Remedies for Financial problems

Financial status is very important factor in every one’s life. People toil hard to improve their financial status, money is the biggest motivational factor for every person and everybody wants to see himself getting rich. Almost everybody faces financial problems at some point of time in his life, whereas there are many who have been living below poverty line for ages, many strive hard to improve their financial status and fail to get success inspite of hard work and effort. Your horoscope reveals about your financial ups and downs and over all status, if you are working very hard and not getting success as expected, you can try some remedies for financial problems as mentioned below.

Remedies for Financial Problems

  • Recitation of “Shree Sukta” 16 times daily.
  • Recitation of “Mahalakshmi astakam” 11 times daily as goddess lakshmi is the goddess of wealth.
  • Recitation of “Narsimha Lakshmi Karavalamban Stotra” for those who are under debts and want to improve financially, Reciting this will help you clear off your debts faster.
  • Recitation of “Runavimochana Narsimha stotra” daily will also help you get rid of your debts.
  • Recitation of chapter 2 and 40 of “Navanath Bhaktisaar” will also help you to get rid of your financial problems, Do this recitation twice a day by lighting a lamp if possible.
  • Worship of lord Dattatreya is most fruitful in kaliyuga for all types of problems and to get mukti from the cycles of life and births.
  • workship of lord shiva is also fruitful remedy for financial problems as lord shiva was the one who made Lord Kubera rich.

I have Posted above few simple and easy remedies for financial problems known to me and I have seen them working in many casesanybody can perform these remedies as they are very easy, besides it will also increase your worship and sadhana. It is better to perform such remedies than falling in traps of yantras which are advertised on television. Self help books like the one below can also help you change your thought process and destiny if you really have the passion and zeal to succeed.

One more very important thing to remember is that doing remedies will not make you rich if there is no such promise your horoscope. Remedies work only to a certain extent. For e.g A person earning 10k having no scope of earning further will not start earning 1 lakh by performing remedies but his income will definitely improve by 20%-30% gradually due to performing remedies, Remedies help to certain extent only if performed with faith and devotion. Do not fall in the trap of those who claim to do magic or else you will loose even what you have. Those in debts might find some way to get out of it or get help unexpectedly to pay of their debts after doing the above remedies regularly. Doing remedies can at times open up new ways or change your thinking in the right direction through which you may amass fortunes, it is always about striking the hammer on the right nail. E.G are those who are into job suddenly go into business by getting a right guidance, meeting a godfather and suddenly becoming successful. Such miracles can happen provided you have the balls to take risks in life and your horoscope too supports you. Those who persist inspite of 1000 failures are bound to succeed someday, but such people are only a handful few.

Always do “Sankalpa” before starting any remedies. I hope the above remedies will help you to get out of financial distress to some extent.

6 thoughts on “Remedies for Financial problems”

  1. Ashish ji, even Sri Kanakadhara Stotra and Sri Lakshmi Dvadasha or Ashtotthara Shatha Nama Stora are very effective, I trust.

    1. Greetings Sudha ji,

      Yes, Lakshmi dwadasha naam is indeed effective, Kanakdhara stotra though very effective does not give happiness with the money, it is bad in the long run.

  2. Thanks a lot and noted your financial remedies, but i would also like to get remedies for not getting insurance,fd,rd,mediclaim business inspite of so many people well known to me. Kindly suggest for the same too.

    1. Greetings Murthy ji,

      Recite the venkatesh stotra daily as much as you can and read the book “The secret” for positive approach, offcourse you need to put efforts to increase your business later after doing all this.

      Ashish Desai.

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