Marriage Compatibility – Marriage matching

Marriage Compatibility

Marriage compatibility is an art and it requires good astrological skills on the part of an astrologer to do a marriage match. It is not to be done loosely as 90% astrologers and websites do based only on the asta-koota and dash-koota matching or gun-milan technique as we popularly call it.

Gun-milan technique only shows mental, physical and spiritual matching of a person but it does not guarantee a marriage free from tragedies or unhappiness, this technique is based on matching done through nakshatra padas of the bride and groom. One nakshatra pada remains for 6 hours approximately, hence this technique is not to be totally relied upon, horoscopes of bride and groom should also be matched with respect to planetary positions in their horoscopes, this kind of marriage compatibility technique coupled with gun-milan can be reliable and give better results in terms of marriage matching and happiness in marriage.

The basic thing which people should understand is sometimes a horoscope has combinations for divorce or widowhood which cannot be overcome always by match-making. Spiritual remedies do work in such cases and can avert disasters or gandaantar but they do not give results in a fortnight like people expect them to. Years of spiritual practice or japa sometimes helps you to avert misfortunes but not completely, as a soul is born in human form to suffer, they must suffer until the karmas are wiped off. Remedies only work as grace marks required for passing, they cannot completely change your destiny.

Limitations of Marriage compatibility

Marriage compatibility or marriage matching can only give you a compatible partner with you but cannot overcome your destiny always, here spiritual merits come to your help. Sometimes horoscopes do suggest intercaste marriages but that is also not possible in most of the communities as not everybody is ready to accept or marry their children in other caste, that is why it is said destiny cannot be overcome, “vinaash kaale vipareet buddhi”, if you have good spiritual merits your brain might guide you to take right decision at such crucial times. But most of the people today neither have time to do daily japa or recitation nor they want to do such things as they do not give quick results, everybody wants magic pills, as there is no road to success overnight, there is no road to avert disasters overnight.

Marriage compatibility should be done thoroughly taking everything in consideration right from the planetary positions to studying the next 20-25 years of both bride and groom for martial peace and happiness. There are many couples whose asta-koota score is less than the minimum required 18 points yet their married life is very good, that is because they planetary positions are compatible to each other, besides this there are many couples where one is manglik and other is non-manglik and also have a less score than 18 in gun-milan yet they lead a good married life, it is evident that two horoscopes should be matched considering the planetary positions more than gun-milan.

The conclusion is marriage compatibility should not be done loosely depending only on Asta-koota matching or mangalik factor and should be done thoroughly considering everything from dashas, longevity or partners to planetary matching. An astrologer can only give a warning of visible tragedy or danger as he is after all a human being and not god to avert destiny. Later the client and his destiny will decide if he has to jump in the well or notice it and change his way.

Marriage matching should not be done in cases of love especially if two people are in love during right marriageable age if other basic requirements are met. There is no need for it as both people are in the right age and happy with each other and most of them also have physical relationships by then, so nothing is left to be matched except longevity, but if one has chances of widowhood it will manifest no matter even if you break that relation and get the person married to somebody else.
Teenage love does not last mostly in 95% cases as it is mostly childish and more of curiosity.