Astrological combinations for acting career

Actors, Film stars, Celebrities, known faces on television command a lot of following and fanaticism. They are also people like you, me and us but there is a lot of madness for them. People are crazy about them and it is true that this field gives huge popularity and fanaticism next to sports. In this article we will talk about the astrological combinations for acting career.

Many young boys and girls come from far and wide to Bombay to try their luck in acting, Film industry media and television. They aspire to become actors and some actually have the talent and versatility to become good actors but does their horoscope show yoga for becoming actor ? Do their horoscopes have astrological combinations for acting career?

With the rising usage of social media like Instagram, youtube it is now more easier to showcase your acting skills. People are taking advantage of youtube and creating their own production. A medium like youtube is a boon for many aspiring film makers, actors, content creators. Here is my Video link for planetary combinations for successful career in acting on youtube. Please like and subscribe to the youtube channel if you want to see more videos.

Planetary combination to become a film star.

Mercury in astrological combinations for acting career

This is the planet which will give you acting skills, the presence of a strong mercury in a horoscope is a boon for a great actor. Mercury gives quick reflexes, quick change in expressions, makes one adaptable to any situation or condition. Versatility is the keyword here. Strong mercury makes one Versatile.

Venus in astrological combinations for acting career

Good looks, Charm, Charisma, magnetism etc are given by Venus. This planet rules the natural 2nd and 7th house one of Face and another of public platform. Venus is the karaka of 64 arts, he can give expertise in 64 arts. A strong venus is required for one to sustain in film/television/media industry. Both mercury venus are required to bring you on television and big screens.

Moon in astrological combinations for acting career

This is the planet which will mark a difference between an actor and a popular actor. Moon is the planet who gives immense popularity. Fame is the turf of sun whereas popularity is the turf of moon. Moon is maya, people are brainwashed when they see ganikas. A strong moon makes one have influence over masses.

Sun in astrological combinations for acting career

Being the natural 5th lord and the karaka for fame the role of sun cannot be discounted here. Venus with Sun and its close proximity to sun gives expertise in any of the artistic forms though it affects marriage as one of the karakatwa, no wonder many celebrities have bad marriages.

Astrological combinations for Acting career

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 10th house are extremely important while checking astrological combinations for acting career. The 2nd house represents the face, 3rd house represents face, arms, determination and speech, the 5th house is a natural house of creativity, art, theatre, drama. This house is active mostly in cases of creative people who need not be actors but can also work behind the screen in direction, production, editing event management or any field related to arts.

The connection of 10th house to the 5th house and the connection of the 5th house to the 10th house is a good rule for success in acting career. The 5th csl signifying 10th and 10th csl signifying 5th house holds good in kp for success in acting career.

Benefics in 2nd, 3rd house can give immense success in acting. These benefics also cause dhanayoga by being in the 2nd house which an actor should possess in his horoscope. The more benefics closer to the ascendant or ascendant lord the more good looking and popular one can become.

Mercury and Moon closer to ascendant can give extremely pleasing and versatile personality. The presence of 10th lord in the 2nd house or 2nd lord in the 10th house also increases the dignity/reputation of jataka.

Theatre which is still the most popular form of acting where performances are live comes totally under the influence of venus and mercury. Mercury is the primary karaka here for its quality of versatility and quick reactions. These people are extremely spontaneous, witty, they know how to handle the situation if somebody from the troupe fumbles and forgets his line, the one having a strongest mercury in such cases will be usually seen to handle the situation with his strong presence of mind and cool temperament.

There should be jaimini rajyogas in the horoscope to give fame, popularity and success further and the horoscope should have suitable mahadasha for long term if one needs to sustain in the field of acting.

The mahadasha of benefics connected to 2nd, 5th, 7th, 10th houses jointly can give good success in acting career. 5th house should be active in mahadasha for those in creative careers. More success if the 5th lords or planets connected to 5th happen to be Sun, Moon, mercury or venus. Other planets may not be so effective like these 4 though they will give some amount of success.

Astrological combinations for acting career
Astrological combinations for acting career

Here is the horoscope of one of the most distinguished and accomplished actors of our times. He is also known as one of the best dressed, most stylish and the sexiest man. He is George Clooney, no wonder his horoscope has an exalted venus in the 2nd house. A yogakaraka for Aquarius ascendant, both 2nd and 3rd houses contain one exalted planet each. Ketu in ascendant gives a mysterious personality and a certain magnetism. There are benefics around the ascendant. His success story started with Dasha of rahu who is in the 7th house of public appearance and whose lord sun is exalted in the 3rd house of aries with mercury. The saturn mars opposition, the moon saturn conjunctions obviously have their own say but that is not the topic of discussion today. The dasha of saturn started from 2014 can mean the end of his regime if the horoscope is correct. Saturn is the lagna lord and the 12th lord in 12th aspected by a malefic mars and conjunct 6th lord moon indicating possibility of severe chronic health issues and surgeries in this dasha.

I have horoscopes of a few celebrities and small time media people who are also regularly seen on television. There horoscopes conform the above rules and findings, most of the have strong 2,3,5 houses with benefics connected to these houses. The 7th house is the house of public appearance which is active in the horoscopes of people who make public appearances. Readers can check whether they have the above astrological combinations for acting career in their horoscopes.

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