relocation as per astrology

Relocation as per astrology

Astrology gives indications of best directions, countries and cities for you,  Not everyone leaves their birth place/city or country they are born into but now-a-days due to globalization and good development in most of the cities in India and easy accessibility to travel to foreign countries with each country starting various programs inviting people selling their citizenship people have started to migrate like never before.

Earlier in India people flocked to metro cities but now slowly people have started moving to tier-II cities as well. Many people migrate due to jobs some migrate in search of their destiny. Some Tier-II cities have developed into good education hubs, I.T hubs where people get employment. Now the question is can one take help of astrology in finding a suitable city/place/country for relocation ? Can astrocartography be helpful ? is there any concept like best cities to live as per zodiac signs? Can one find out which direction/city/place/country would be suitable for good growth of certain person ?

The answer is “YES”, Astrology can be help you to find a suitable city/place/country/direction which will be beneficial to you more than other directions according to your zodiac or “Naam Akshara”. The Classical works of “Muhurta Martanda” and “Muhurta chintamani” give solution to this problem.  Kankini chakra and Avakhada chakra can be used to find out suitable places as per your “naam akshara or rashi akshara”

Below is the image of kankini chakra dividing alphabets into 8 directions (4 main and 4 sub-directions).

Kankini chakra

relocation as per astrology
relocation as per astrology

The image on the left gives name of Varga and Alphabets for each direction as follows:

East – Garud Varga
South-East – Maarjar Varga
South – Simha varga
South-West – Shwan Varga
West – Sarpa varga
North-West – Mushak Varga
North – Gaja Varga
North-East – Harin Varga

These are actually the names of Yonis as per direction. Now what you have to do is find your naam akshar or alphabet and match it with the direction and varga. The 5th varga from your Naam akshar varga is enemy so one should avoid building a house or residing in the cities or countries starting with alphabets given in the 5th varga from yours.

Example : My name is Ashish, Starting Letter or naam akshar is “A” which we pronounce as “आ”. This comes under first varga (EAST DIRECTION, GARUD VARGA) in the table. So 5th from that Varga is (SARPA VARGA and WEST DIRECTION). I should avoid staying in West direction of any city and all cities starting with the alphabets under Sarpa varga are bad for me, The alpabhets are त, थ, द, ध, न respectively. The countries or cities or places with these names do not augur well for my growth and prosperity.

One can find suitable place for relocation as per astrology using this method. This technique can be called as astro-mapping.

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  1. Respected Sir,
    How can we find good day to start education of a child. Can it be started during shukra guru asta ? Or regardless of combust planets can it be done on auspicious day like vasant panchami. My daughter dob is 10 june 2015.
    Kindly suggest.

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