Vastu Guidance for plot selection

Buying a land/plot requires a lot of money, it is a huge investment which is why it is advisable to take proper vastu guidance for plot selection.

There is a huge classical literature on vastu which was written by rishees with their divine insight for the benefit of mankind. There is no doubt about their knowledge and foresight in vastu shastra, it is our shortcoming to not understand the teachings of those great seers.

It is always advisable to buy a plot or land as per the vastu principles whether you buy it for commercial, residential or investment purpose for such a plot will be auspicious for you and contribute to your all round success and prosperity.

Vastu Shastra lays done certain rules while selecting plot or land. Some of the basic rules are as follows:

A land is chosen keeping in mind the following parameters:-

  • Shape
  • Smell
  • Interior
  • Elevation/deviation

There are 4 more parameters but only the most primary important are being discussed here.

  1. A square or rectangular shaped plot is considered the best by all classics unanimously.
  2. The smell of the plot is also a very important factor in choosing it. A plot having smell of feaces, oil, dead animals etc is inauspicious.
  3. Interior of the plot is a very serious matter. A plot having rat holes, snakes is inauspicious, if remains of body, animals are found after digging plot it is also inauspicious. Wood/bricks if found inside on digging plot are also considered inauspicious.
  4. Elevation of plot or deviation of the plot is a very important aspect of vastu shastra. A plot elevated on South and West is considered very auspicious. Uneven plot causes loss of wealth/misfortune.

Apart from the above factors there are many other factors to be considered while buying a plot.

The above parameters can be accurately judged by a Vastu expert who can help you in choosing a good plot.

  • The direction of the plot
  • Color of the soil
  • Shalya shodhan
  • Bhoomi Parikshan
  • Surroundings.

Generally speaking a plot facing East, North-east and North is considered auspicious if most of the above conditions are also satisfied.

Shalya shodhan and Shanku Sthapana should be done before beginning any type of construction on the plot. This helps to remove any doshas and negativity inside the plot.

The author has successfully completed course in vastu shastra and acquired the padvi “Vastu Bhushan” in Vastu shastra under Tutelage of Shri Dhundiraj Pathak who is one of the gem in field of Vastu.

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Astrologer Ashish Desai is a young and dynamic astrologer having experience of more than 20 years in astrology, but professionally he has been doing this since 2012. He started learning astrology from his mother at a very tender age, he is an accounting and finance graduate from Mumbai university and also holds a diploma in fashion photography. He has many satisfied clients from all over the world and people from more than 30 countries consult him at present. Though he provides consultation to people from all walks of life but majority of his clients come from business families, corporate world, politics, cinema. He specializes in Horoscope match making, C-section Muhurat, Career astrology, business astrology, child/infertility issues, Medical astrology, financial astrology and all types of muhurta and remedial astrology. He believes that astrology can reveal your true potential and help you to achieve success and wealth in your life.

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