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Nakshatra astrology is a very interesting topic and has never failed to amaze me with its accuracy, Nakshatra astrology is vast and wonderful topic in itself, I was introduced to the nakshatra astrology by Shri. V.D Bhatt a very eminent astrologer from Maharashtra who is a true legend, he is the best person to learn astrology from.

Coming back to nakshtras, the 12 signs are divided into 27 nakshatras with each rashi comprised 2 and a half nakshatra. Every rashi contains 9 padas of nakshatra which are the basis of making navamsha horoscope. The span of one nakshatra is spread over 13.20 degrees with each nakshatra having 4 padas of 3.20 degree. Nakshatras are what actually make a rashi and they are stronger than rashi, nakshatra astrology is once of the oldest and reliable astrology system propounded by seers and being used since the ancient vedic times. Earlier there was a practice to use nakshatras instead of rashi.

Each planet owns 3 nakshatras making it 9×3=27. They are further divided into three groups of 9 nakshatra each(9+9+9=27) Starting from Ashwini in Aries to Ashlesha in cancer, Magha in Leo to Jyestha in Scorpio, and Mool in Sagittarius to Revati in Pieces. The first pada of fire sign and last pada of water sign are the junctions know as Nakshatra gandaant and planets placed here suffer w.r.t to their karakatva.

The names of 27 nakshatras are as follows :-

  1. Ashwini (Ketu)
  2. Bharni (Venus)
  3. Krittika (Sun)
  4. Rohini (Moon)
  5. Mrigashira (Mars)
  6. Ardra (Rahu)
  7. Punarvasu (Jupiter)
  8. Pushya (Saturn)
  9. Ashlesha (Mercury) —-End of Group 1.
  10. Magha (Ketu) —– Group 2 starts from Ketu again.
  11. Purva phalguni (Venus)
  12. Uttara phalguni (Sun)
  13. Hasta (Moon)
  14. Chitra (Mars)
  15. Swati (Rahu)
  16. Vishakha (Jupiter)
  17. Anuradha (Saturn)
  18. Jyestha (Mercury) —– End of Group 2.
  19. Moola (Ketu) —— Group 3 begins.
  20. PurvaShaada (Venus)
  21. UttaraShaada (Sun)
  22. Shravan (Moon)
  23. Dhanistha (Mars)
  24. Satabhisaj/Shattatarka (Rahu)
  25. Purva Bhadrapada (Jupiter)
  26. Uttara Bhadrapada (Saturn)
  27. Revati (Mercury) End of Group 3.

There is a 28th Nakshatra which is known as Abhijeet widely used for muhurta as a very auspicious nakshatra and it lies between 6.40 degree to 10.53.20 minutes in makara rashi. Now there are many uses of nakshatra astrology and I am going to narrate a incident which will give readers an idea about use of nakshatras in day to day life.

A client of mine sent me funds through western union money transfer and I was supposed to go one of the authorized centers to collect the funds. I checked the moon nakshatra of that day and it was Punarvasu. Punarvasu means Punarvasan/revival/repetition/restoration/renewal. I thought to myself punarvasu nakshatra is operating today and it is possible that I will not recieve funds in the first round and will have to go again as the nakshatra means repetition, I went to the authorized center and they could not connect call to the western union money agent for some confirmation and formalities so they told me to come back again the next day. The rising Nakshatra indeed did its work as the name suggest, now I was aware that saturn nakshatra will be operating next day and saturn usually delays things, I went to the Center the next day and indeed I had to wait for 3 hours as the person did not have enough funds in the account and sent somebody to get them from the bank. We can observe such things happening when moon is passing through a particular nakshatra.

Readers can observe that any electronic item purchased in the nakshatra of Rahu will have more chances of being defective and damaged. It will get damaged or defunct early in the course of time. If a client comes to an astrologer and Rahu nakshatra is rising on the ascendent one can be sure that he will never reveal complete truth or tell lies which will confuse the astrologer about his accuracy. Such people often come with hidden agendas and often reveal truth, a person coming to an astrologer when jupiter nakshatra is rising in the ascendent is often genuine and honest and has genuine interest in receiving guidance. Mercury nakshatra always denotes duality, people coming in mercury nakshatra will never come alone, they will have someone or the other accompanying them.This article shows a fraction of uses of nakshatra astrology, there is much more to it and this topic is really vast.

From the above we can conclude that Nakshatra astrology is a very interesting and amazing topic to learn and nakshatras in astrology have a really deeper meaning and symbolize certain purpose in life in when it comes to studying a natal horoscope.

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