Planets and your habits

Planets and their habits

Planets and your habits can be an interesting read because each planet represents something. Nature of each planet is different, each zodiac sign has certain characteristic. Your strong planets and their zodiac signs, sun sign and moon sign show certain habits and characteristics.

I am talking about individual planets and their traits, Zodiac signs and their traits. Let us see how planets and zodiac signs affect our personality and psychological make-up.

Planets and your habits

Sun and Leo habits

Sun is the king of solar system hence these people will behave like a king, they will have lot of ego, they will always strive to keep their prestige and honor intact, they will do things which will increase their status and give them honor in society. They will celebrate events with pomp and splendor even if it means they have to take loans just to show off. They will prefer to buy from the best designers like Sabyasachi designs, Manish Malhotra designs, they will buy expensive and branded watches like Tag Heuer, Hublot, Tudor, Seiko etc. They prefer expensive phones and laptops like apple, Plus one and mac books. While choosing a Washing machine, refrigerator or Television they will prefer to go for branded one’s and something which will make people say wow. They will never settle for cheap stuff and never leave an opportunity to show off. They want people to follow them, respect them, honor them and listen to them.

Moon and Cancer habits

Moon is a very tender and loving planet, it gives you a tendency to shower unlimited love and care. You are very emotional and love to be near water ponds, lakes, sea. A house near pond, lake, sea-side is what you will love or you will prefer to have a swimming pool at your residence. You are very security conscious as well hence you will always like to have money and secured environment, you will be close to your mother. A property near water side would make you happy, your primary habits are cooking for people and making them happy, giving hospitality, care and love, kids make you happy because yours is a motherly sign in natural 4th house. You will prefer a great interior design, a wonderfully designed kitchen, lot of good lighting at home, a well done decor, you love garden, gardening and may spend time in your backyard making a garden by collecting gardening tools. Like Leo’s you are also fond of designer label clothes, good collection of hand bags, branded shoes, things that have emotional value. Good clothes, good living, comforts and luxurious are the things you will always want. If Sun is the king, moon is the queen of zodiac.

Mars and Aries/Scorpio zodiac signs habits

Mars is a fiery planet, a commander in chief so you people are born leaders and love to take leadership roles, you have habit to assert yourself, dominate others, enjoy working in challenging situations, challenges and difficult roles elevate your moods, you love to fight and win battles, you will love sports, fitness and things that test your endurance. This is more with Aries zodiac sign. These people are not much interested in love though both signs would love sex, they would prefer to have big office than a house and a lot of workforce/labour under them, they are workaholics and ambitious people. Scorpions on the other hand are very emotional, secretive and they have tendency to hide things, prefer a private life and private career, they prefer to work alone or with a handful of people as they are mostly introverts. They prefer to be close to a very few people and have trust issues. Once they trust you they will dedicated and loyal partners, they hate lies but they have habit telling lies to keep secrets. Scorpions are ambitious, assertive, dominating, secretive, very guarding of things they love. Scorpio’s being more emotional have strong emotional attachment with things they love. They do not like to share their things with others. In terms of food they are fond of spicy food and focus more on eating healthy than satisfying their tongue’s desires. These people also love branded clothes designer labels, good shoes jewellery, good house, a secured life and good status in society. They may have more interest in collection of antiques or ancient pieces. The negative point of scorpions is they always compare their life with others and have a habit of procrastinating. They will get jealous and threatened by others quite easily, they always want to be on the top positions and strive hard to achieve the same.


