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Astrology has been my passion as well as a hobby since early teenage and I used to collect a lot of books on astrology and I still do for the sake of my passion and love of reading. I have a lot of astrology books in my collection and will write about a few best vedic astrology books in my collection. Each book on astrology is an interesting read as it teaches a lot about different styles and approach of astrologers towards interpreting a horoscope. Every astrologer has to develop his own style over years with his own experience as the style of other astrologers will not work for him. This is the uniqueness of astrology, I have always got this advice from the best of the astrologers, they all advice you to develop your own style of interpreting and predicting horoscopes. The books will only teach you the basics but no book in the world can teach you how to predict which is something you develop on your own with your sadhana, experience and continuous learning of astrology.

We will see a list of best vedic astrology books for beginners as well as advanced astrologers in this article.

1> Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra: A Compendium in Vedic Astrology: 2 Volumes

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The is the best classical treatise on vedic astrology and must have for everyone who want to start learning astrology. This book will teach you everything about the fundamentals and basics of astrology. This is one of the best vedic astrology books and must buy for everyone. Learning astrology is incomplete without the study of BPHS.

2> Astrology, Destiny and the Wheel of Time: Techniques and Predictions

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This is a gem and one of the best vedic astrology books out in the market to understand the basics of astrology and how to apply them, This book is a step ahead and can be considered as a guide on application of basics from the Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. This book is written by the best astrologer of our time Shri K.N Rao and is one of the best books in my collection.

3> Practical Vedic Astrology

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Practical Vedic Astrology is an excellent book and must have for everyone right from beginner to expert, it covers everything right from the basics in great depth, this one book will give you information of 10 books and it is running the 9th enlarged edition says it all about its popularity, This book is a gold mine for those who want to learn astrology. Written by G.S Agarwal it is one of the best vedic astrology books to have.

4> Yogis Destiny and the Wheel of Time (Hindu Astrology Series)

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The theme of this book revolves around spirituality and yogis more than astrology, the instructions, the advice of saints and yogis, their intuitive way of doing astrology. This book contains some rare secrets given by saints and yogis and makes an excellent book for understanding the spiritual connection of astrology. I love reading this book often for the distilled wisdom it contains.

5> Brhat Nakshatra

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Brhat Nakshatra by Sanjay Rath is one of the best vedic astrology books as it contains secrets directly from the parampara of astrology. This book teaches everything about nakshatras as taught in the tradition of Sri Jagannath centre by Jyotish guru Pt. Kashinath Rath. It also includes research and examples on Nakshatras and their uses. This book is for advanced learner of astrology as it goes deeper in explaining about nakshatras and their uses.

6>Timing Events Through Vimshottary Dasha

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This book teaches the uses of vimshottari dasha in astrology. The prediction of particular event in astrology is made on the basis of Dashas + transits. Vimshottari dasha is the most widely used and common dasha in astrology. This book focuses on teaching how to predict events through vimshottari dasha. Case studies have been given to demonstrate the techniques of prediction through this dasha.

7> Karma & Rebirth in Hindu Astrology – Hindi (PB)

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One of the best vedic astrology books to have, karma and rebirth is a gem of a book which explains everything about the law of karma and astrology. It has wonderful references from the sacred bhagwat gita and the Mahabharata. It contains cases of rebirth which are genuine and proves the theory of law of karma and astrology. It is an excellent book containing pieces of distilled wisdom and hence it is a must have book in your book shelves.

8> The Astrology of Seers: A Comprehensive Guide to Vedic Astrology

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Astrology of Seers by David Frawley also covers basics of astrology in a lucid manner, it brings forward the spiritual aspect of astrology and explains the classification of Yugas. It also outlines remedial measures in astrology including gems, colors, herbs, mantras, dieties etc. There are 32 case studies of all kinds including that of many spiritual people.

9> Light on Relationships: The Synastry of Indian Astrology

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One of the best vedic astrology books on relationships and synastry. This book is a gem for those who want to understand how relationship synastry works and how horoscope match-making is done. This book will clearly show you how to read relationship compatibility before venturing into gun-milan and poruthams.  Hart-de-Fouw has done an excellent job in this book.

10> 300 Important combinations

A gem written by Late Shri B.V Raman which contains 300 important combinations in astrology collected from various classics.

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11> How to judge a horoscope Volume I & II

Another Gem from Late Shri. B.V Raman and must have books in every learner’s collection. It is made in two volumes giving detailed information about how to judge a horoscope from 1 to 12 houses. The first Volume contains 1st to 7th house and the 2nd Volume has 8th to 12th house.

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12>Prashna Marga By Late Shri B.V Raman.

This is an excellent book for those who are interested in prashna shastra from the naadi texts.  This book is also in two parts and both parts are being given below.

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13> Saravali Another Classical gem in Astrology.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra and Saravali are two important classical books in astrology which every learner must possess with him.

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14>  Astrology in Predicting weather and Earthquakes by Late Dr. B.V Raman.

This is a very interesting book for those who are interested in Mundane astrology, Dr. B.V raman has shared his researches on predicting mundane events with respect to transits of slow moving planets in certain signs.

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The books mentioned above are very good to start your journey in learning astrology as these are the best vedic astrology books personally known to me. The first 3 books including the Vimshottari dasha are good to understand basics of astrology as they cover everything in detail. Brhat nakshatra is a bit advanced for a complete beginner but otherwise a very good book which covers all aspects of nakshatras with traditional approach. yogis destiny and wheel of time, Karma and Rebirth and Astrology of seers contain pieces of distilled wisdom with a spiritual theme explaining Karma, astrology and spirituality in a wonderful way. Light on relationships is the only book which explains relationship compatibility in true sense. All books of Late Shri Dr. B.V Raman are exceptionally wonderful in understanding the basics of astrology.

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