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Csection Muhurta

Looking for auspicious C-section Muhurat? Want a shubh Muhurat for cesarean delivery? C-section Muhurat is not about selecting randomized time based on panchanga but it is rather a process of casting a birth horoscope on which the entire life events are based. We select the best dates and timings after going through day, yoga, tithi, karan, nakshatra, rashi, navamsha and dasha pattern. The maximum of these are selected based on their availability during the given time frame provided by the client. The emphasis is on the selecting the best available planetary position with navamsha positions and good dasha pattern for the entire life

Full Horoscope reading

Are you confused about your life? Want to ask about multiple areas of life? Get SWOT analysis of your horoscope. This service covers full horoscope reading like Education, Profession, Financial condition, Marriage, Children, Gemstone and Remedial suggestions

Horoscope Match Making

Are you compatible with each other? Do your planets support each other? Does your horoscopes promise a happy married life? We do complete compatibility analysis of horoscopes individually and jointly to come to final conclusion. We do bhav milan, graha milan and gun-milan together and follow an elaborate horoscope matching process. We provide Full match making report with indepth analysis

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