2018 horoscope predictions

2018 Horoscope predictions

There is a huge demand for 2018 horoscope predictions from the readers. I wholeheartedly thank all readers and subscribers of this website for their love and support they have given in all these years. Yearly predictions are quite popular among masses even if they are very general predictions. People love to read this stuff which is quite evident from the requests and the magazines, newspapers, internet flooded with this.

It is time to bid goodbye to 2017, it has been a year of changes with all 4 major planets changing signs this year indicating that new trends will dominate the world in coming time. For India it sure has been a turnaround year with implementation of GST and RERA and many more such policies. These changes were predicted in the earlier yearly predictions on jupiter and saturn transits.

Now 2018 will be a year of changes in trading policies/business policies/religious trends as Saturn and Jupiter two big planets transit in the mighty Libra and Sagittarius. Saturn is under control of Jupiter in his sign Sagittarius so will be giving good results in this sign. Jupiter in Libra will be bringing changes in business/markets/relationships etc. There will still be new improvements in Law&Order.

The year will start with Combustion of Venus and placement of Venus between 2 malefics Sun and Saturn indicating a time for change or troubles in corporate sector/private sector. Many big business/corporate houses will probably be under radar of government or face the wrath of people. The placement of Mars+Jupiter in sign Libra indicates some new policies/laws with respect to business and government sector. There may be some good news for armed forces. Libra/Sagittarius are the signs in focus this year showing relationships/religious agendas taking a new trend.

Now let us take a look at 2018 Horoscope predictions for all the 12 signs to see how this year will be for you in all respects. These are general predictions and do not take your birth horoscope in consideration, so one must always consult a good astrologer for personal predictions if you have any doubts. Do not panic or get carried away after reading this.

2018 Horoscope predictions for 12 signs

2018 horoscope predictions
2018 horoscope predictions

2018 horoscope prediction for Aries

First two months will be stressful with respect to marriage, children, studies, career as Venus and Sun pass over Sagittarius and Capricorn which have Saturn and Rahu/ketu. Avoid taking major decisions till February Mid. Saturn and Jupiter bless you with gains in first half of 2018 as they aspect the 11th house together. You will be at your best socializing with people, making new friends as saturn+Jupiter jointly aspect your 3rd and 11th house. There will be some good news related to your siblings. Marriage is on cards for many aries people as Jupiter is transiting through your 7th house. Rahu in 4th and Ketu in 10th for your sign is not very good in terms of professional growth, some of you might be taking headless decisions or heading towards nowhere being lost without any goals. You need to be focused on your goals and career. The 2nd half of 2018 would be mixed as Jupiter withdraws support and moves to the 8th house. Avoid taking big decisions regarding business after Mid of 2018. Be careful while investing/buying/selling property/land as Rahu is passing through your 4th house.  Saturn passing through 9th may give you good success in business/financial pursuits as it passes through then Nakshatra of Venus. You should be focusing on increasing your savings in 2nd half of 2018.

2018 Horoscope predictions for Tauras

You are going through a lot of changes in the recent times, the placement of planets is not much well aligned for you since past few months. Saturns entry in Dhanu rashi falls in your 8th house making it transit of Astam shani which is not considered good. Jupiter also transiting in your 6th house is not much beneficial for you with regards to health. Astam shani for you will be triggering changes on professional and financial front, guru too is aspecting your 10th house and the 2nd house of family. There are indications of addition of new member in family as well as tensions on financial and family matters. The position of saturn in 8th house aspects your 2nd, 5th and 10th indicating that you will need to do a lot of hard work in area of communication, profession and studies. You will not be able to communicate effectively in coming time, there will be lack of ability to express your points and misunderstandings could occur so pay attention on your communication skills and especially on the main subject matters you speak/write. The first half of the year will trigger changes on professional and social front whereas the another half would be good for gains, marriage new connections etc. Vrishabh rashi will have a mixed year but the changes happening now would be good for the long run. Mars transiting through 7th and 8th houses in next 4 months warns you to be careful with regards to health, accidents and problems in marriage/profession. Transit of Rahu and Ketu is favorable for you and will give some spiritual inclinations as well. Some of you will have to be careful of their father’s health. Keep yourself calm and composed for first 4 months of the 2018. In money matters this is a good time to sit down and prepare financial plans for the future. Pay attention to your family and make sure that you spend good time with them.

