Moon in 8th house and Manglik – A case study.

Placement of Moon in 8th house is classified into “Balarista yoga“, which means that arista during infancy and childhood. Moon in 8th house is one of the much-feared placement as it is said to shorten longevity. It is true that such a moon causes “Balarista yoga” or lack of happiness from mother or gives a lot of difficulties in life but it does not always necessarily give death.

Here is an interesting case of a lady who has moon in 8th house and Mars in 7th making it a manglik horoscope as well just to show how principles of astrology work in real life. I have many such case studies documented which prove the metal of astrology. It is a true vedanga and helps one to know the mysterious ways of nature, working of fate and god.

Placement of Moon in 8th house gives a difficult childhood or difficult years while growing up due to lack of emotional nourishment and support if it is afflicted, it can shorten longevity or cause lot of health problems along with many ups and downs in life. Life of such people is a life full of changes, transformations and frustrations depending upon the affliction of moon and paksha bala.

Manglik people, on the other hand, are said to suffer in married life due to Manglik dosha. It is visible when mars is placed in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, and 12th house. These people may or may not have a good married life depending upon many other factors like affliction to 7th house+7th lord+karaka venus and affliction to other houses like 2nd, 4th, 8th, 12th, etc.

The more afflictions the more severity of results and vice-versa. Some have a very ideal and good married life which is suddenly cut short to some tragedy, so the results are definitely evident and its intensity subject to afflictions as stated above.

Case study – Moon in 8th house and Manglik

The following case study is of a lady well known to me. She has Moon in 8th house and Manglik horoscope as well, I am posting it purposefully for the benefit of readers to know how astrology works.

Case study moon in 8th house and manglik
Case study moon in 8th house and Manglik

Look at the horoscope and the navamsha.

  1. The birth horoscope has Lagna lord moon placed in the 8th house, Moon is placed in the 8th house both in Rashi and navamsha. She is now 75+ so moon has not affected her longevity.
  2. She is Manglik as exalted Mars in the 7th house is also aspected by Saturn and has parivartana yoga with Saturn. What could be the implication? Yes, she had a good married life for 30 years according to her statement, but mars aspected by Saturn and 7th lord Saturn in turn aspected by mars with parivartana yoga did show its effect.

She is 75+ but has suffered many health issues since childhood, Now the health problems have increased but she still manages everything well and is always full of energy. Mars is exalted and many planets in Kendra keeps her active.

Following factors are there to protect longevity.

  1. Two benefics jupiter+venus in angles.
  2. Krishna Paksha Day birth
  3. 8th Lord in Angle and conjunct two benefics.

So Moon in 8th house as Lagna lord has given a lot of health problems, she actually has undergone many varieties of health issues. But Moon in the 8th house did not shorten the longevity.

Now coming to Manglik, she has strong mars placed in 7th house and has parivartana yoga with Saturn. Mars and Saturn both aspect each other which is more dangerous, Saturn is debilitated being 7th and 8th lord so it should indicate some sinister implication. Mars is yoga karaka for cancer ascendant which is one more point to note, it is karaka for career and children in this horoscope.

She had a good married life and a very nice relationship with her husband, In birth horoscope, 7th and 8th lord is with two benefics. See why our classics have stressed the importance of navamsha here. 7th lord of navamsha is Jupiter and placed in own sign under the direct aspect of Venus and Sun. So 7th lord is well placed in navamsha, Karaka venus is well placed in navamsha. Rahu in 7th in navamsha is in Rashi of Jupiter which is good and has no affliction. “NOTE THE REVERSING POSITION OF SATURN MARS”, they both continue to aspect each other in navamsha like birth horoscope, “BUT MARS IS DEBILITATED NOW AND SATURN IS EXALTED”. The tables suddenly turned upside down, the 7th lord gains strength in navamsha which gave her good married life.

Astrology is amazing and shows both sides of a coin, the same planet gives both good and bad results. Saturn+Mars aspects on each other and affliction to 7th house had to give the result. One day her husband suddenly died in an accident resulting in a shock for her. Now the planets gave her a good married life for 30 years but at the same time, the effects of Manglik dosha, affliction to 7th house and lord gave its result.

The navamsha horoscope apart from this carries many clues related to health. She had a break in education but went on to complete double graduation later. She has two daughters both well settled, She had a good job for many years till retirement. Many things which look gloomy in birth horoscope appear rosy in the navamsha and vice-versa.

This case study Moon in 8th house and Manglik was given with a purpose to understand the following:

  1. The principles given in classics always work. One needs to balance it with exceptions and cancellations and have sound judgment and study of when a certain event would take place.
  2. The seers who wrote astrology are always right and there is no reason for one to condemn them or mock at them when one’s own study is negligible in front of them.
  3. There are a lot of cancellations and exceptions of various yogas, doshas it is impossible for an astrologer of today’s generation to remember all sutras by heart.
  4. There are so many lakhs of sutras making astrology a biggest and vast subject of all subjects in the world.
  5. Always consult an astrologer who has faith in shastra, who does astrology as per shastra instead of somebody who is blowing his own trumpet.
  6. Stick to very few genuine astrologers according to their expertise instead of jumping to a thousand astrologers who will confuse you. Like you have a family doctor, also have a family astrologer and go to a specialist if required but make sure that he is a genuine specialist. One who does not stick to shastra is not genuine astrology, Remedies backed by shastra even though may seem costly in today’s world are genuine remedies to be done with full faith.
  7. Those who follow short cuts will obviously get their success also cut short in the long run.

I hope serious astrology students pick the secrets of astrology from the above post and enjoy reading the above case study of the moon in 8th house and manglik.

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4 thoughts on “Moon in 8th house and Manglik – A case study.”

  1. Hello,
    My son is born on 19-7-2013 at 12:40 am (midnight), birthplace Madikeri. He has balarishta due to 8th house moon and I’m very much worried for his longetivity. Did Ayushya homa for 3 years and could not continue later as we live abroad. Please kindly tell me if there are any chances that he has a mild balarista and has long life.

    1. Balarishta yoga is there, but he is born on Shukla paksha night birth which is protective. Having said that there is no aspect of any benefic on moon and lagna, even lagna lord is in 3rd house who happens to be the 8th lord in 8th from 8th house. From chandra lagna rasi lord has gone to the 8th house with retrograde 8th lord mercury. Only benefic in angle from chandra lagna is Venus.
      Overall, the indications are not very good, you should get navagraha shaanti and donate Navagraha dhaanya (grains) once a year atleast for him even if you stay abroad. Tell your relatives/parents to get it done with sankalpa in your son’s name.

  2. My Daughter is 7 year old her date of birth is 17 April 2010 at 17 :42 pm in Kolkata India..She got diabetes in 2015 and she is on insulin injections which are many times a day want to know more about her future
    Let me know how to go about it

    1. Namaste sunil ji,

      I have sent you an email with details of consultation to your email id. Kindly check the same. I feel sorry for the condition of your daughter at such tender age. I pray to god to cure her at earliest.

      Ashish Desai

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