Shubh muhurat for Cesarean delivery

Shubh muhurat for cesarean delivery

All parents wants their child to be born on auspicious time. Everyone wants their children to be health, happy and lucky in terms of wealth, career, education and overall general life. Cesarean delivery gives you the freewill to choose birth time as per your preference within the limited boundaries, but is it so easy to find shubh muhurat for cesarean delivery? Does a shubh C-section Muhurta ensure all good for the new-born? Well, It depends on a lot of factors. Keep reading this post to know more about Choosing Auspicious time for C-section.

The planetary positions during a certain month/week is fixed which tells us that certain things are pre-destined according to past karmas of the jeeva to be born on this earth. There is hardly any good time available when some clients approach for C-section muhurta while others are lucky to get ample of good timings due to availability of auspicious position of planets during the period they approach me.

The Astrologer needs to check all 12 ascendants for all days, checking planetary combinations in rashi and navamsha, moon sign, dasha patterns, navamsha positions etc to find shubh muhurat for cesarean delivery. Not all days are good and the astrologer has to exercise caution in finding the positive aspects among whatever is available during a given week or month.

C-section Muhurat is not something where you start a new work or ceremony on auspicious time.

The time chosen for birth of a baby is not a muhurat in real sense, it is very much more than that, it is a blueprint of his past and future karmic pattern where one selects a favorable planetary position and birth horoscope which impacts the individual life long.

Should such a timing for C-section Muhurat be chosen with such irrationality?

The answer is obvious “NO”.

Shubh muhurat for cesarean delivery is not only restricted to just selecting a good day or tithi for birth of child.

It does not mean that a child born on day of “Akshay tritiya”, “Ganesh Chaturthi”, “Janmastami” or “deepawali” will have a bright future. Neither does it mean that a child born in Rahu kaala will have a bad future.

The Normal muhurats like Pooja Muhurat, Marriage Muhurat, Education Muhurat are chosen as good muhurta for specific event only and they repeat again every year. A Muhurta of house warming or marriage is quite different from choosing auspicious time for C-section. These Muhurats are for certain event only.

A child birth once happened does not happen again and the planetary position which is present at that particular time reveals the entire life pattern, karmic blueprint or destiny of the jeeva taking birth which is why Shubh muhurat for cesarean delivery is to be chosen properly with due care.

The fact is there is no perfect Auspicious birth time. The fact is good children are result of your previous purva janma punya, the 5th house itself shows the fruits of your past karmas. The first 12 years of the child are dependent on the past and present karmas of the parents, the good and bad events happening are dependent on their karmas as well. The child is dependent on parents in the first 12 years until jupiter completes one cycle over all the planets. You cannot have an extra-ordinary child unless your own horoscope promises one.

The planetary positions in certain months when the delivery is due are fixed. Moon remains in one sign for 2 and a quarter day approximately, it remains in one nakshatra for 1 day and one nakshatra pada for 6 hours. This period defines the dasha pattern for entire life.

The position of moon and the influence of planets on moon good or bad define the mental make-up or psychology of the child to be born, the position of planets from moon and lagna hold equal importance it is rarely good and excellent from both angles unless one is really lucky to be born in such period. The nabhas yogas, kemdruma, sunapha, anapha and durudhara yogas depend on the moon position.

Shubh muhurat for cesarean delivery

Shubh muhurat for cesarean delivery

The ascendant is the pivot and the base of the child born and indicates the direction and energies of planets good or bad in this life. The planetary position from Ascendant, Moon and the sun hold the key to unlock the mysteries of the horoscope. All 3 will never be good. When one talks of pancha mahapurush yogas they should be equally there from ascendant, moon and sun to operate in full.

The dasha pattern further reveals whether the child born will experience the result of those yogas in this life or not. Having a self placed venus in birth horoscope and exalted in navamsha but having no dasha of venus in the entire life time is like wasting half the potential of the horoscope. A perfect situation is almost non-existent.

The navamsha horoscope reveals the intrinsic strength of the planets. The ascendant in navamsha changes within 8-14 minutes depending on seasons and location, this further makes a big impact. So can a generally suggested 2 hour time frame hold completely good? A planet exalted in birth chart but badly placed in navamsha under debilitation or under malefic influence or in 6/8/12 is unable to give its result fully. Does anybody care to do such indepth analysis.

Any time selected as shubh muhurat for cesarean delivery can alter your destiny only upto 25%  and not more than that, as it is not possible to select a flawless muhurta.

Birth usually takes place during month when the planetary position for entire month is fixed and not in our control. We can only minimize the negatives and try to get maximum positives within the given conditions.

Much of destiny is often fixed and some can be changed with our karma and freewill, only blessing of a saint can change your entire destiny but that will only happen if you have amassed lot of punya. The right guidance helps to bring the right change and only the right person can offer you that.

Some delivery and due dates come at times when planets are badly afflicted like venus+ketu, Mars+rahu, Jupiter+Rahu, Saturn+Mars, Moon aspected by all malefics, Venus/moon/mercury with malefics or hemmed between malefics, such positions are there for many days or weeks or months, good planets in birth chart but completely bad in navamsha. Does anyone have control over such births during bad planetary positions?

It is the destiny that the child is born at such time irrespective of all the precautions. It takes a lot of energy and hard work to find good time during such days in all the bad planetary positions which cannot be changed. Astrologers take bad karma of the soul into their account when they interfere with destiny of the child coming in this world.

I do this with a lot of dedication understanding the emotions of parents. It takes a lot of hard work and time to find shubh muhurat for cesarean delivery, it is an energy consuming process. All 12 ascendants are rotated/checked again and again, Each navamsha rising for all ascendants is checked minutely, the dasha pattern, planetary position, the yogas, the sub lords, the significations of planets, etc are checked again and again to find and note the auspicious timings.

Then, there are last minute changes in many cases where complications arise or birth happens before the due date which adds to the additional workload. Nothing is deliberately or loosely done just for the sake of it. I always do it thinking, what if I am about to have a child and I had to choose the timing during these available days.

It is always better to let delivery happen naturally than choosing “Free Auspicious Cesarean Muhurat Timings” posted on websites since they are not based on any studies or understanding impact of planetary positions. They are just general timings posted on basis of almanac or general planetary position for certain ascendant.

Note: It is best to consult 15 days or 1 month prior to delivery due date than consulting at the last moment which limits your choices. The earlier you contact us the more chances of getting more shubh muhurat for cesarean delivery.

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Below is one of my client’s testimonial, He took C-section birth Muhurta from me for both of children.

Client Testimonial Shubh C-section muhurta

Client Testimonial Shubh C-section muhurta

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