2018 horoscope predictions for Gemini

Gemini people were having a tough time till last year when saturn was passing through their 6th house indicating health issues and difficulties in professional front. This year onward your transit improves and many of you will get gearing up for marriage and parenthood as saturn enters your 7th house and Jupiter in the 5th. This is also a time to focus on yourself and your priorities as both are aspecting your sign. This is a time to bring the desired change in your, a transformation in your thinking pattern, health etc. There will be a focus on religious ceremonies/travels in first half of 2018. The first 4 months when Mars travels through your 6th, 7th and 8th house can be bad in terms of relationships and business, you have to be very careful while dealing with partners/other parties to avoid misunderstanding. Treat your spouse well to avoid issues in marital life, see if you are making them sad and try to improve things. Jupiter entering 6th house of your horoscope in second half of 2018 will be good for professional success. Rahu is transiting through your 2nd house and may probably cause some disturbance in family matters, money matters. You will be spending unnecessarily on things which are actually not required, there may be unforeseen expenses for family. Keep financial reserves for the rainy day. The first half will be good for students who are preparing for various examinations as Jupiter passing through 5th house will give success. Health of Spouse and children may suffer due to venus being combust and hemmed between malefics.

2018 Horoscope predictions for Cancer

Rahu is passing through your rashi indicating that you will find yourself mentally disturbed and having mood swings at times. It may be an emotionally draining period for you with tendency to take bad decisions. You should always consult some elders and seniors before taking major decisions. The first half of the year is good for professional growth, travels, gains as Mars will also be entering your 5th house. Some of you may purchase property as long as Mars+Jupiter are in 4th house at the beginning of the year. Mars+Saturn will conjunct in the 6th house around 2nd quarter of the year which will be excellent for success in competitive exams of overcoming your enemies, yet there can be danger of accidents or injuries because saturn is the 8th lord for your rashi. You can push yourself with all your strength to achieve whatever you want in this period. The last quarter of the year when Jupiter enters Scorpio will start giving gains to your hard work done in the first half of the year. It will be very good period for students who are looking to get good marks, this year will be good for karka rashi in terms of competitive studies. 8th lord saturn transiting from the 6th house can give you trouble from enemies and may upset your health, it is better to avoid getting into any kind of legal issues in coming year.

2018 horoscope predictions for Leo

Rahu is passing through your 12th house indicating that your spending must have increased and there will also be opportunities to travel overseas. Jupiter in 3rd house with Mars is excellent time to show some skills and gain recognition, it is a time for some adventure and travels for Leo. The position of Saturn entering 5th house is also very good for Simha rashi. Saturn will make you focus on your wealth and family life in coming year. There are indications of Marriage for Leo people in 2018 as Saturn and Jupiter both Jointly aspect the 7th house, there will be lot of gains in the first half of the year due to both Jupiter and Saturn aspecting 11th house from your Rashi. You will make new contacts and friends who will prove beneficial to you, starting a new venture will give success. For business this is a good time. Jupiter entering 4th house by last quarter of the year will definitely bring foreign travel opportunities with rahu already in 12th house, there can be purchase of property or renovation on agenda. For students this is a time to work hard as saturn in 5th house will demand hard work for success in terms of studies. Avoid misunderstandings with business partners for those in partnerships. Focus on your speech, communication and see that your point is well understood. Saturn aspecting second gives difficulties in conveying you point.

2018 horoscope predictions for Virgo

Rahu in your 11th house is good for gains and financial prosperity, there will be some discord with friends or there are indications of some friends cheating you, Avoid trusting new people easily. Jupiter in 2nd house and Saturn in 4th house are aspecting your 6th and 10th house, this is the best time to make most of your career. Put all your hard work and effort in your career/business for growth. You will be confronted by hurdles and enemies but you will eventually overcome them with your determination. Keep a good focus on your health and make sure to spend some time in exercise or meditation to rejuvenate yourself. You will definitely reap good rewards this year in terms of career/professional front. This is a really good time to prove yourself. Those who are looking to start something can do so as you are having good support of planets at this moment. There can be addition of a new member in family. The last quarter of the year will be good for marriage, spiritual journeys and gains for the hard work done in the first half of 2018. Planets are blessing you this year.

