saturn is in the 3rd house of valor, bravery and efforts. Jupiter is all good for you casting its aspect on the 10th from 2nd house indicating progress in career and financial issues. The placement of jupiter can indicating addition of a member to family. Since it is also 5th lord for you its placement with ketu indicates a spiritual atmosphere at home. You will find peace and harmony in such atmosphere. Make sure to spend sometime in meditation and god contemplation.

Students will do very well in their studies, Some of you may be lucky to get mantra deeksha or initiation from guru between April to July and during last quarter of next year.

April to July 2020 and end of 2020 will be good for getting married and having children.

Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023 for Sagittarius

Saturn enters your 2nd house in own sign capricorn, this is a very good time for financial success for you. You will be able to accomplish and execute your financial goals very well. Family life could get neglected but it signals you to look into the matter and try to establish good connection with family.

You will be able to buy good assets and increase your financial worth in the coming time. The aspect of saturn on the 8th and 11th indicates that you should pay attention to your health and meticulously plan out your financial goals. There is possibility of misunderstandings with friends and family, you are advised to not let this happen, do not neglect your friends and family.

Jupiter in lagna with ketu may be making you spiritually inclined or giving you interest in other worldly things. It is a good thing to spend some time in self introspection and discover your self within, the voice within. You may find your true calling with little introspection and meditation.

Aspect of jupiter on 5th, 7th and 9th indicates all blessings in your favor for a good marriage, children and luck. There is a possibility of you getting hitched in the coming year and also have children. There’s a time to settle down ohh boy ! You will be entering last phase of sade-sati so

Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023 for Capricorn

Saturn enters your own sign marking the second phase of sade-sati for capricorn moon people. You are under the tutelage of most wonderful teacher who gives the most valuable lessons for life. Saturn being your own sign lord will teach you what is good for you, there is nothing to worry about.

Just make sure that you keep your spirits high no matter what happens, do not let yourself be pessimistic. Be an optimist and let saturn guide you, teach you and bring the best in you.

Good time for learning spiritual lessons as long as jupiter is in 12th with ketu. Jupiter entering Capricorn between April to July along with saturn aspecting 7th will be a good time to settle down in your life by tying the wedding knot. The next two years are completely good for settling down despite of sade-sati going on.

For now learn your spiritual lessons, explore yourself within and find answers to your questions. Go to spiritual places, spend time with yourself alone and try to find your goals.

Avoid taking risky adventures and major decisions related to career and job unless you have a really good dasha period to protect and unafflicted moon with no malefics around it.

Students will have to work hard to earn it, you will need a lot of concentration and focus to reach your goals.

Saturn transit-capricorn 2020-2023 for Aquarius

Saturn enters your 12th house but in own sign, those who have moon in aquarius begin their sade-sati from now. But nothing to worry as the teacher is your own friend. Saturn will sail you through giving the best of the lessons. For now it can give you a foreign trip or take you to distant lands, but since you know the story of vikramaditya he had the vipareet buddhi to go to distant lands with the beginning of sade-sati which ruined his life, so weigh down the pros and cons of everything before reaching any firm decision. See what you have got to loose if things go wrong, in sade-sati all that glitters is not gold should always be kept in mind.

Jupiter is still in the best transit for you indicating good time to get married for the unmarried and have children for those who are planning or want to have children. The transit of jupiter in 12th along with saturn in year 2020-21 will take many of you away to distant lands.

Save for yourself and the rainy day as jupiter’s entry in 12th will mean high expenses and saturn aspecting 2nd will suck your money out of your closet reducing your savings to mere ashes. Keep a track of your finances and make clear goal sheet for the time to come.

So long so far jupiter aspecting 5th will give good success in studies.

Saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023 for Pisces

After a hell of hard work and donkeying around with huge load, you have done it all, now its time to reap the effects of your good karma. Saturn enters the 11th house from your sign indicating an excellent time for you, all your desires are going to materialize soon. You will be in the top of the league in your thing, there are indications of a good influx of money and success for you. Jupiter in 10th in own sign and saturn in 11th in own sign will make sure you get into the climax of your career and succeed to the highest pinnacle. This is the importance of the coming transit of Saturn for you. You should be ready to take on and grab every opportunity that comes your way, do not keep waiting for opportunities but rather grab whatever comes your way.

April to June 2020 will be a good time to settle down by tying wedding knot and also plan for children in the next 2 years. The planets are blessing you with all they can give you in the next 2 years, you are advised to take the most of it with open arms.

Students can get huge success with extremely beneficial transits in the coming two years, so make the most of it. Be optimistic and keep your focus on.

After a long tiring innings you are also advised to spend some time on yourself, your body, your physical outlook, your mental outlook. Brush yourself up and make yourself feel good with whatever you can do to please yourself.

This is all about the saturn transit capricorn 2020-2023 for all the 12 signs, hope you enjoy reading it. You can read Shani gochar rashifal 2020-2023 with respect to your Moon sign and Lagna both. It is applicable from both lagna kundali and chandra kundali.

A Combined reading of gochara or transits with Astakavarga+dasha will give more better results for individual horoscopes. You can share this article on Twitter, facebook, instagram if you like it.

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