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Everyone is fascinated with the idea of Love marriage, and every lover or couple consults an astrologer to lead his boat of love safely to the shore. The name love marriage astrology for this article simply connects the topic of astrology and love marriages. The success of love culminating into marriages depends on a lot of factors both external and internal right from the horoscope to the courage of those two people to fight against the norms and traditions and stand by each other during the difficult times.

Marriage is a bonding of two souls to be honest, but in reality it is not so because often it is the society which is responsible for the failure of love between two people, for society it is not the marriage of boy and the girl but it is a marriage between families, caste, creed, religion, money, status in society etc which leaves no scope for the opinion of the girl or the boy often. Parents do not understand love between two people and keep lecturing on the money, social status, society etc, all parents condemn the boy chosen by the girl saying that she has made a wrong choice, she is immatured and a kid and unable to understand things, often they are not even ready to meet and see the boy or the girl to check whether he is capable or not, the mentality is set in the mind itself that the boy chosen by the girl is always bad and that chosen by parents however bad he may be he is always the best. This is a wrong approach, parents should understand that it is the life of the boy and the girl which they are going to spend together, the society which they talk off does not come to help or feed your children if any problem arises, no person turns up to help if something goes wrong, if parents won’t support their children who else will ? If parents stand beside their children with a strong backing nobody else can point a finger, but sadly it is not the case within our society. Very few parents back their children.

Coming to the point of love marriage astrology, we will first discuss a few combinations in the horoscope which indicate trauma in love life or failure in love affairs before discussing combinations for success in love marriage, these combinations will give readers an Idea about the probability of failure of success in their love life and their ability to fight the failure and move on in life, the intention is to make readers aware of the intensity of trauma they can suffer so they can decide whether they should get involved deeply or not which though is not in our hands inspite of knowing this.

The Moon is the pivot of everything in astrology, a strong well aspected moon in shubha kartari and adhi yogas is more of a boon to fight any failure in life and climb the ladder of success.

Badly placed and Afflicted Venus and Mercury will also have a say in these matters of heart and romance. Mercury is the karaka for brain, intelligence which if afflicted can create phobias, complexes, wrong decisions taken in life take you towards doom, Affliction to mercury can make you suffer after a failed love affair making you inactive, lost in thinking about your failure, thoughts of revenge, going towards wrong ways, criminal propensities can be activated by such a mercury and life goes towards a wrong direction.

Venus the karaka of Love if afflicted leads to pain, emotional hurt which has effect on your psyche and shapes your behavior accordingly, some people become too much emotionless, behave rudely, stop expressing themselves, become gloomy and sad and do not behave well with their spouse and partner after marriage if married to somebody else, this spoils the life of everyone which parents do not understand as they just see the material side as important factor to survive in society.

Combinations for being careful in love or failure in love.

  • Affliction to 5th house and the 5th lord is the first indicator of problems in area of love. If two of the planets from moon, mercury and venus are afflicted along with the 5th lord one can safely predict about problems in love life and such people should strictly avoid falling in love. A retrograde 5th lord, a weak moon in 5th, rahu/ketu axis falling on the 5th house and lord, having aspect of mars on a malefic in the 5th shows terrible problems in love, 3rd and 5th being the house of intelligence, mentality, thinking can have a very bad effect on shaping these things in the future. Such people can spoil their own lives in the trauma and depression of failure.
  • Moon in kemdruma yoga (no planets on either side of moon) gives a wavering mind which sways according to advices of others and such people do not have independence of self and thinking of self leading to problems in taking decisions in life. Such people should be strong if they fall in love or else they should avoid falling in love.
  • Moon in Paap kartari, paap adhi yoga (malefics in 6,7,8 from moon) 6,8,12 houses without paksha bala and aspected by malefics shows inherent weakness of mind. One having such moon should be careful while dealing with love affairs as failure may lead to depression and lunacy if other factors are not well supported.
  • People having Mercury, Venus, Moon badly afflicted should avoid falling in love at any cost because failure in love for such people could mean very serious circumstances and a wrong direction to life. It has a direct bearing on your psyche which will shape your personality adversely later. Afflicted Venus along with the 7th house and lord, 8th house and lord and 5th house will create sexual perversion and tendencies.
  • If 5th and 7th lord are retrograde and moon, venus and mercury are afflicted there will be too many problems in love and success is very hard to come often, The affliction to the 5th house is a sure shot indicator or problems in love.

Combinations for Success and protection in love.

  • Sun aspected by jupiter is the first combinations for success as you receive a “No-Objection” certificate from parents at home and society and if other factors are well placed in the horoscope you get married to a partner of your choice if the 5th and 7th lord, venus, moon are well placed.
  • Connection of 5th and 7th lords through houses and nakshatras can lead to success in love and hence marriage.
  • 3rd house plays a pivotal role in love marriages as courage is the basic necessity for success in love to fight and win. They say “everything is fair in love and war”. Connection of 7th lord to 3rd and 5th lord to 3rd can give you a good ability to fight for your love and win it.
  • 9th house indicating luck and 11th house indicating fulfillment of desires if connected to the 5th and 7th house do show good luck and fulfillment of desires in matters of love.

Note :- All the above good combinations fail if you do not have the courage to fight for your love or stand for it. Do not fall in love if you are just concerned with money, material prosperity in life as falling in love will require you to make many sacrifices initially to get the sweet fruits, if you aren’t ready to face the struggle initially or don’t have the guts to struggle in life, do not fall in love. Successful love makes you a better and changed human-being who remains happy all through out his life inspite of other problems just because he has his other one with him and they both strive to keep each other happy.

Moon, Mercury if badly afflicted can even lead to lunacy, suicidal tendencies or downfall in life if they do not have any protection of benefics, Venus affliction leads to problems in married life later and sexual perversion is also one of the key results of an afflicted venus. How the planets shape up a psyche of a person can only be seen by an well-read astrologer, do common people have the benefit to see it ? Can parents see this side when they just see the material side in fixing marriages ? Can they know about the personal lives their children lead behind the closed doors in privacy after marriage ? How to check whether one is happy or sad inspite of marrying in wealthy families, having all material comforts at their command ? Money can never satisfy anybody, the more you earn the more you spend and the more you want. Long lasting Happiness is a state of mind which can be achieved with your loved one’s, when you spend life with the people you love. You can earn money again and again but you cannot marry again and again so it is best to decide what you want and whom you want to spend your life with, if its only about money or settlement, if two people love each other truly they can make a life for themselves winning over all the adversities.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage is a very true statement.


If you have an afflicted, retrograde 5th house and lord and any two out of Moon, venus and mercury badly afflicted, be prepared to face the music in love. A badly placed afflicted moon will trouble you too much and take a long time to get out of the depression. Mercury will give mental perversion while venus sexual perversion.


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