The circumference and radius of destiny.



Greetings to my dear Readers and wishing you all a very very happy new year. Our destiny can be compared to a circumference of a circle and freewill as the radius of destiny. A man can exercise his freewill and efforts within a specific area and he makes progress in the given boundaries only. His destiny can be equated to the circumference and radius of a circle. Everybody is born with a circumference of different size. Those having very good luck can see their efforts getting very good results in a short span of time or you can say that their efforts bear proper fruits.

E.G Two people are working one in a job and other in business. Both work for 9-10 hours a day, the former gets a fix income inspite of his efforts and hours of work while the later has a fluctuating income which can be much more than that of his fellow counterpart. He can decide his level of income with his hard work and efforts, he can increase it whereas a person in job will get fixed income inspite of any length of time he puts in for working.

Obviously you can see two people having similar qualifications yet earning different levels of income in a job, one earns very good while other earns less. One may argue that it is due to skill set and intelligence and blah blah blah, but the fact is some people are born intelligent while others struggle to develop it. Some are born with certain qualities which make them excel in certain area. You cannot develop excellent communication skills by joining some course, some have it by default some few with their efforts develop it while others never develop inspite of trying hard. It is all to do with destiny.

It is said that fortune favors the brave, but people forget that it is the fortune that makes a person brave. It is all about the right time and opportunity, some take it naturally due to their luck while others miss it even if it knocks their door.

See the Diagram Below :-

Imagine that they are 3 circles representing destiny of 3 people, A, B and C.


Circumference and radius of destiny
Circumference and radius of destiny

Now the first circle has smaller circumference and radius of destiny. Imagine that he is tied in between the circle. Now he can roam around and exercise is freewill in the given area only till the boundaries of the circle, if he tries to go beyond that area he will be pulled back by the rope. The length of the rope represents your luck and destiny. Person B has a bigger circumference and radius as compared to the first one so he can taste more success if he puts efforts as compared to “A”, Person C has a much bigger circumference as compared to A and B so his efforts and freewill will yeild more success as compared to A and B if he puts his efforts.


you cannot taste success if you don’t put efforts even if your horoscope is excellent. God helps those who help Themselves. Some people are born in rich families have all by birth, that is due to their previous good karmas. One the balance of good karmas get exhausted you fall down.

Our life can be equated with the balance sheet in accounting language. Soul keeps records of good and bad karmas like we have assets and liabilities in accounting balance sheet. You taste success and failure according to your balance sheet of assets (good karmas) and liabilities (bad karmas). The balance sheet is made of the year ended so are the karmas faced by us of the previous life ended.


Every person is born with a circumference and radius of destiny of a different size and he can exercise his freewill in the given area only, people are born with certain qualities as per their destiny, some are born extra intelligent whereas some become bright later while others never excel, it is due to their destiny and past karmas that they do not find a way or put efforts in a wrong direction which bears no fruit for them, while their are others born with a midas touch, whatever they touch becomes gold. But for turning something into gold you need to touch it, work on it, so efforts are equally important to achieve something, the fruits you reap will depend on your luck some will reap more while others less, while others dont reap anything because they put efforts on a barren land. Astrology is thus a a tool which can be used to check your balance sheet and improve your karmas to stabilize your asset side and reduce liabilities.



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