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Overseas education used to be a dream of many, a decade or two ago but it is slowly becoming a common phenomena since globalization. Many students want to go and study abroad as it increases their credibility in terms of career as well as matrimonial markets. Some people want to opt for overseas education due to lack of career opportunities in India in their respective streams. You may be one of them, so what are the combinations for overseas education in a horoscope ?

Overseas education in horoscope

The houses 3,9,12 are primary houses for travel. The 7th house as per the classics too has a great role to play in overseas settlement it being the 4th from 4th by the principle of bhavat bhavam. It is also the opposite house to the lagna/east, representing the west. The houses of education are 2,4,5,9. 2nd being the house of general intelligence, samskaras imbibed from childhood, 4th house being the primary house of education and 5th being the house of intelligence as per parashara. The 9th house signifies higher education, the connection of 8th house with these signifies engineering, research and technical oriented education.

The connection of 5th lord to the 12th house or the 9th lord to the 12th house makes the combination of overseas education. In KP the connection of 4th cuspal sublord or the 9th cuspal sublord to the 12th house would mean overseas education provided the dasha signifies 3,4,9,12 houses for education and travel together. The 5th house shows the aptitude of the person a malefic in the 5th house signifies the person having bent of mind towards technical subjects even though he may be educated in something else.

In prashna horoscope the 4th and the 9th cuspal sublord will give a clue about overseas education. Will I get admission in so and so university ? Will I get admission in the universities I have applied ? Will I get a Visa for education, Should I apply for overseas education etc can be the queries. I have also had some overseas education consultants ask me the queries for their clients as they were keen to know how many of the students can go abroad.

Let us take a look at the horoscope of a client who went abroad for education as his rahu dasha started. The horoscope is given below for reference. The details have been avoided to keep secrecy.

Overseas Education
Overseas Education

The horoscope given here is of a person who has gone abroad to study masters in computer engineering, He went abroad as soon as his jupiter antardasha started in rahu mahadasha. Rahu placed in the 5th house in the sign of jupiter aspected by mars signifies technical education, he is also a very good astrologer as well and has excellent command over languages due to exalted mercury who has applying conjunction with ketu.

His rahu signifies 3,4,12 by being in the sub of saturn. Jupiter too is placed in the sub of saturn, the 9th cuspal sublord is venus who is placed in the 12th house itself in own rashi which took him abroad for higher education as both dasha and the significations for studies were favorably disposed for him. He is still in USA having completed education and found a very good job there. By Parashari principles, 12th lord in 12th, 9th lord in 7th exalted and aspected by saturn, 4th lord in 12th in bhav chalit make more than one clear combinations for foreign education. There is also a opposition of 9th and 4th lords from 1/7 axis which again makes a combination for overseas travels.

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