Mercury and Gemini/Virgo habits

Mercury is a quite versatile planet hence people under these signs are quite versatile, out going, extroverts and get along with almost everyone. A trait of mercury is, it takes the qualities of the planets it is associated with. So these people can easily get influenced by the company of people they are associated with. Gemini sign is fond of talking, and have a habit of talking a lot, they always seek companionship and will seldom be found alone, they cannot sit without talking and activity, reading knowledge books, How to do books, Do it yourself books, business books, educative books, novels is something these people love. They love to assimilate knowledge, they are jack of all trades but master of none, they quickly get bored of anything. They have a tendency to leave any under taken tasks quickly, lack of patience and persistence is a negative quality. Both signs of mercury are dual signs and mercury being a dual planet indicates duality in their temperament, they are confused between choices like if they have to buy a DSLR camera they will be confused between Canon, Nikon and Sony systems, Whether to buy a Crop sensor or a Full frame Camera. Nikon D850 or Canon 5D Mark IV. Virgo people are quite practical because it is an earth element sign and debilitation sign of Venus making them unromantic, they are very calculative in everything, they have the tendency to doubt people, the most negative point of this sign is criticizing nature, they criticize everything, they have tendency to find faults in everything. They cannot enjoy anything because their mind is focused elsewhere in calculations. Both signs are fun loving and will prefer to travel to exotic and beautiful places, read books, learn new subjects, have knowledge about many things.

Planets and your habits
Planets and your habits

Venus and Tauras/Libra habits

Venus is the planet of beauty and love, hence these people are very romantic, love nature and beautiful things, they appreciate beauty in everything. Tauras is a very romantic sign and likes to be surrounded by beauty, luxury and art. They will have very plush offices with great interiors, they spend a big chunk of money in beautifying things, their office will be more fun to work as it will be very aesthetic and glamorous with pleasing ambiance to work. They prefer to have beautiful secretaries and more female workers in their enterprise. They are very fond of good food and can eat all kinds of food provided it is tasty. They eat more to satisfy their taste buds than to fill their belly. They are lucky in money matters as this sign is the 2nd sign of zodiac indicating finance/money and is ruled by venus the karaka of luxury. They are very hard working people and will leave no stone unturned to have a good life but will party equally hard on weekends. Laziness and Stubborn temperament are their negative traits. Vrishabh rashi people prefer luxuries and good looks, they will have all kinds of beauty products in their collection, they will spend a big time in grooming themselves to make sure that they look good. Wearing neat and good clothing, smelling good with best perfumes, wearing exotic watches, polished shoes is what makes a perfect Vrishabh rashi person. Women of this sign spend a lot on branded beauty products, hair care products, skin products. Wearing costly and good looking designer sarees or suits is a trade mark of taurean women. Libra on other hand also have some traits like Tauras in terms of looking good but in a different way, they may not like a lot of make-up and spending on beauty products, but they make sure to look well groomed and sophisticated. They are more balanced and lovers of justice, more focused on work and life balance. Their idea of beauty is having a garden with flowers blooming, nature trails, collection of artistic stuff and paintings etc. Libra people are more popular and liked by masses, they leave a mark on people and void when they leave any place. They are can be good businessmen as well as politicians. Librans are fond of shopping and often go on a shopping spree, being an airy sign they are more of intellectual people living on a higher mental plane, while Tauras being an earthy sign is a bhogi who lives to satisfy his desires and enjoy life.

Jupiter and Sagittarius/Pisces habits

Jupiter in astrology is considered as Guru, a religious preacher, karaka of life, religion, wisdom, intelligence, children etc. Jupiter signifies knowledge and wisdom hence both the signs of jupiter are full of knowledge and possess wisdom. They will have more maturity than their age and exibit more knowledge than people of their age. They will be religious and have love and respect for their father, guru, religion etc. This is a fiery sign, ruled by Jupiter and has symbol of half man and half animal making it a dual nature sign, it is a dual sign. The mixed nature of a satwick brahmin planet jupiter representing knowledge, wisdom, religiousness, maturity and nature of animal indicating rashness, cold blooded nature, emotionless etc. These two sides of their nature confuse people, they adopt a policy of tit for tat, they will behave with someone as he behaves with them. These people can do anything to keep their pride and honor. Pisces on other hand being watery sign is versatile, adjusting, god fearing, having strong faith. Symbol of two fishes going in opposite direction can make them torn between the material and spiritual realms indicating that it is a dual sign, ruled by Jupiter indicates wisdom and maturity. This is an exaltation sign of venus indicating its creative and material side, they are dreamers and have a good imagination. This sign like Dhanu also exhibits knowledge and wisdom but they lack street smart attitude as mercury debilitates in this sign. These people can be highly spiritual and highly creative, it is a sign of Liberation being the last sign of zodiac. They will have rich taste, penchant for good food, good living and high creative talents if venus is posited in this sign. People of this sign would be attracted to water, oceans, they would love to live in a big house near water source/lake, river, sea etc.

