Case study Manglik non manglik marriage

Manglik non manglik marriage has always been a big debate and it has also led to many broken relationships due to non agreement of parents and negative predictions from astrologers, but it would be not be right to say that all those predict negative things are wrong as the results of placement of mars in certain houses in affliction are sure can be tragic provided there is no promise of happy marriage in the horoscope. There is fear associated with mangal dosha and it becomes really difficult to convince parents of bride and groom when one of them has this manglik dosha in the horoscope. The response from parents is mostly negative even when there is no major problem due to good promise of marriage present in the horoscope, but they are never convinced. My study and research of so many years has shown me that there are many couples who have enjoyed a good married life over years inspite of one of them having manglik dosha, I am posting a manglik non manglik marriage case study in this article for the benefit of readers to show how manglik non manglik marriage can be successful if horoscopes match nicely.

Case study Manglik Non Manglik Marriage

The horoscope belongs to a couple leading a very happy married life since 30 years. They are blessed with two wonderful children who are also doing well in life. There is a manglik dosha in the horoscope of Male while it is absent in the horoscope of the female. Only birth horoscopes are given here without disclosing any other details for privacy reasons. This is a classic example of manglik non manglik marriage. The horoscopes with explanation are given below :-

Manglik non manglik marriage horoscope male
Manglik non manglik marriage horoscope male

Horoscope on the left belongs to male. There is manglik dosha in his horoscope. Mars in the 12th house as the ascendant and the 8th lord aspected by saturn indicates threat to longevity or mishaps. Debilitated Moon in the 8th is again a combination affecting longevity but its debilitation gets cancelled with its exaltation lord venus aspecting it. Exalted sun in the ascendant is a great rajyoga. Now there have been mishaps and threats to life more than twice but the jataka managed to escape miraculously. Two benefics in kendra from moon protect longevity. There are some excellent rajyogas in the horoscope and the person is a self made man with lots of respect and name in the society. The exalted sun in the ascendant and the the placement of saturn with ketu in the 10th coupled with a debilitated moon tells the story of hardships and struggle in the early years which brought name and fame by self efforts (Lord of 3rd also in ascendant with exalted sun and lagna lord aspects 3rd). 10th lord from lagna is self placed and that from moon is exalted.

Manglik non manglik marriage female horoscope
Manglik non manglik marriage female horoscope

This is the horoscope of the wife. Look at both the horoscopes closely, both of the have same ascending signs which balances all the other houses as they remain the same for both. Notice the placement of moon from each other. One has a Scorpio moon and the other has a Tauras moon. Both are placed in opposite signs, this is an excellent combination for attraction between both. The 7th lord from ascendant is Venus placed in the ascendant with a benefic jupiter. So jupiter and venus aspect the 7th house protecting marriage and married life, the promise of marriage and married life is good. The 8th lord with saturn shows threat to mangalya but jupiter’s aspect on 7th and 7th lord with a benefic has protected longevity of marriage and husband. These planets when placed in the horoscope of the husband show excellent prospects. Moon of wife is placed in venus of husband, Venus and jupiter of wife are placed in the ascendant of the husband over exalted sun giving more respect, position status in life thereby protecting longevity.

Did the effects of manglik dosha get cancelled ?

No, Mars is the ascendant and the 8th lord placed in 12th house under aspect of Saturn. This clearly indicates a threat to longevity (gandaantar yoga). Moon in 8th confirms this, The person had drowned once and caught in a storm another time but escaped miraculously both the times. Two benefics in kendra to moon and wife’s horoscope having same ascendant and strong planets in the ascendant gave benefic results. The results of manglik dosha were for self and did not affect the wife. The promise of marriage and married life is excellent in both horoscopes. The planets are well placed with respect to each other, the asta-koota points are 24.5 considering all the above which is very good.

Key points

  • Both have same ascendants balancing entire horoscope, houses and zodiac signs in those houses are same for both. The tattwa in each house (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) does not get imbalanced.
  • Moon of both are placed in opposite signs. Same ascendant and opposite moon make them highly compatible both physically and mentally.
  • Moon of wife over venus of husband in 2nd house making family life, finances very good. Love blooms in such combinations.
  • Ascendants of both have benefic planets making ascendant and longevity strong.
  • Both have Jupiter’s aspect on 7th and 5th protecting married life and children.
  • Both have strong 10th house and lord from ascendant and moon giving good social status in life. Horoscope of wife having very strong 10th house always benefits husband by lifting his social status  and career to some extent.
  • Asta-koota points after considering all the above are 24.5 which is considered good.

The book below by Mridula Trivedi is the best book on “An Insight into Kuja dosha”. One must read it to understand how kuja dosha works. This is so far the best research done on kuja dosha by anybody.


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  1. Namaste pandit ji,
    My name is kavita dob 15/16-06-1991 time 3:30 am Uttarakhand n my partnar whome I love dob is 29 July 1991 his timing 1:5am Uttarakhand pls tell me we want to marry this year we don’t live without each other tell me the solution his is 7th maglik n m not

  2. I’m kuldeep my dob-30/06/1993,birth time near about 9:45pm and my love partner dob 22/11/1994,birth time 2:45am..
    Sir Pandit ji said I’m strong manglik and cannot marry with my love ..but sir we cannot live without each other..
    Plz suggest the solution.

    1. Namaste Kuldeep,

      Kindly opt for horoscope match making services to know about horoscope match between you both.

      Ashish Desai.

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