KP Astrology for Stock Market

I get a lot of consultations for Stock Market predictions, Though I provide stock market analysis through birth horoscope, I also use KP astrology for stock market to see whether the client will profit/earn from stock markets. Some people ask queries like, Will I earn through stock markets? I am planning to do stock markets full time, Should I go ahead with this? A prashna horoscope through KP astrology is used for such queries.

It seems like more people have started investing into stock markets since Covid 19 lockdown started. Surprisingly women investors are rising in the stock markets. Many house wives have also started learning and earning through stock markets these days. More investments are pouring in daily into stock markets which is probably why the markets are high despite the recession. My article Planetary combinations for Success in Stock Markets can be an interesting read for newbies in stock markets.

I still believe that each person earns according to his or her Destiny and Dhanayogas operating in horoscope at any given point of time. Suppose 100 people are following a Professional stock market analyst by subscribing to his services for daily calls, each one of them will make a different level of profit or loss depending on the dhanayogas, operating dasha and gochara in his horoscope. You can notice this if you are subscribed to any sebi registered telegram channels, stock analyst or any stock market telegram channels.

The “Buy or Sell call” given will be the same for all 100 participants yet each one will enter or exit according to his destiny and the level of profits and loss for each one is different, Some earn good profits, Some make mediocre or less profits while some make losses.

Why does this happen ?

The answer is simple, the dhanayogas in the horoscope differ for each individual and medium of earning is also different as per destiny. Sometimes you may earn through stock markets in your good days but mostly you will be making huge losses if you are not destined to earn from stock markets. Even if have planetary combinations to earn from stock markets it is very crucial to have right dasha/antardasha pattern during your period of trading in stock markets, otherwise you will loose your money and confidence both.

Coming back to the topic, Below is a prashna horoscope done for a client of mine. He lost his job in lockdown and he consulted me for the following prashna. I have started trading in stock markets full time, Is this profitable and suitable for me ?

I asked him to follow the below steps:

  • Pray to god for right guidance from the astrologer
  • Think of your query again in your mind and focus on it for a few seconds
  • Give any number between 1 to 249 along with your exact query again.

KP Astrology for Stock market

He thought about the query and gave me the horary number 214. Below is the screenshot of the prashna horoscope.

KP Astrology for Stock Market
KP Astrology for Stock market

In this horoscope, 5th Cuspal Sublord is Saturn and it signifies the following houses:

Saturn is occupying 11th house, Saturn is in star of Sun who is posited in the 6th house. Saturn owns 1st and 12th house. There is Aspect of Mercury on Saturn who is the 5th and the 8th lord.

Saturn 11,1,12

Aspect mercury 5,8

Star Sun 6,7

Own Sub so again 11,1,12

From the above Saturn signfies 5,6,11 house which are good for gains through stock market. The 8th house and 12th house do indicate some losses which are obvious but overall saturn being in the star of Sun who strongly signifies 6th and 7th indicates loss of the opposite person and his gain.

Dasha running is of Rahu and Antardasha of Saturn till 2022 August followed by Mercury till 2025 February.

Rahu 4,9

Aspect none

Star Mars 2,3,10

Sub Venus 4,9

Rahu does not have any negative house for stock markets, rather it is signifying gains through mars as mars is in 2nd house and rules 10th house. Rahu is also 10th sublord, he wanted to know whether he can do a career in stock markets. The answer is in affirmative.

Antardasha lords saturn and mercury for next 4 years are both strongly signifying 5,11 houses which are excellent for gains through stock markets. Mercury is in saturn star who is in 11th, mercury has aspects of 2nd and 11th lord jupiter which is super positive.

I told him he can do stock markets full time and that the till till 2025 is very much favorable for him to earn through stock markets. He is a future and Options trader and has been earning consistent profits in stock market trading according to the feedback he gave me a week ago before I started writing this article.

Kp astrology for stock market is used to check prashna or queries of clients like one above. Those who do not know their birth details can also get answers to their prashna through KP astrology ask a prashna service.

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