2018 horoscope predictions for Libra

Rahu in your 10th house in 2018 would cause some disturbance in your professional life but it is extremely beneficial for overcoming enemies and tackling politics at workplace. Those who try to trouble you will also bear the burnt. There are indications of having unrealistic expectations on professional front which may cause frustration, be realistic and have realistic goals. Be sure to do complete checks in case of business dealings and properties. Jupiter passing through your ascendant will bless you in many ways, Saturn and Jupiter’s joint aspect on 5th and 9th is sure to give results of sankalpa done today and in past. Any work undertaken will bear fruit, it is a good time to be blessed with children. It is a time to tie knot for many librans, Love will bloom, Marriages will happen, Success in education/studies and overall endeavors in life. Mars+Saturn transiting in 3rd house from the 2nd quarter of the year, avoid adventure and risky endeavors. There can be injuries or accidents in between March to May, the first month of the year may not be good in terms of health as your lagna lord Venus is combust in transit, hemmed between Saturn and Sun. Librans will be having an extremely good year ahead to bless them in terms of Education, Marriage, children, prosperity and success in all pursuits.

2018 horoscope predictions for Scorpio

Scorpions are running the last phase of Sade-sati and the past 2 years have not been much productive for them. You are still stuck inside the circle of confusions trying to figure out your destination and goals. This is however your last phase of Sade-sati and the beginning of this year will not be very great due to Sun+Saturn conjunct in your 2nd house of family, finances creating disturbing atmosphere at home, financial worries. Some of you may see health troubles in family but the time improves as the year progresses, rahu in 9th house is will create disturbance in spiritual life or religious routine but will give long distance travel.  There are indications of foreign travels or relocation in the coming year, Some of you will invest in property, buy a new house or relocate to some other place. There will be improvements as the year progresses, Jupiter Enters your sign by the last quarter of this year which will bless many of you with wedding bells, the end of the year will also be good for conceiving child. There will be improvement in concentration and focus for students. Focus on restructuring your financial goals and plan well in the coming year. A bad start resulting in a good end will be the result for scorpions in 2018.

2018 horoscope predictions for Sagittarius

Rahu in your 8th house and Ketu in 2nd, the last 2 years for you have been very tough in terms of financial prospects since ketu in 2nd aspected by saturn must have burned holes in your pockets You have lost your ability to think clearly in terms of financial matters. Malefics in 2/12 houses in transit have drained your finances, Jupiter though was protecting you to some extent due to its aspect on the 2nd house from 10th. It is in your 11th now and will reward you for all the hard work done in past 2 years, Saturn in rashi is not very good since it indicates 2nd phase of sade-sati and will make you err in decision making through some luring. Do not get seduced with any opportunities that come your ways, all that glitters is not gold especially in sade-sati if your Moon is surrounded by malefics and especially if you are running a bad dasha. Jupiter and Saturn however will bless you with Marriage and children in the coming year, you may get the support of your life partner if you are lucky in that respect as per your horoscope. You need to exercise caution in financial dealings till mars passes from Capricorn crossing your 12th, 1st and 2nd houses where it will meet Saturn and Ketu. Do not invest in new ventures, partnerships and anything which seems promising at first look. Change of Jupiter transit from October onwards will lure you to go to foreign lands due to your rashi lord being in 12th house, You will be probably draining your energies in useless pursuits without any goals. The best advise to you is be focused on your goals, do not change/leave your path in the middle, Do fall for traps which will be many in your life as you are in testing times. Those having good dashas and well placed planets will not bear the brunt as badly as others who have afflicted planets and bad dashas. Students have an excellent year if they focus on studies because jupiter is aspecting your 5th.

2018 horoscope prediction for Capricorn

Ketu in your lagna and Rahu in the 7th house, Saturn has entered your 12th house signaling the beginning of Sade-sati for your moon sign. Those who also have capricorn as rising ascendant should be very particular about financial planning and not undertake any investment or risky venture however attractive it might seem to be. The first half of the year might compel you to take some debts or increase your spending. Your Saturn in 12th house is the lagna and 2nd lord indicating that you will be loosing your sense of thinking slowly to take wrong decisions, the energy will be spend in useless pursuits which will not give any benefits. Jupiter in 10th house is good to protect your career and finance part for some time before saturn takes over, so make the most of jupiter transit till October 2018. Some of you will be getting onsite opportunities this year as Jupiter is passing through the 10th house being the 12th and 3rd lord, this can give transfers for those in government jobs, Make a point to keep good rapport with your colleagues and seniors, this will help you at your workplace. Ketu in lagna will probably make you rational in approach, Avoid taking decisions in a hurry. Students will need to focus more on studies and those preparing for exams next year will be having support of jupiter when it enters your 11th house to aspect 5th. Some of you will be tying wedding knots by the end of this year when Jupiter enters Scorpio and aspect 7th house.

