Planetary combinations for Inter-caste or Inter-religion marriage

Now-a-days the inter-caste and inter-religion marriages have become easier and there has been an increase in such marriages and yet there are societies and family which do not accept such marriages. The question of inter-caste or inter-religion marriage lingers in the minds of many boys and girls as well as their parents. In this article, we will see the planetary combinations for Inter-caste or Inter-religion marriage.

Jyotish is a wonderful tool to predict whether one will have inter-caste or inter-religion marriage. There are certain planetary combinations which indicate one’s marriage in other caste or religion. I have managed to do a very original research in this area in my many years of astrology practice.

The great astrologer Shri C.S Patel wrote a book “Navamsha in Astrology” in which he mentioned “Rasi tulya navamsha” and “Navamsa tulya rasi” which is a wonderful technique to predict such marriages. My research in predicting Inter-caste or Inter-religion marriage is based on this method. The success rate of this method is looking great as of now around 75-80%. Astrology practically cannot be proved statistically is what I believe as the karma of the people changes the outcome of the results given in the horoscope. A prashna kundali is more revealing in such cases than the birth horoscope.

I have also made a video on Inter-caste and Inter-religlion love marriage in astrology which can be seen by clicking this link. The video has many case studies discussed to prove the method. So what are different yogas of inter-caste marriage in horoscope? Which planets give inter-caste marriage? Which houses are important for inter-religion love marriage? What planetary combinations give inter-caste or inter-religion marriages? Let us see the astrological parameters for inter-caste and inter-religion marriages.

99% of inter-caste inter-religion marriages are love marriages so it becomes equally important to check the planetary combinations for love marriage in the horoscope. This has also been researched by me back in 2012-13 and I had presented a research on one group on facebook for which I had won a cash prize of 10000/- INR. Here I will first share the astrological parameters for love marriage and then proceed to show the astrological combinations for inter-caste or inter-religion marriages.

Astrological parameters for love marriage

  • Connection of the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th house or their lords leads to love marriage. 3rd house gives courage and strong determination to put efforts and love marriage requires a lot of courage and efforts. 9th house indicates luck/bhagya/fortune which is required in love marriages. The 5th house is the house of relationships and love affairs while the 7th house stands for Marriage. The connection between these houses lead to a love marriage.
  • The rasi parivartana yoga or the nakshatra parivartana yoga between the 5th and the 7th house lords can also lead to love marriage.
  • Signs of Venus and Mars are naturally attracted towards each other hence a boy and the girl both belonging to signs of mars and venus will get attracted to each other naturally.
  • 7th house lord or Venus aspected by mars posited in the signs Tauras/Gemini/Cancer/Scorpio and Pisces can give love marriage if other factors are favorable.
  • 7th house lord in the amsha of venus, mars or mercury can lead to a love marriage.
  • It is observed that one out of the two people have a strong 3rd house and this is most likely in case of girls when they have a love marriage as it requires a lot of courage and commitment on the part of the girl to stick to her decision and face every family member in case of such marriages. A weak 3rd house will result in the person backing of when there is a lot of pressure on him. If the horoscope has combinations for love affairs but link of a strong 3rd house and 7th house is missing they may not have a love marriage as the person having weak 3rd house will back off.

Planetary combinations for Inter-caste or Inter-religion marriage

  • The classical text indicate Rahu and Ketu as the karakas for other religions/caste. They are the planets for non-traditional approach or unconventional approach. When rahu and ketu are strong in the horoscope they compel a jataka to break the traditional approach or choose unconventional things. So they have a strong role to play in cases of inter-caste or inter-religion marriages.
  • 9th house is a very important house as it represents dharma/religion. When a person marries out of his own caste/dharma the 9th house or lord is found to be afflicted in such cases. The stronger the affliction the more intense the outcome. This can be seen in rasi as well as navamsha.
  • Connection of 7th house or lord or venus with rahu and ketu can give inter-caste or inter-religion love marriages.
  • Sometimes 7th house lord in the nakshatra of rahu/ketu gives inter-caste or inter-religion marriage provided other factors are favorable.
  • In the horoscopes of people having inter-caste or inter-religion marriage it will be found that rahu/ketu in the navamsha will be in a sign identical to the signs posited in the lagna or the 7th house of the birth horoscope or they will be in a sign which is identical with lagna lord, 7th lord of the birth horoscope.
  • Rahu and ketu can be in a sign in the navamsha which is identical with the 9th house/lord of the birth horoscope.
  • The dasha lord can be with rahu/ketu when a person is attracted to a person of other-caste or religion. During the antardasha or rahu/ketu people mostly get attracted and have relationship with a person outside one’s own caste. Such relationships are just passing affairs if there are not other planetary combinations to support marriage.

Planetary combinations for deceit, failure or seeking physical gratification or only attraction but no love.

  • When Mars and Venus are in rasi parivartana yoga the person has a strong sexual appetite and such a person may seek only sexual pleasures. He may not have any intention to go for a marriage, so one should be careful about such people. Such sex hunters are present everywhere irrespective of caste, creed, religion. This rasi parivartana yoga is more stronger in the navamsha. This should be checked with other combinations, it need not always be bad. So do not conclude that all with this rasi parivartana yoga are bad people.
  • If the Mars of the girl is aspected by the Saturn or the Rahu of the boy and Vice-versa it will only spark attraction for sexual gratification, it will not be a pure love and people having such combinations should be careful in relationships if they are becoming serious. Always look for the red-flags in such relationships and be alert.
  • When mars of the boy is in the same sign as the Venus of the girl or vice-versa there will be strong attraction between them. They will feel like being pulled towards each other. The same happens when two people are ruled by the signs of mars and venus respectively. But one should confirm the combinations of love marriage in individual horoscopes before proceeding further in such relationships.
  • If the rising lagna of both are in opposite signs in the rasi or the navamsha there will be attraction between both. Same goes with the moon signs.

Inter-caste/Inter-religion love marriage case studies

Planetary combinations for inter-caste or inter-religion love marriage.

Inter-religion love marriage case study.

The 9th house lord is under rahu/ketu axis in the birth horoscope.

If aspects of Rahu are taken then rahu aspects the 7th house lord of the birth horoscope.

The navamsha horoscope is more important here as 7th house lord of the birth horoscope is under rahu/ketu axis.

Now put the Rahu/ketu axis of the navamsha in the birth horoscope you will see that they are in the sign identical to the 7th house lord of the birth horoscope. Rahu in mesha is in the same sign where the 7th house lord mars of birth horoscope is.

There are strong combinations for love marriage in the navamsha than the birth horoscope. 7th house lord saturn and 3rd lord mercury connect in the 5th house. Exalted lagna lord aspects them, jupiter as 9th house lord has aspect on the 7th house so all conditions are fulfilled.

In the birth horoscope the combinations for love marriage are vague as mars in mesha is in nakshatra of venus the lagna lord and aspects the 3rd and 7th house both.

This is a case of inter-religion love marriage.

You can watch my video on youtube and feel free to share it with your social networks, Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on youtube for more such interesting videos on astrology. Any feedbacks regarding topics to make videos are welcome. There are 5 more case-studies apart from this one in the video on astrological combinations for inter-caste or inter-religion love marriage. So make sure you go and watch the video here on youtube.

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