Mesha rashi 2021 predictions

2021 is going to be a great year for Mesha rashi people because of many good rajyogas taking place in your horoscope in 2021. Let is take a look at the Mesha rashi 2021 predictions.

Mesha Rashi 2021 predictions

Key Planetary changes in 2021 for Mesha rasi/lagna

  • Jupiter in Makar rasi till 6th April 2021 in the 10th house from Mesha.
  • Jupiter enters Aquarius/Kumbh rasi on 6th April 2021 in the 11th house from Aries.
  • Jupiter comes back to Makar rasi on 15th September 2021.
  • Saturn in Makar rasi in year 2021 in your 10th house.
  • Rahu/ketu axis in Vrishabh and Vruschik which falls in your 2nd and 8th house.

Mesha Rashi 2021 predictions

For your lagna or rasi Jupiter+Saturn are forming dharma-karmadhipati yoga in your 10th house which is a big rajyoga for you. Mars in the sign of aries at the start of the year 2021 makes Ruchak mahapurush yoga in your lagna or rasi, Saturn in 10th house makes shasha mahapurush yoga. Such a powerful gochara is happening through the key houses from Mesha rashi in the year 2021. You are having the best gochara of your life.

This time will give you extremely good success in career. Professional growth can be expected in this year for Mesha rasi people, if you were looking to start something new this is the right time to become enterprising, if you are looking for a change in career or promotion in the present job this is the right time to seek the same. You will get recognition and success in this year by the blessings of all planets.

Rahu/ketu axis on 2/8 houses can disturb your family life to some extent, there can be more spending of money on luxuries as rahu is posited in the 2nd house, jupiter’s aspect on this rahu is excellent to give you financial growth as well.

There will be all round prosperity and happiness for you in the coming year.

For marriage jupiter entering the 11th house from Mesha rashi from April 2021 to September 2021 will be favorable period for those who are looking to get married. Both Jupiter and Saturn will aspect your 7th house in gochara.

The joint aspect of Jupiter+Saturn is good for purchasing property/building a house and investing in any assets in the year 2021.


  • Jupiter is neecha/debilitated so doing go-daan, bramhan bhojane seva, donating yellow vastra, jaggery, yellow sapphire to a brahmana. Doing this sevas all round the year will give excellent success and karya siddhi.
  • Doing guru seva by offering madhu abhisheka to Raghavendra swamy all the year round regularly will give you success.
  • Reading literature of saints with niyama.
  • donating for fees of education of some needy etc can be done to get good results of Jupiter as Jupiter is your 9th lord of luck in debilitation even though involved in rajyoga.

Mesha rashi 2021 predictions is a general prediction for Mesha rashi people and will be experienced in more or less manner according to the planetary positions in individual horoscopes. For personal horoscope readings your can get in touch with me via

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