Horoscope 2022 Aries

People who are born with Moon in Aries or Ascendant in Aries can check this article horoscope 2022 Aries. Here are the key transits for Mesha rashi people.

Venus retrograde at the start of the year in your 9th house

Mercury retrograde in January 2022 in 10th house.

Rahu/Ketu axis entering your rashi and 7th house from your rashi.

Jupiter to transit Pisces on 13th April 2022 in your 12th house.

Saturn to transit Aquarius on 29th April 2022 for a short stay of 3 months in your 11th house

Saturn moves back to Capricorn on 12th July 2022 (Retrograde from 5th June to 23rd October) in your 10th house.

Jupiter retrograde 29th July to 24th November

Mars Retrograde 30th October to January 2023

As per Drik Siddhanta

Horoscope 2022 Aries

Mesha rashi people will be having a very hectic year as Saturn continues to stay in your 10th house. You will be burdened with work and responsibilities. You are in the phase where you are lessening the burden of karma and rinanubandha by repaying back through taking responsibilities and doing hard work. Jupiter entering your 11th house from November 2021 to May 2022 will prove good for you in terms of getting gains of your karma.

Rahu/Ketu axis entering your sign from April 2022 onwards and Saturn coming into Kumbha rashi for a brief stay of 3 months can give you a lot of headache and eccentricities. If you are someone with Moon in Aries it will be a mentally exhausting and emotionally frustrating time for you between April 2022 to July 2022.

Career/profession Horoscope 2022 Aries

Your saturn in the 10th house and Jupiter in the 11th house will give you good success in your professional area but there will be huge workload and less benefits with respect to the workload. Your hard work will be rewarded after April 2022 when Saturn enters Kumbha rashi for brief period of 3 months. Saturn will again go back to Makar rashi after July 2022 which means you will have a year with more work and slow opportunities for betterment. You will reap the full benefits of your hard work in the next year but till then you should keep doing your karma. Jupiter in the 12th house after April 2022 can give you opportunities to travel abroad.

Financial prospects Horoscope 2022 Aries

Most of you will find yourself getting gains/increase in salary and betterment in finances in the first half of the 2022 itself while Jupiter is in your 11th house. Saturn too will enter the 11th house for a short while which is good for you. There will be gains through friendships/Communications/Networking and self-efforts in the first half of the year. Those who are into business will see slow but good and steady growth in your business.

Marriage/Married life/Relationships Horoscope 2022 Aries

Jupiter and Saturn both aspecting 7th house till April 2022 indicates a positive time for marriage and married life, You can look forward to getting your marriage fixed. It will be a good time for your relationships to nurture and grow and take it to the next level. Those who want to plan for a family also have a good year ahead as Jupiter aspecting 5th house and saturn aspecting it for a short while are good for family planning or having children in this year.

After April 2022 Rahu/Ketu axis entering your lagna and 7th house and Saturn aspecting Ketu in the 7th house can cause misunderstandings and friction in relationships/marriage/married life so you are advised not to take any decisions having serious consequences on your relationships. There can also be issues in relationships with your business partners so you are advised to remain calm and avoid taking and negative decisions resulting in your own loss.

Health/well-being Horoscope 2022 Aries

April to July Rahu in the lagna and Saturn aspecting may cause lot of mental frustration, mood swings, energy getting sucked resulting in feeling low. If you are someone with Moon in Mesha rashi and Krittika nakshatra this will be more prominent in your case, some eccentricities in behavior could also be noticed, this can affect you and the people around you. Do meditation, yoga and avoid doing activities which affect you negatively. Take a break from your work or relationship issues and give it time to breath, give yourself a good break during these 3 months. Drink plenty of water and remain hydrated.

Remedies Horoscope 2022 Aries

  • Get rudrabhisheka done with sankalpa for your well-being and happiness especially during months April to July 2022.
  • Do meditation and drink plenty of water, avoid getting angry and doing any activities which affects your brain nerves.
  • Get 10000 japa of moon done and donate Rice, White vastra, Pearl, Silver and yathashakti dakshina to a bramhana if too much mental frustration, health problems related to mother or domestic troubles happen during this year.

Disclaimer – This is a general prediction and does not hold good for everyone as each and everyone will have a different planetary position in his personal birth horoscope. If you are interested to get personalized yearly horoscope 2022 readings from me you can get in touch with me on Whatsapp here. Be informed that the consultations are not free and there are consultation charges applicable for the horoscope readings.

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