Effects of rahu and ketu in horoscope

Effects of rahu and ketu in horoscope

Rahu and ketu axis is the most mysterious thing to understand in astrology, the axis of these two planets and the houses involved in the axis of this two imaginary point carries great secrets of karmic sheaths in a horoscope. It is the karmic indicator of good and bad things which are present through generations in a family not visible to the us with naked eyes, the sufferings of which are felt but the root cannot be traced or expressed to anybody, this cannot be understood unless one knows the family history of last 3-4 generations. The effects of rahu and ketu in a horoscope manifest through this axis and the connection of the houses involved in the axis of this planets, if an astrologer is able to delineate the result of this axis the client can get a good idea of the karmic debt he carries from his past.

Rahu and ketu are two imaginary points of intersection of the paths of sun and moon as they move in the cosmos. Rahu and ketu cause eclipse to the sun and moon and are considered as the biggest enemies of sun and moon, why ? Because the nodes block the light or consciousness. Rahu has a nature of serpent and it poisons you to the illusions of material world, it creates maya. Rahu eclipses the moon (karaka of mind) exaggerating the desires and lust in the mind, it always gives material things which do not bring lasting happiness. Ketu on the other hand eclipses the sun which represents ego, self-esteem. Ketu means loss of the ego, self-esteem. Rahu intoxicates with the poison of maya while ketu releases you from the bondages by self-realization. Rahu is a trap for the soul to take rebirths while ketu is the gateway to liberation by self-realization getting released from the trap of rahu (maya).

Effects of Rahu and ketu in horoscope
Effects of Rahu and ketu in horoscope

This axis reveals a wealth of information in a horoscope through the placement in natal and the divisional charts. The effects of rahu and ketu in the horoscope can be traced through the placement of their axis. Rahu will generate illusions related to the house it is placed in, it will drag you towards the material world, to do wrong things suppressing your guilty feelings which the soul gets when one does wrong but rahu is a harbinger or greed and lust for power and material success which will make you trapped in the enjoyments through 6 senses. Ketu on the other hand will take things away from you, make you directionless, depressed, generate unknown thirst inside, pull you magnetically towards phobias, inferiority complexes and ultimately towards enlightenment if well placed and aspected by benefics. A good well placed ketu in aspect of jupiter is a promoter of spiritual progress which comes after burning in fire or by loss of someone/something very dear to you. Enlightenment always comes suffering or shocks, Man moves towards god when he looses everything, meets with sorrow, pain, deceit which is exactly the opposite of what rahu does, Rahu will make you trap in the illusions of maya while ketu will pull you out of the maya and take you to self introspection or self realization on the path of spirituality which is the true quest of human birth after all kinds of sufferings, A coal turns into diamond after going through many geological processes, Man also realizes god through self-realization and goes towards moxa after being dragged through the fires of suffering and pain which makes him realize the illusions and drag him out of them. Nobody in the world will try to know “Shri Hari” or “God” unless one gone through lots of miseries and pain in life, the real journey towards moxa begans only after you suffer and move towards self-realization.


Effects of rahu and ketu in horoscope

Rahu and Ketu stay in a sign for 18 months approximately, these 18 months are to be watched closely. The houses which rahu and ketu transit will be the area of trouble and illusions often, Rahu takes you at a height and throws you badly from a height later, hence it is said that rahu can never bring long lasting happiness. The significations of the houses in which rahu/ketu transit will be hampered and spoiled.

Rahu in first will inflate ego, give self an illusion of being the best, It can cause defects in the body which cannot be diagnosed till rahu moves away.

Rahu in second house will bring cursed money, curses through money, black money, illusion about family or people in family, over exaggerated speaking habits, wild eating and drinking habits.

Rahu in third will be good being an upachaya house but it will give illusions related to siblings, neighbors, issues in journeys. Third being the house of mental inclinations can cause unknown fears, phobias in mind or excess of daring nature or risk taking ability which will make you suffer later.

Rahu in fourth will spoil domestic peace, happiness of mother, problems with property, vehicles. Illusions and phobias related to the above things, property or vehicle purchased during transit of rahu/ketu in the 4th house can turn out to be cursed one.

Effects of Rahu and ketu in horoscope
Effects of Rahu and ketu in horoscope

Rahu in fifth will make you loose your decision making power, sanity, intelligence and most of the decisions taken during this period may prove wrong as 5th is the house of intelligence, purva punya, children, love affairs, it will spoil all these things by casting a wrong illusion or making you take wrong decisions related to all walks of life. Rahu in 5th is a curse of serpant.

Rahu in 6th may give you incurable diseases during its transit in the 6th, illusion of being ill, problems with maternal relatives due to illusions and misunderstandings, this rahu will be good for success in competitions and winning over enemies.

Rahu in seventh will cause illusions related to relationships, business partnerships, blind trust on somebody who will break your trust badly as rahu moves away. Be careful with relationships while rahu is transiting 7th.

Rahu in eighth will cause near death experiences or incurable chronic diseases, phobias, attraction towards earning money through wrong means, it will bring a curse with inheritance or sudden gains.

Rahu in ninth will spoil relation with father and make you behave in adharmic way due to casting an illusion on the 9th house of dharma, one might become an athiest for sometime and getting into wrong ways of living.

Rahu in tenth will make you lust for name and fame, it will take you to heights suddenly and drop you down from high, be grounded in transit of 10th rahu else you fall really hard. Rahu in 10th is good for growth in career if well placed and as it is an upachaya house. Afflicted 10th house with rahu will make one a chandaal and a karma heen person.

Rahu in eleventh will give bad friends, mostly of other caste who may spoil you, being an upachaya house rahu will give good gains and high material success in this house. Stay away from bad company which will mostly attract you during this transit.

Rahu in 12th will increase the expenditure making you spend money on bad useless things, attraction towards bed pleasures, foreign trips for leisure, spending on wine, women, spoiled sleep will be the result of rahu in twelfth.

Whenever Rahu/ketu Transits over some planets something bad related to the karakatwa and ownership of that planet will take place. One usually takes wrong decision due to influence of such transits the realization of which comes late after you have lost it. At such times you are under the intoxication of illusion unable to take decisions for your own and believing others easily due to illusory vision.

Remedy of Rahu and Ketu is to worship lord Narayana or vishnu as he had saved gods by beheading the demons when they drank nectar. Recitation of Ventakesh stotra coupled with Vishnu sahasranaam is the best remedy for all problems.

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