Totkas to get rid of debts

Taking a loan has become a necessity in the present century. It is common now but problem starts when you are unable to repay a loan. In this article we will see everything about giving and taking loans, the auspicious time to give and take loans, remedies to remove debts, totkas to get rid of debts etc.

Earlier people believed that taking loan is a sin which makes goddess Lakshmi unhappy resulting in poverty. But nowadays with the rising prices, every person is forced to take a loan at some point of time for various needs like buying a house, buying a car, business loans, Education loan, Marriage loan,  medical expenses, personal loans etc.

What are planets and astrological combinations for debts?

  • The 6th house represents debts and 12th house represents expenses.
  • Afflicted Planets or conjunction of Natural Malefic Planets in 12th house show high expenditure.
  • Saturn+Sun+Mars+Moon in Pisces indicate debts.
  • Saturn+Sun in 12th house can indicate loss of money through the wrath of the government.
  • Sun+Moon in 12th, Sun+rahu in 12th etc.
  • Mars afflicted in horoscope makes it difficult to repay loans.
  • 6th Lord in 2nd house indicates business with loans, and 2nd lord in 6th house will indicate a person losing money in debts, court cases, fights etc.
  • Affliction to 6th house and 6th lord will show problems in repayment of loans.
  • One should be careful while taking loans if he has more asta varga points in 12th house than 11th and 2nd house in horoscope.
  • 2nd lord in 8th house indicates losses or unstable financial condition, such people should avoid taking loans.
  • Dasha/antardasha connected to 6th house or planets posited in the nakshatra of 6th lord or in the nakshatra of a planet in 6th bring situations of taking loans.
totkas to get rid of debts
totkas to get rid of debts

What planetary combinations indicate repayment of Debts in astrology?

  • Strong Dhan yogas in horoscope should be there.
  • The strength of 11th and 2nd lords should be more than 6th, 8th and 12th house.
  • Benefics in 6th or 12th house will indicate smooth repayment.
  • Dasha/antardasha lord connected to the 2nd and 11th house along with 6th will indicate smooth repayment.
  • All planets except those connected to 8th and 12th can help in repayment.

Totkas to get rid of debts

  • Take more loan than the actual amount required. Suppose you need 10 lakhs, take a loan of 12lakhs and keep the balance of 2 lakhs in savings and pay the first installment on the day when Moon is in Ashwini nakshatra while Mesha Lagna is rising or when Moon is posited in Anuradha nakshatra while Vruschika Lagna is rising, This will help you to repay your loan fast and easy.

Remedies to get rid of debts

  • Get srisukta and lakshmi sukta avartana done by brahmana with sankalpa of making you free from debts.
  • Do Vaibhav Laksmi vrata.
  • Recite Lakshmi dwadash naam daily with venkatesh stotra.

Vastu remedies for debts

  • Keep a water source or a fish tank filled with white stones in the North or Northeast direction.
  • Keep your North/North-East corners of the house open and free from heavy stuff.

Which day is good for repaying a loan?

  • Tuesday is good to repay loans, Pay your installments preferably on Tuesday.

Which day/yoga should be avoided while giving or taking loans?

  • Vyatipata yoga should be avoided in giving and taking loans.
  • Tuesday and Saturday should be avoided while taking loans
  • Wednesday is good to deposit money in bank. Do not give loan on Wednesday.

For more precise remedies and analysis, you can book a consultation with me. I hope the readers will benefit from the above totkas to get rid of debts.

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