Saturn and capricorn/aquarius habits

Saturn means discipline and responsibility, Saturn means discharging your duties properly, Saturn means reaching the peak of maturity and knowing the meaning of life, Saturn means karma karaka and the wheel of time. Saturn is a strict task master who governs karma, He is karaka of justice and hence does not like to indulge in pleasures, enjoyments, bhoga as he knows it is momentary and does not give permanent happiness. Both his signs therefore are not much of bhoga signs but rather focused on karma and higher level of intelligence. The sign Capricorn is a very hard working and karmic sign since it falls in the natural 10th house, these people are very professional and believe more in karma and work. They spend their lives working hard for others, being an earthy sign they are practical and matured in temperament. They will spend practically only on necessary things and save as much money as they can. They do not have a habit of splurging money on big brands, luxurious things unless there is a necessity. Aquarius on other hand are completely on a different plane, they are beings of higher intellect involved in research, philosophy. They are very studious and highly matured people. These people believe in teaching and guiding others, philosophical books, research books, spiritual books may interest them more than anything else. Both these signs do not have much interest in worldly pursuits and can be aloof and detached from the society, they will buy things just for the sake of their family, they will do for others but seldom spend much on themselves apart from spending on things that are necessary for them and their work/interests. These people can be rich but still remain detached to everything and most importantly do not possess ego.

Rahu and Ketu Habits

Rahu and ketu do not have their own sign, they are shadowy planets and amplify or contract the results of the planets they are with. Rahu is said to give results like Saturn while ketu is like Mars. Rahu amplifies or enhances the result of planet it is associated with while ketu contracts or diminishes the result of planet it is associated with. Suppose Rahu is with Sun it will boost your ego, give you more ahankara, vipareet gyaan, ketu with sun will reduce your ego, make you more spiritually inclined. This way Rahu and ketu will give result of the planet they are associated with.

Zodiac signs and your habits

Habits of Fire signs

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs, these signs are more energetic, ambitious, action oriented. They will give preference to their prestige and honor and will do everything to raise the bar. Be it earning a lot of money, buying branded stuff, latest gadgets, latest cars, latest fashion, Latest Cameras and lenses, Video games. They are also fond of sports and fitness, they prefer to keep themselves healthy and also focus more on their physical strength and looks. Aries is a task-master, ambitious every ready to achieve any goal. Leo focuses more on increasing its honor, prestige and status, Sagittarius is a mix of both. Fire signs are risk takers and face challenges with more zeal and ease. These signs like to do more physical work and have good vitality than all other signs. Fire burns/consumes everything whatever is put into it, these are the traits and habits of fire signs. Planets posited in fire sign will take the traits of these signs and will give results accordingly. They make jataka dominant, assertive, sporty, strong, ambitious, action packed person.

Habits of Earth signs

The next come Earthy signs Tauras, Virgo and Capricorn. These are the practical lot of signs, they will always look out for their benefit, A person with this sign will make all kinds of friends even if it means bad company but he will only take what is advantageous to him and not indulge in unnecessary stuff with them. Tauras in this lot is more materialistic and indulging in all kinds of comforts and luxurious, but it also knows how to attract money being a money sign. Virgo is very calculative and keeps records of everything in their mind, keeping a very calculative and criticizing approach takes away their ability to enjoy life. Capricorn is a detached and work oriented sign but being a earthy sign it will definitely look out for its benefits and advantages, it is more matured and practical in approach to life in all 3 earthy signs. Planets posited in earthy signs will give results of karakatwa of earthy signs. The planets in these signs will make one practical, money and business minded, one looking for his own, strong headed people.

