I keep Loosing Money in the Stock market

This is a typical story of 9 out of 10 people who come to me for astrology consultations. One day a gentleman named Harish came to me for astrology consultation, he said I am into stock market since 2 years but I am not able to earn a consistent income from stock trading I keep loosing money in the stock market, Does my horoscope indicate success in the stock markets? Will I ever make money through stock market?

Well, I told him you are not the first one, but there are a lot of people I know who have lost everything in the stock markets. For some people, it is a pure addiction which they cannot leave. There are people who take loan for investing in the stock markets and these people are those who do not know anything about the stock markets, they blindly invest their money on the advise of some broker or unknown person. When you are investing blindly in stock markets without knowledge of any terminologies like stocks, indices, future and options, contracts, candle sticks, fundamentals of companies, when you don’t even know what is a call and what is a put and yet you are blindly investing your money in the hope of getting huge returns that is called speculation/blind trading. 75-85 % of the traders in the market belong to this category.

But when one is adept in understanding business cycles, reading candle stick charts, fundamentals of the companies, applying various strategies and still one is loosing due to temptation then you can say that your horoscope does not indicate gains/success in stock market.

Even if your horoscope promises good gains through stock markets, you should have dasha/antardasha of planets signifying houses for gains/earnings operating, the gochara should be favorable to you on the day of trading. People who loose even though the horoscope indicates gains are the one’s who blindly trade without the knowledge of stock markets. You can earn a few times with blind shot but ultimately you will end up loosing everything over a long period of time.

You should know the stock market operations, the technicalities related to stock markets, the calls, the puts, the stop loss, trailing stop loss etc. You should have some knowledge about the market trend, the ability to understand the technical charts. Without study you cannot succeed in any profession. To gain expertise in any profession, one has to study hard day and night, there is no gain without pain. A doctor has to do MBBS after which he has to go for MS and specialize in some area before he can practice. A good cricketer has to keep practicing daily to gain perfection in a certain technique, if he does not practice he will stop getting success. Same is with the stock markets, You may earn money for sometime blindly but eventually, you will fall down and loose everything if you do not attempt to learn and understand the markets. This is one of the most dangerous addictions in the world.

Why do I keep loosing money in the stock market ?

If your horoscope does not promise gains or success through stock markets, you will eventually end up loosing money. Every tom, dick and harry can gain in some trades but eventually over the period of time those one who has no combinations in the horoscope will end up loosing everything.

The Dasha of planet involved in dhanayoga can give good success in stock markets, if your dasha is not connected to any planet involved in dhanayoga you will not earn in stock markets. If you have a good dasha make sure you spend some money in learning the stock markets first to make most of your dasha/antardasha.

If you are in the dasha of planets connected with 8th and 12th houses you will end up loosing everything, such people should swear not to touch stock markets and a Word of Caution – NEVER TRADE WITH LOAN

If you do not have any knowledge of stock market and are blindly dependent on someone giving calls, you will eventually end up taking wrong trades and loosing due to greed and fear. This happens with everyone, people do not know their satisfaction levels and they keep becoming greedy for more profits when their positions are green and eventually the position turns into loss making with red and people are unable to close their trade in emotions resulting in more and more losses.

So the conclusion first see if there is combinations for earning through stock markets in the horoscope, if yes then next step is to learn stock markets, gain knowledge about stock markets, market trends, technical analysis of charts, before getting into stock trading. Invest only a part of your income/savings. Do not jump to index trading or future and options if you are new into the markets, Do learn to play in Cash, cash players are always safe and stand less chance of loosing like that in index or future/options. Control your Greed and emotions and learn to be a disciplined trader.

If you have lost your money in stock markets, don’t trade to recover your money as you will end up loosing more. You cannot recover your money in 1 day, 1 week or 1 month, it will take time to recover if you learn the stock markets and become a disciplined trader. But you can loose all your money in one day if you trade blindly. Loosing money happens fast as lightening than earning/recovering.

Astrology combinations for success in stock markets

  • 5th house lord in kendras and trikonas is good.
  • 5th lord involved in dhanayogas or conjoined with the lord of 2nd/6th/9th/10th/11th lord.
  • Dasha of a planet involved in dhanayoga is operating or dasha of 2nd lord, 11th lord or planets connected to those houses or planets connected to these houses is operating.
  • Gochara of planets is shubha for you.
  • A strong jupiter, mercury and venus in the horoscope posited in kendras or trikonas.
  • Moon and lagna are strong to make you disciplined trader and one who can control his greed and emotions.
  • Strong trikona’s and kendras indicate that one will be successful life.
I keep loosing money in the stock markets

See this horoscope.

  • There is exalted mercury in the 2nd house with mars who is a yogakaraka for simha lagna.
  • 5th house lord jupiter is in the 11th and aspects the 5th house where saturn 6th and 7th lord is posited.
  • Saturn mars aspect each other which is not good but overall dhanayogas are excellent.
  • From chandra kundali the 2nd lord has gone to the 5th house and aspects the 11th house. In the chandra kundali the 11th lord in 5th house and aspects the 11th house. He is running Saturn dasha and will soon enter mercury dasha both of which are connected to the 2nd, 5th and 11th house of the horoscope.
  • The yogakaraka venus from chandra lagna is well posited in the 9th house in own sign.
  • Kendra and trikona lords are strong, many dhanayogas are there in the horoscope.

The above person provides stock market consultancy services as his 6th lord is in the 5th house aspected by jupiter.

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