planets and education

Astrology is indeed fascinating and amazing as it reveals everything about the past, present and future of the jataka. It helps in identifying the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats through the birth horoscope which is very useful for somebody who really wants to get on the right track in life. Parent’s of children often ask about the streams of education their children should choose after 10th or 12th since these are crucial stages of life which help us to decide a career. Those who have bad mahadasha’s and transits often make wrong choices and do not get clear guidance or they do not act upon the good guidance received. Parents and children try various methods to understand the career choices, they talk to relatives, friends, other people, go for career counseling, aptitude tests, astrology counseling etc, often it leads to more confusion when one has many options to choose from. It is always good to go for aptitude tests combined with astrology counseling to understand the life pattern of your child, the aptitude might reveal his strengths and weaknesses based upon his “choices made in ticked boxes”, but astrology does not ask you such questions instead it will clearly identify your strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats and most importantly life pattern and can guide you accordingly. So planets do play a role in deciding education and career. planets definitely have their effects on choice of education we opt for, what is the connection between planets and education ? How do planets impact in making choice of education ? We will see all this in this article on planets and education.

Planets and Education

The 5th house of the horoscope shows about intelligence level of the person, the ability to retain and grasp is shown by moon and the 4th house. 2nd house indicates the samskaras and the basic education we receive at home, the 8th house denotes research and the 9th house combined shows higher education. Affliction to these houses and badly afflicted moon will affect education as such people have less retention power and grasping abilities. Having a good dasha and transit at crucial time is equally important to get huge success and recognition in education.

Nabhas yogas add to lustre of the horoscope and increase possibilities of having excellent education. “Budhaditya yoga”, “Saraswati yoga” etc makes one very intelligent. The karakas jupiter and mercury should be in strength and well placed in the horoscope, mercury being the primary karaka of knowledge and intelligence is important in the horoscope, the 5th house from mercury should also be studied for the choice of education one will go after. The chaturvishamsha horoscope also gives clues in this. Some people are not very well educated but still have the maturity and great wisdom which would even put a highly educated person to shame, such people have strongly placed jupiter which is unafflicted.

You can easily map the stages of education in the horoscope by checking the houses from 2nd to 9th in order to see the points where one had downfall or bad time in education. Early childhood or primary education can be checked through 2nd house, overall education prospects can be known from 4th house but you can even gauge success till Graduation by combining 4th and 5th houses along with dasha+transits in this period. The higher education prospects can be studied by 9th house, If one is into research or technical education like engineering 8th house also plays a prominent role.


planets and education
planets and education

Planets and education

Sun combined with Jupiter can make one a physician, doctor, Sun has been found to be in nakshatra of ketu in horoscopes of doctors though it is not a thumb rule. The same combination works for photographers. Sun with venus will give success in area of Glamour, fashion, acting, arts etc. Sun with mars can give success in IAS, IPS, Surgeon, the Sign which it is placed decides the area of specialization. Signs play a very prominent role here.

Planets like Mars, Rahu, Saturn closely connected to 5th house will indicate education in technical area like engineering, electronics, robotics, the sign which they are placed in will help us to decide the specialization. Like chemical engineering in water sign, Petroleum, oil & gas in signs like scorpio as it represents underground stuff.

Venus with moon and saturn will give an artistic bent of mind, here it will give less retention memory or less I.Q but good creative abilities, good visual memory and abilities to visualize things, Saturn connected to venus moon etc shows slow mental progress or less I.Q.

Mars+mercury can give excellent voice, singing abilities, computers knowledge, technical know-how and expertise, ketu additionally will give command on languages, programming etc. These will be good if in trine to each other, conjunction is not always good, jupiter coming into the picture makes this an excellent combination, the qualities of both will be amplified manyfold. Those who win singing competitions or debates or have excellent communication skills to hold on the audiences should check the above combinations in their horoscope.

Jupiter, venus, saturn can make one a lawyer, judge. Mercury along with jupiter saturn can make one an astrologer, pandit who is expert in mantra shastra, vedadhyana, ved vidya etc. Some combinations are common for all but the profession is decided as per desh, kaal, paristhiti, birth in what kind of family, background, surrounding atmosphere etc since these influences work first on the human mind and shape it as we grow up. Mind is susceptible the changes hence our goals and ambitions and life pattern changes as per change of our surroundings, social circle, these happen due to change in dasha periods as well.

so planets and education have a definite relation where planets are indicators of the choices of education you will make. Sometimes 5th house has impact of so many planets that it makes the concerned person multi-talented and this creates confusions in choosing the area of education. The strongest of the planets among them and the dasha period+transit at the time of choosing dominates in making the choice of education at that point of time. One can definitely take help of astrology to understand the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in his horoscope so that planning can be done accordingly and weakness can be worked out and threats can be lessened with the help of right guidance and remedies.


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