Naadi dosha cancellation

Naadi dosha is used to check the genetic compatibility of prospective bride and the groom to ensure that they are capable of having healthy children. Naadi koota gets the highest 8 points out of 36 which conveys its importance among other kootas. Having said this the classics have never stressed on rejecting horoscopes outright on the basis of single dosha. There are exceptions and rules for naadi dosha cancellation mentioned in the classical literature.

I am writing this post after getting a lot of emails from my blog readers asking for Naadi dosha cancellation irrespective of having written so many clear cut articles stressing the importance of checking individual horoscopes of both bride and the groom for various factors like promise of marriage/married life, longevity and progen after which, graha milan, paap samyam should be checked followed by gun-milan which should be used only for filtering horoscopes as a secondary step in selecting a bride or a groom out of multiple prospects.

Naadi dosha effects

Naadi is connected with “Prakritti” in Ayurveda and it gives insight into your body type, “Vaat Pitta or kapha” If two people in wedlock have the same naadi following effects can come to pass.

  • The children born out of such wedlock stand a chance to be weak or inherit some serious genetic defects due to both partners having same type of prakritti. This can mean physically or mentally weak children as compared to those having no naadi dosha.
  • There is lack of physical attraction between both partners. Ek naadi couples will always have wrong flow of breathing and hence result in lack of stimulating each other’s interest both mentally and sexually.
Remedies for Naadi dosha

There are no remedies mentioned in the classics for this, since you cannot change the breath flow or the prakritti of the jataka no remedies are possible.

Cancellation of naadi dosha
  1. There is no Naadi dosha if birth takes places in Krittika, Rohini, Mrigashira, Ardra, Pushya, shravan, Uttara-bhadrapada and Revat nakshatra. – (Jyotish chintamani)
  2. If Moon sign of either of the couples is owned by Venus, Jupiter or mercury the naadi dosha gets cancelled or is ineffective – (Vivaha Kautuhala).
  3. Naadi dosha will be cancelled if the boy and the girl have same nakshatra but different nakshatra pada’s.
  4. If boy and girl are born in same nakshatra but Rashi is different then there is naadi dosha cancellation.
  5. If the boy and the girl are born in same rashi but nakshatra is different there is cancellation of naadi dosha.
What if two people have same naadi ?

If two people have same naadi it is advisable to check for cancellations and exceptions. However once again I would like to stress that gun-milan is not a primary method of checking horoscope compatibility, it is just a method to filter horoscopes and select the best one after all prospective horoscopes have been checked individually and jointly for promise of marriage, married life, progeny, longevity, health and well being. If the yoga for progeny is good and the overall horoscope compatibility is good then one can go ahead and marry.

Here is a list of other articles related to horsocope compatibility.

Readers are advised to go through each of the above articles to understand the concept of match making. Horoscope compatibility is not just about gun-milan but it is about checking the horoscope of the prospective bride/groom to ensure that the promise of marriage and married life, longevity, children etc are sufficiently good and then graha-milan, paap-samyam and gun-milan is used to check whether horoscopes are compatible or not.

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