Habits of Airy signs

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the 3 airy signs coming next after earthy signs in order. These signs are more intellectually inclined signs and prefer to do intellectual work than physical work. Reading, assimilating knowledge, doing technology related work, research related work attracts them more than anything else. Gemini is a childish sign more inclined towards communication, technology, gadgets, it is a jack of all trades because it tries to learn everything. The negative habit of this sign is it gets bored very quickly and leaves things in between. Libra is a more balanced and sophisticated sign being ruled by venus and exaltation sign of saturn, Libra attracts people by its charm and sophisticated habits, these people become popular and liked by everyone, they have a habit of looking for balance in everything, Libra loves beauty and work equally alike, they are probably the most neatly dressed and groomed people in all 12 signs. Aquarius belongs to the higher octave of intelligence in the airy signs ruled by saturn it is more matured, serious and indulged in deeper studies of subjects of their interest, they are good philosophers, researchers and teachers, they have very deeper understanding of subjects than other signs. Planets in airy signs make a jataka intellectually inclined, they are great philosophers, researchers, professors, lawyers. They excel in any profession where intellectual work is involved.

Habits of watery signs

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the watery signs, these signs are more submissive and giving than all other signs, they are more versatile, adjusting and willing to mould themselves as the situation demands, water if poured in a vessel will take shape of the vessel, likewise these people also mould themselves according to the place and situation demands. However being watery signs they are more emotional and have more demand for security, comforts, financial prosperity in life. They are moody as water is rarely still and calm. All 3 signs demand luxury and comforts. Cancerians are ruled by moon hence their moods can swing according to phases of moon, they are however very good cooks, care takers, wonderful hosts and love their home, they take every effort to make their home a comfortable place to live in. Doing great interiors, keeping a nursery. Scorpions are miserable people, they are never satisfied with anything they get as moon debilitates in this sign, they are seldom happy and satisfied with their life. They are also highly moody and stingy people, their tongue is their biggest weapon and they can hurt you real bad with their filthy language and words. These people are also fiercely loyal and protective of their loved one’s if you manage to satisfy their every desire and give them a comfortable life. These people are ambitious and achieve whatever they decide to achieve in life, their determination and patience is very strong to get what they want. They have the power to attract whatever they wish for. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and more compassionate, caring and loving than cancer and scorpio, these people love without any expectations, their love is not based on any conditions, unconditional love is what pisces can give, they are quite naive and simple people with high creativity and dreamy nature, they can be highly successful in both material and spiritual realms, their dual nature makes them torn to choose between spiritual and material, they become highly demotivated due to confusion most of the times.

Planets and your habits are connected with placement of strong planets in your horoscope mostly conjoined with your Lagna, Moon and Sun. The planets connected with your lagna will influence your personality, those connected with moon will influence your mind and those connected with sun influence your soul giving you inspiration from within. Signs and their habits influence you based on the majority of planets posited in particular triad of signs. Majority of planets in Fire sign make you ambitious, strong, energetic, passionate and sporty person, Majority of planets in Earth sign will make you practical, money minded, business oriented person taking advantage of every situation and people for your benefit, Majority of planets posited in airy sign make you very intellectual, seeker of knowledge, philosophical and research minded, you will be more inclined to do intellectual work which demands less physical strength and movement. Majority of planets in watery sign make you versatile, adjusting, submissive, dreamer, emotional, moody and quite demanding person. You will be someone who can adjust to any situation, place and work happily for others, you are someone who knows giving and always strives to give happiness to others. You can be stingy and very demanding at the same time.

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