planetary combinations for success in stock market

Stock market is a risky gambling business, fates of people change in stock market like the tide in sea, one can become a millionaire or a begger depending on the horoscope, you win sometime, you loose the other time this win and loss are the two sides of the same coin, but one should be careful not to invest money which one cannot afford to loose, it is a risky business and a few taste permanent success here. we will be discussing the planetary combinations for success in stock market and speculations. for speculations we primarily see the 5th house in the horoscope along with the other money giving houses The 5th house shows the intelligence, wisdom, purva punya, children. Money and prosperity is off-course the result of good deeds of the past life, the dhana yogas clearly indicate this, some people earn money very easily even when they do not have the qualifications or ability, while others struggle for it inspite of having all the talents and ability. What will you say about somebody who is already born in a very prosperous family ? They do not even need to struggle, the horoscope shows all. 5th house is the house of intuition and sometimes this intuition also helps us to earn money through speculation.

Planetary combinations for success in stock markets

The money giving houses, 2,5,8,11 along with 5 and 9 are indicators of financial success in the horoscope. In these houses 5 shows gains through share market, speculations, stock trading, forex, lotteries, the 3rd is a supportive house being the 11th from 5th house.

Planetary combinations for success in stock market
Planetary combinations for success in stock market

9th house of luck is extremely important along with 5th house, as both these houses are termed as lakshmi sthanas. Connection of 5th and 9th lords to any o the above houses, 2,5,8,11,5,9 indicates good dhanayoga. The lagna lord additionally in these houses along with any of these lords indicates excellent dhanayoga.

The connection of the 5th lord to 2nd house and the 9th, 11th house or the connection of 9th lord to 2nd, 11th or 5th house is an excellent factor for earning in speculations, more so if t he lagna lord is also placed in one of these houses.

Key planets for success in stock markets

Mercury and jupiter are the key planets for success in stock markets and speculations. the moon can also be used as an indicator to trace the rise and fall in share markets. The changing of ascendent in every two hours will indicate rise and fall more accurately for any given day as per the planetary combinations. The movement of mercury and jupiter through the nakshatras and the sub lords and their retrogression can possibly indicate the success rate in speculations. Different planets will be indicative of the rise and fall in particular sector they represent as per their karakatwa

No horoscope will indicate 100% success in speculations as gains and losses will happen as per the transits and dashas one is going through. Unless you have the planetary combinations for success in stock market and speculations you should not venture or take risk to loose your money you cannot afford to loose. It will be great if people who have had very good success in share market and speculations come forward and share their birth details through emails for the purpose of research, it will be immensely helpful if those involved in full time trading share a daily report with time slots during a particular day when they gain and loose money in speculations, this will help to formulate a research on individual horoscopes to map down the periods of gains and losses as per daily transits.

Stock market analysis through kp astrology in which we can cast horoscope for particular stock you intend to invest and the result can be ascertained whether it will be profitable or not. Low, medium or good profits can be checked through prashna chart for particular stock.

Here is a video on Stock market astrology and planetary combinations for success in stock markets. You can watch the video and the case-study given in that to know which planets give success in stock markets. If you like the video do not forget to like it and share it with your friends and social network.

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20 thoughts on “planetary combinations for success in stock market”

  1. Just few queries out of curiosity
    1. 6th house is second from 5th house of speculation. Then why its not considered good for stock trading.
    2. 3rd house is 11th from 5th house. There is no mention of 3rd house.
    3. 1st house is bhagyasthan for 5th house. Again not much mention.
    4. 7th house is house of contracts and trading. No mention of it. And 5th house is eleventh from 7th. Gains from trading.
    5. Whatever little I earned in stocks ..its in Dasha of venus ( lagna lord and sixth lord in 12th house)..strange !!

    1. Namaste Gaurav,

      Thanks for commenting, appreciate your questions.

      I have posted a video on stock market in the article, you can watch that to know more intricate details about stock market.

      3rd house shows courage/boldness and risk taking ability of the jataka. Lagna lord involved in the dhanayogas gives more success, so these house are important offcourse but we are only concerned with the combinations making someone rich. Lagna and moon are the pillars if they are weak the horoscope stands to be weak. So lagna is obviously important for a person to be strong and successful in life.

      7th house is also your opposition and his gains.

      The 6th house is 2nd house from the 5th, it is also the house of service/jobs/debts. Debts/Loans/health problems are also seen from the 6th house. So it is not overall a good house if you are thinking 5th house lord connected to 6th or vice-versa alone can give gains.

      It is a trika house even though it comes in the dhana trikona. It is good for those who are providing stock market consultancy. You can check the video where I have posted a case study of a very successful person in stock market who runs his own consultancy.
      Money given by the 6th house is on the cost of the loss of health or health problems in the horoscope, it will give money with stress/health problems.

      Unless and until there are no strong dhanayogas in the horoscope one cannot gain in the stock market. Technically all 12 houses will given money/gains in the some or the other way but there should be strong dhanayogas first which can only form through connections of vishnu+lakshmi sthanas with the 2nd and the 11th house (kendra+Kona connection with the 2/11 houses).

