Importance of chandra Kundali/Moon chart

Moon is said to be the Lamp post of Destiny, the day to day predictions are given based on the position of moon. There is a great importance of Chandra kundali/Moon chart in astrology. The Astrologers of Old generation always used to draw chandra kundali/moon chart next to your lagna chart, such is the importance of moon chart. Why did they draw chandra kundali next to lagna kundali ? What is the importance of chandra kundali/moon chart ?

Moon is the fastest in all the 9 planets. After ascendant it is the moon which moves faster, One ascendant changes roughly in 2 hours 15 minutes, moon changes a sign in 2 and a quarter days roughly. The whole dasha scheme changes with the shift in degree of moon and so does the timing of events.

Any yoga which is present in the lagna chart needs to be checked again from moon chart to confirm the event, people give reasons like moon is karaka of mind, transits are to be seen from moon and hence moon is just half truth, the importance of moon chart is far more greater than that and hence one should always look at the chandra kundali to confirm the readings obtained from lagna kundali.

For example a rajyoga gets more significance if it is present in moon chart along with the lagna chart. A person having Leo lagna and cancer moon will have Mars as a yoga karaka planet from both lagna and Rashi chart hence the significance of mars increases more.

The lagna lord if also becomes the rashi lord gains more importance and weightage in analysis of the horoscope, astrologers ignore this fact and such key planets in the horoscope. Such one planet if ignored can turn the entire reading wrong. One should always refer to chandra kundali while reading Lagna kundali else one may miss many important facts.

I am going to show two examples here one of a lagna and chandra kundali combined and another where two people who are born one day apart with only change in moon sign and venus sign and how they have different destinies. So moon chart can be called Lamp post of destiny.

Importance of Chandra kundali/Moon chart


Importance of Chandra kundali/moon chart
Importance of Chandra kundali/moon chart

See the Following Horoscope along with Lagna and Chandra Kundali :-

This jatak Suffered from Pancreatitis where pancreas is damaged due to inflammation, it can cause death also and this native had near death experience. All this happened in the dasha of Sun and the Antardasha of ketu lasting till the dasha chiddra of venus.

If you see the lagna chart sun is exalted in the 8th house being the 12th lord in vipareet rajyoga and on its exaltation degree.

This alone cannot be the reason for falling ill in the dasha of sun, if you look at the moon chart the sun is placed in the 6th house from chandra kundali and aspects the debilitation sign in 12th, Both Lagna and Chandra kundali are giving indication of some ailment cropping up in the dasha of sun and hospitalization in dasha of sun.

Why did sun give result in the last part of its dasha and why not earlier ? Sun is in the 4th quarter of Ashwini nakshatra which is the last quarter and it could be the reason for cause of problem in the last part of its dasha.

Besides antardasha of ketu and venus were running, see ketu falls in the 7th house of lagna chart with mercury the lagna lord in maraka house, it is placed in 12th house from sun the dasha lord. Venus the next antardasha lord is placed in the 7th a maraka house and 2nd from the dasha lord sun again being a maraka.

Mrityunjaya mantra was advised, the family did lots of remedies like tula daan, mrityunjaya havan on suggestion of their pundits as well. Thus the gandaantar was over come due to grace of god. Jupiter aspects the lagna lord/ketu and venus indicating that remedies will work.

Rahu placed in lagna near lagna degrees aspected by saturn and mars is a fatal combination for pancreatitis or health issues related to stomach. 5th house from Moon has a debilitated mercury with ketu again and sun exalted in 6th house showing diseases related to stomach and pancreas.

Importance of Chandra Kundali/Moon chart Example 2

Importance of Chandra kundali/moon chart
Importance of Chandra kundali/moon chart

See here are two charts born within one day difference with same year and month. The only planets that changed are moon and venus. Both have venus in gandaant.

One has moon venus exchange on exactly the same degree and the other has Moon and mercury exchange as moon changed sign from tauras to gemini on the same day after the first native was born. That makes one born on Krishna Chaturdashi and Another on Amavasya.

The first Chart is of a person who comes from an ordinary family where parents are more spiritual. Sun in 2nd aspected by jupiter indicates a spiritual family, the first chart is of a person born in an ordinary middle class family at birth.

Importance of Chandra kundali/moon chart
Importance of Chandra kundali/moon chart

The Second horoscope has the exchange of moon and mercury from the first and 2nd house indicating this person to be born in a very rich and affluent family. The shift of moon in gemini and the exchange of first and the 2nd lords show birth in a very rich family having property worth crores and both are the only children of the parents.

The difference is clearly seen by chandra kundali here.

So from the above inferences you can see that the chandra kundali confirms the facts shown by lagna kundali, the mishaps or good events take place when shown from both lagna and chandra kundali.

Astrologers today are seen neglecting this very important horoscope unlike the ancient astrologers who had a habit of drawing a chandra kundali next to lagna kundali as a ritual. Rajyogas fructify more prominently when they are present in moon chart along with the ascendent chart.


Chandra kundali is an important tool of prediction and the results of planetary combinations are more prominent when the yogas or certain combinations happen in both lagna and Chandra kundali.

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  1. So is Lagna Rasi chart different than Moon chart?
    I mean if someones lagna chart says Jupiter in 9th house and Moon Rasi chart says Jupiter in 8th house is it possible?

    1. Namaste,
      Lagna chart and Moon chart can be same as well as different. The sign rising At time of birth on the horizon is known as the lagna rashi, the sign where moon is posited at birth is known as chandra/moon rashi. These signs can be same or different. One lagna rises for approximately 2hrs 15 minutes, thus 12 lagnas rise in 24hours, Moon Stays in one sign for approximately 2 days 6hours thus it takes 28 days to complete transit in 12 signs.

    1. Greetings Cristina,

      Kindly opt for paid consultations to know more about your daughter. You can email me the birth details along with the queries.

    1. Manglik is considered from lagna, moon and venus as well. You are manglik from moon (chandra mangli).

  2. If raj yoga is happening in dusthana house say 12th in rasi chart, trikona house from moon rasi chart and kama house – 3rd from Asc lord position. what do we learn from it. will it give results or will be below average

    are yogas from rasi chart and asc lord most important.

    1. Yogas from both ascendant and moon are important, The yogas from moon give confirmation about the yogas from the ascendant, both horoscopes having similar yogas give prominent result of certain yoga. That is why sudarshan chakra was used, in which sun,moon and lagna horoscopes are prepared in circle and it gives common houses with strength from all 3.

  3. Sir m Vikrant tanwar , d o b 18th Sept 1978, time 4:37 am , birth place Delhi . Can u pls tell me my future , business. , health .

  4. your illustration is quite correct according to my experience. I have come across with several moon charts belongs to the persons who were suffering from deadly diseases and due to the placement of planets in the moon kundali they could overcome the grievances.

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