Manglik and Non-Manglik Marriage

Manglik and Non-Manglik Marriage

There is a terror in the name of “Mangal Dosha”. Astrologers usually advice Manglik people to marry somebody who is also Manglik as the “Mangal dosha” in the horoscope gets cancelled according to them, Astrologers say that the Manglik and Non-Manglik Marriage is not possible which is utter rubbish.
Today astrologers have kind of become the agents of these planets mars, rahu, ketu, saturn and bank on these planets in name of various doshas created by these planets. 6 out of 12 houses having mars constitute manglik dosha and to say that such people would suffer widowhood is utter rubbish. It constitutes 50% of 12 houses.

Mars in 1,4,7,8,12 houses constitutes the Mangal/Manglik dosha. South indians also consider mars in 2nd for this dosha. The reason these houses are related to domestic happiness in the chart.

manglik and non manglik marriage

manglik and non manglik marriage

1> Mars in 1st makes one very aggressive.
2> Mars in 2nd would make one aggressive and dominating in family and speech and spoil domestic happiness.
3> Mars in 4th would spoil atmosphere of the house by quarrels and aggression of the individual having such mars.
4> Mars in 7th would give excess sex appetite as 7th rules marriage, marital harmony and sexual pleasures. It would make more hungry for sex which could spoil the marriage by giving him an animal instinct, forcing his partner into sex for his pleasures etc.
5> Mars in 8th could give danger to life or sudden death, injury by weapons, problems with in-laws, as it aspects 2nd from there it will also affect family happiness.
6> Mars in 12th would give bad health to spouse and excessive sex appetite and spendthrift attitude.

Mars from these houses also aspects either 2nd, 7th, 1st making a person aggressive and dominant which can potentially spoil domestic peace and marriage due to excess aggression, dominance and forceful attitude.

  • Besides mars in self house or exaltation does not cause mangal dosha is another point which many ignore.
  • A chart having saturn in the same house where other has mars also nullifies the dosha which many astrologer overlook.
  • Jupiter aspecting such a mars nullifies or gives positive vibrations to such a mars which is not considered.

Half Baked Astrologers have spread the Fear and wrong notions that Mangal dosha makes one a widow which is absolutely rubbish unless mars is very much afflicted and the 7th house lord, venus etc are afflicted and no marital happiness is promised. The role of other 8 planet sure needs to be seen. The houses for widowhood to be seen are 8th and 12th along with 7th, These houses need to be highly afflicted.

Here is an interesting case study of Manglik and non manglik marriage posted recently on this blog.

Mars is basically a symbol of energy, Aggression, fire. If Fire and Fire are bought together it would create more bigger fire is a common sense. When two aggressive people marry each other there are bound to be more quarrels and problems in married life. Either of them should be cool and submissive for marriage to last. So mangal dosha should not be blindly interpreted. For those who are looking forward to have love-marriage can read my article Is kundli matching necessary for Love marriages? and, another article “Kundli Matching Simplified”

Those who want to check horoscope compatibility for manglik and non-manglik marriage can book their consultations by dropping an email to

The following book by Mridula trivedi on “An Insight into Kuja dosha” is one of the best books on kuja dosha and its implications I have read so far. This book has hundreds of case studies making it a genuine research on kuja dosha. Those who want to know more in detail can buy this book and read.

Readers who are “Manglik and married to non manglik or vice-versa” are requested to share their birth details for research. This would help me to enlarge this research on manglik and non manglik marriage and help more people in the future.
Even those who suffered in marriage or had severe problems are requested to share their birth details. The purpose is to do a research and remove the wrong beliefs and traditions being interpreted and followed blindly.

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