      Regarding your last query.
      Did you check the position of Venus in the bhav-chalit. Did you see the nakshatra of Venus or dispositor of venus he must be connected with dhanayoga giving houses. Also check the position of Venus in the amsha and its placement from the chandra lagna. There will be many more insights based on this.

      Last but not the least you should measure success in stock market based on the overall outcome in long run. Everyone can get profit daily in the stock markets, but it is his own prarabdha due to which the amount of profit for each person differs, he will not book it unless he has a strong horoscope. 99% people turn their profitable positions into losses. Every person sees profit atleast once on his trades, but it is his destiny which compels him to book or loose it in the end.

      It is a very interesting fact to ponder upon.

      One more thing to ponder, the stock broker who irrespective of the gains or losses of both parties only gains :D. He is also providing a service and taking a service fee per trade.

      Thanks and regards
      Ashish Desai.

      7th house is also the house of opposition, 5th is the gains of opposition, 6th is the loss of the opposition.

  2. I earn 10000 k every day from stock market, but whenever i trade on Tuesday, i lose money. One day i lost 50 thousand because i initiated the trade on Tuesday. I was nt even aware that this particular day costs me money every time i trade on Tuesday. Later on i figured this out.

    I know Mars control my 11th house and he is sitting in 3rd house whose lord Jupiter is debilitated in Lagan. But whats the connection.
    Is Mars bad for me or he is good. Venus is exalted in 3rd house.
    Below is my birth detail:
    12.2.1985 ,Kathua, Jammu, J&K, time : 6.45am.
    I am ready to pay you for your consultation, but i need to make sure you have the expertise because i paid money to one astrologer
    and what he provided was not sufficient, he said Mars is bad for you as you are Makar lagan, and Mars controls 11th house, the house of incoming gains. If you could provide me enough connection between Mars and my loses, i will take your consultation.
    Once you have checked my horoscope you can call me on 9971279744.

    1. Sorry Mr. Tarun, I am not interested to do any consultation for you.
      “If I provide you the reason for your losses why will you take my consultation”? And if you are earning 10000k every day, why do you need consultations? And if you make losses on tuesdays, why do you want to trade on tuesdays? If you find the reason for your losses on tuesdays, what difference is it going to make? Are you going to change the situation? If you are regret so much paying astrologer’s consultation charges, why do you consult astrologers? You do not stop gambling in share market if it gives you 50k loss, but you regret paying to an astrologer if he did not satisfy your mind with his analysis? Isn’t that stupid ?

  3. Dear Sir,

    My Name – Sachin Gupta
    DOB – 14 September 1979
    Birth Time :- 16:30
    Birth Place :- Moradabad (U.P.)

    Sir, I want to success in Stock Intraday Trading…Many time i face big losses in traday, i always find my faults and do work on weaknesses but till now i am in same position :- Losses Losses…….

    Please give me right way to getting profit in stock market intraday trading…

  4. mayank shah, dob: 04/02/1969, tob: 15.16, place: ahmedabad. question: how much amount i will earn through stock speculations, 1lac, 1crore, 10crores, 100crores during my entire life. not intere
    sted to know small period result.

    1. Namaste Mayank,

      That will depend on how much percentage you you pay me for each profitable deal(jokes apart), the more dhana yogas in the horoscope the more money one earns, yoga bhanga makes one loose all the wealth which is earned. So both have to be checked in the horoscope. The planets involved in dhanayoga should be in strength with support of a good dasha and transit.

  5. i need paid consultation in detail but befote that i want to know that will i get success in stock market. i want to earn billions from share market

    1. Greetings Vinod,

      For that you will have to take paid consultations, how can I tell you about success or failure in stock market without checking your horoscope and to check horoscope you will have to opt for paid consultations.

      Ashish Desai.

  6. I want to invest money in share market what and when will i do .if can’t profit then what will i do give any remedies to name is gagandeep verma time of birth 15-8-1990 time 12.05pm place of birth kaithal haryana.

  7. Dear Sir,

    My DOB is 03-April-1978 & Time is 16:53 & Birth Place is “Jaunpur City”.
    I want start trading in stock market, will it worthwhile for me ??

    Vipin Kumar

  8. Full name -Amiya Raut
    male/female- Male
    Your date of birth (month in letters) – 26/07/1986
    Time of birth- 16:52
    Place of birth- Jatni, Odisha, India

    use to do well in stock investment but lost in option trading in july…kindly analyze my chart

    1. Namaste Amiya ji,

      Please opt for paid consultations, you lost in july 2014 due to stationary motion of saturn and mars rahu conjunction which happened in july 2014. Saturn was preparing to be in direct motion from retrogression and was stationery in the 3rd week of july. Mars Rahu conjunction happened in the 2nd week of july.
      Thanks and regards,
      Ashish Desai.

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