2018 horoscope predictions for Aquarius

Rahu in 6th, Saturn in 11th, Jupiter in 9th, Mars in 10th for sometime in own rashi and then Jupiter in 10th house by the end of the year. Aquarius is going to have the best transit for sometime now, you are going to do extremely well due to wonderful alignment of planets for your sign. Saturn in 11th will bless you with abundance in all undertaken ventures, Rahu in 6th will punish your enemies and give success in competitions, Jupiter in 9th will be blessing you with health, children, success in education, communication, enterprise, travels etc. Aquarius will also be one of the signs to reap the benefits of good karma done in past. If your dasha is also good you are bound to achieve success. This is a great year for those appearing for competitive exams. You will be blessed with children in 2018 as Saturn and Jupiter jointly on your 5th house. Those who are looking to start a new venture should proceed ahead, there will be good gains in stock markets. Promotions and dream jobs can be expected in coming year. Jupiter enters 10th house by October 2018 bringing you more luck in terms of family, money and career.

2018 horoscope predictions for Pisces

Rahu transiting your 5th house will hamper your ability to think clearly, bad decisions due to illusions and miscalculations are clearly visible. Jupiter your key planet passing through 8th house gives indication of protecting your health and keep control on your food intake. Saturn in 10th house for your sign is going to make you work hard like a donkey while jupiter supports you to sustain financially and keep your focus grounded by spiritual pursuits. You will get opportunities to travel far and wide and may be entrusted with challenging projects/work which will probably exhaust your energy. Do not neglect your health while you give everything to your work. Balance your professional and personal life, spend some time with family.  Spend some time with your mother, there will be opportunities to relocate, shift or move abroad. There will be a transformation in you by the end of this year as jupiter your rashi lord passes through the 8th house giving you mystical experiences. The transit of Jupiter in 9th house by last quarter of 2018 will activate your better time and bring improvements in your life. Students will need to put up a lot of hard work. Do loose your focus on studies, rahu in 5th creates illusions and diverts your mind from your goals. Overall it is a mixed year for you bringing about a change/transformation in you by the end of 2018.


These are general predictions based on 12sign and may not be applicable to each and every one, It is advisable to consult a good astrologer to know more about the impact in your own horoscope. Each horoscope has a different rising lagna and a different moon sign, different running dasha apart from different planetary configuration which gives varied results for each one of you. The more variety of permutations combinations the more variety of results, the impact of transits for all signs is more or less similar as per his individual horoscope.


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  1. Thanks for replying btw did you mean beneficial influence inplace of malefic influence ,, in below statement?

    “Since it is the 11th house it won’t be too troublesome if there are other malefic influences on Sun and moon in the horosco”

    1. Namaste,

      Yes, I corrected it. I meant to say “It won’t be too troublesome if there are no other malefic influences on sun and Moon in the horoscope”. If benefic influences are there they will give protective cover.

  2. Thanks for detailed analysis. However as a kumbha lagna and Scorpio moon native I am really confused whether to be happy(lagna wise) or unhappy (Scorpio moon wise) as predictions are contrary to each other.

    Also as Sagittarius has sun +Merc and Saturn crossing over there , is it better than over just finished moon transit?

    1. Gochara is seen from lagna and Moon both, if the planetary positions from lagna are favorably disposed, Moon is also well placed in the horoscope irrespective of sign and the dasha pattern is good the bad transits won’t impact much.
      We should try to balance the result of transit from both lagna and moon as one represents the physical body and the starting point of the horoscope and other represents the mind.
      Saturn crossing over sun can be bit troublesome for married life or some issues with a friend/business partner/senior etc. Since it is the 11th house it won’t be too troublesome if there are no other malefic influences on Sun and moon in the horoscope.

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