Kundli matching

Kundli Matching is one of the very important aspects of arranged marriages in India, the horoscope matching of bride and groom is done before selecting the bride/groom. The horoscopes of bride and groom are matched based on the asta-koota or dasha-koota methods which are based on the nakshatra pada of the bride and the groom, This kind of kundli matching is just half way approach of doing the matching horoscopes of bride and the groom and this can be dangerous if the basic promise of marriage, married life, financial stability and children are not seen in the horoscopes. Checking the longevity is also one of the major factors which match making softwares will never do for you.

Kundli Matching

Generally People have a very bad habit of downloading free match making softwares and checking horoscope compatibility for marriage, there are many websites which provide free match-making reports online which are really horrible just to promote their business by giving free horoscope compatibility services, matrimonial portals also provide such services in the name of charging extra money and they also have inbuilt match making softwares which give instant points on the profiles. These softwares will just loosely interpret the meanings of all the asta-kootas or dasha kootas in the reports give points out of 36 or 44 based on the asta koota or the dasha koota method. Some astrologers will even go ahead to provide the same software generated reports for charges which are very nominal though, and there is not a single percent of self analysis these reports are just software generated which tell you the points matched and explain meaning of each kuta. If such match-making is done and marriages are loosely done on any muhurta as per the holidays and convenience of relatives. big shot people and guests or celebrities they are obviously bound to suffer. First preference should be given to correct matching of horoscopes by an astrologer who does the kundli matching manually, then a good muhurta suitable for both horoscopes should be taken from an astrologer or pundit after all the procedure is done, marriage is a new start of life hence the horoscope at the time of marriage muhurta is also very important and gives clues to the future of marriage.


kundli matching
kundli matching


Certain points to be considered before drawing a conclusion :-

Some horoscopes have basic promise for a bad marriage and married life this cannot be avoided with just match making unless remedies for long term or continually performed depending on the intensity of the bad combinations with faith and conviction and desire to have a good married life, you cannot just perform one pooja and wash your sins of past, still there will be cases where bad events are going to happen because of the fixed prarabdha.

kundli matching helps to eliminate such bad horoscopes for those who have good promises in their horoscopes.

Kundli matching for those who have bad combinations should be match with those having similar combinations and combinations which protect those bad combinations in each others horoscopes.

Kundli matching helps to cover the flaws in one horoscope, suppose a person having weak 10th house gets a wife having strong 10th house it can compensate his horoscope to some extent due to her good fortune.

Thus kundli matching needs looking into the horoscopes and the planetary positions in each horoscope to check the basic promise for marriage and married life first and later the planets of one horoscope if they fall in good houses of other horoscope will do good and vice-versa. Always make sure you get kundli matching done by a professional astrologer instead of doing it on some xyz website getting free compatibility reports, or doing it by self. Such ignorance can cost you your own happiness. Always check with a professional astrologer who does all this manually rather than giving software generated reports.



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