Vastu Guidance for plot selection

Buying a land/plot has become a very costly affair, Scarcity of plots and demand are the two factors which makes it most lucrative investment. It is investment of Lakhs and crores of rupees which is why it is advisable to take proper vastu guidance for plot selection.

Vastu shastra is a genuine science having references in the oldest Matsya puran, Agni puran and has been practised as a major part of architecture in ancient times which is lost now. This shastra was propounded by 18 sages/rishees who is given in matsya puran. Hence there should be no doubt about this shastra and knowledge and foresight of the great seers, it is our shortcoming to have lost touch with the ancient treasure. Foreigners have been researching our ancient scriptures and have taken a lot of pains and research to dig out many of the old manuscripts translate them for the sake of mankind while we in our country where these things originated keep fighting over their authenticity in an attempt to look modern.

It is always advisable to buy a plot or land as per the vastu principles whether you buy it for commercial, residential or investment purpose for such a plot will be auspicious for you and contribute to your all round success and prosperity.

Vastu Shastra lays done certain rules while selecting plot or land. Some of the basic rules are as follows:

A land is chosen keeping in mind the following parameters:-

Vastu guidance for plot selection
Vastu guidance for plot selection
  • Direction
  • Shape
  • Smell
  • Surroundings
  • Elevation/deviation

There are 4 more parameters but only the most primary important are being discussed here.

  1. Direciton of plot should be given importance, North and East facing plots are the best while west and south facing can be considered after checking other factors.
  2. A square or rectangular shaped plot is considered the best by all classics unanimously.
  3. The smell of the plot is also a very important factor in choosing it. A plot having smell of feaces, oil, dead animals etc is inauspicious.
  4. Surroundings of plot should be checked for auspiciousness. water source on the north, mountains on the west or south are auspicious.
  5. Elevation of plot or deviation of the plot is a very important aspect of vastu shastra. A plot elevated on South and West is considered very auspicious. Uneven plot causes loss of wealth/misfortune.

The Shape of land and its dimensions along with elevation/deviation can be considered of primary importance here. Apart from the above there are other factors to be considered while buying a plot.

The feel good or bad factor of the land can only be judged by people having divine intution and good sadhana. You can read a story of Importance of land selection in vastu here and here. These stories give you insight to the importance of Plot selection in vastu.

Generally speaking a plot facing East, North-east and North is considered auspicious if most of the above conditions are also satisfied.

Shalya shodhan and Shanku Sthapana should be done before beginning any type of construction on the plot. This helps to remove any doshas and negativity inside the plot. This condition of Shalya shodhan is carried out well in case of constructions of buildings as it requires to dig more than 7 feet deep to lay the foundations. Any bones, remains of animals and other inauspicious matter is dug out making the land free from any dosha. Any remains buried more than 7 feet down do not cause any dosha as per the classics of vastu.

Most of the things are repeatedly written on websites and scattered all over the internet like garbage but it is actually difficult to carry out in practice after reading and requires help of an expert vastu consultant to execute the above things.

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