Planetary positions for Spark in a relationship – Intense chemistry between people.

I have been hearing these lines since years, I meet so many great guys but I do not feel the spark so I reject all marriage proposals. Koi click nahi hota hai. My boyfriend is perfect but there is no spark in our relationship. I have seen friends and some clients wasting 5-6-7-10 years of their lives searching for sparks. I did not understand what kind of spark do they talk about, then I googled what exactly do they mean by “Spark in a relationship“. Google gave me the following answer

“Spark” is a term often used by individuals regarding the feeling of love, infatuation, excitement, and intensity often felt in the beginning stages of a relationship. It might also be referred to as “the honeymoon stage” or “puppy love.”

Sir Google Giggle.
Spark in a relationship

Planetary positions for Spark in a relationship

For me the right word is Intense chemistry between people. Sparks are temporary, Chemistry stays little longer and compatibility of mind, heart and soul stay forever. The sparks we talk about above are just temporary and can fade away with time or change of dasha/bhukti in horoscope. But how do you determine this intense chemistry between people ? Does astrology tell you about Which planetary combinations are responsible for generating a spark in a relationship or what planetary combinations show intense chemistry between two people ?

The planets in the horoscope of two people are responsible to generate intense chemistry or compatibility between two people, sparks felt with someone can be of temporary nature if two people are running the dasha or antardasha related to same planets. The planets indicate frequencies or energy vibrations between two people which when positive enable them to have strong attraction towards each other. Since light travels faster than sound the first impression about someone we like is his/her looks/beauty.

Some people get attracted to the looks of the other person but they get repelled once they hear the person or behave in a manner which repels them. All this can be judged by planetary energies operating as per the horoscopes of two people.

A strong connect is felt between the people who have Sun and moon connected in each other’s horoscope. A strong physical attraction is felt when Mars, venus are connected in horoscopes of people with respect to each other. Two people tend to enjoy the company on each other when their rising ascendant and the moon signs are in sync with each other. In this way the passion, connection and sparks in a relationship can be adjudged based on birth horoscopes of two people.

Some people remain in a long term relationship, but suddenly they find their connection breaking or frequencies not matching each other after a certain period, this happens because their mahadashas tend to change at those times, when the dasha of two opposing planets are in operation there can be problems in a relationship.resulting in the loss of spark between two individuals. This is the point when they start searching google for terms like “how to fix a spark in a relationship” ?, “How to get the spark back in a long term relationship”?, “How to ignite spark in a relationship” etc.

The concept of soul mates even though true does not mean that every person will meet his soul mate in all lives, the relationships work as rinanubandha showing the undischarged debts between two people. Your wife, your children, your mother, your father, your friends are in some way or the other related to you from past births who have some unfulfilled karma with you, the stronger the debt the closer the relationships can be. You must have noticed some people coming in your life for a short period of time and vanish when some purpose is achieved which means your pending debts/karma is tallied.

Planetary positions for spark in a relationship – intense chemistry between people.

  • When the moon signs, ascendant and the sun of both are in sync with each other they enjoy very good compatibility between them, they are very friendly with each other and relish each other’s company.
  • When moon and sun of both are either together or aspecting each other there can be a deeper bonding or connection between two people. The connection depending on other planets and overall horoscope can be so strong that they can understand each other without a word being spoken. Pure bliss or speaking through eyes and connection of hearts is visible here since Sun is the atma and moon is the mind. The more combinations along with this the better is the compatibility between two people.
  • Mercury-Mercury and Jupiter connected with each other show good intellectual chemistry, such people if having a dominant vaayu rashi planets, lagna, sun, moon tend to connect through intellectual attraction for each other.
  • When mars of one person connects with the mars of other person or aspect venus of the other person there can be sparks in a relationship.
  • Mars of both aspecting each other or in the same signs and venus of both aspecting each other or in the same signs also indicate sparks of attraction between two people.
  • When dasha or antardasha running between two people are of same planet and these planets are also in connection with each other in the horoscopes there are sparks in a relationship.
  • When Rahu of one person connects with venus of other person or when mars rahu of one person connect with venus of other person there are intense sparks of physical attraction and these people cannot resist each other or cannot get their hands of each other, These relationships are good as long as there is physical intimacy. These relationships are born out of pure lust.
  • When both have shwan yoni there can be strong public display of affection, they do not even bother to make out in public. (Shwan means a dog) Dogs are popular for PDA and multiple partners.
  • The tatvas agni, prithvi, vayu, jala should also be balanced in the horoscope. This also means more concentration of planets in tatvas complementing each other between two people along with rising ascendant, sun and the moon indicate intense chemistry and harmony between two people.

Moon signs and Ascendants with intense chemistry

Mesha rashi people can have intense chemistry with Tula rashi, Dhanu rashi and Simha rashi. With Vruschik and Vrishabh it will be moderate with differences as well.

Vrishabh rashi people will have intense chemistry with Vrishabh rashi, Vruschik rashi, Meena rashi, Mithuna rashi, Kanya rashi, Makar rashi. It will be moderate with Kumbha, karka and tula.

Mithuna rashi people will have intense chemistry with Mithuna rashi, Dhanu rashi, tula rashi, Vrishabh rashi, Kumbha rashi, Kanya rashi, It will be moderate with Makar and Simha rashi.

Karka rashi will have intense chemistry with Karka rashi, meena rashi, vrushika rashi. It will be moderate with Vrushabh, Dhanu, tula and kanya rashi.

Simha rashi will have intense chemistry with simha rashi, dhanu rashi, mesha rashi, mithuna rashi. It will be moderate with kanya, vruschika and meena rashi.

Kanya rashi will have intense chemistry with Kanya rashi, Makar rashi, Vrishabh rashi, tula rashi. It will be moderate with meena rashi, dhanu rashi and kumbha rashi.

Tula rashi will have intense chemistry with Tula rashi, Mesha rashi, Mithuna rashi, Kumbha rashi. It will be moderate with Makar rashi, vrishabh rashi, kanya rashi.

Vruschik rashi will have intense chemistry with Vruschik rashi, Vrishabh rashi, Karka rashi, Meena rashi, Dhanu rashi. It will be moderate with Mesha rashi, Simha rashi, Tula rashi.

Dhanu rashi will have intense chemistry with Dhanu rashi, Mithuna rashi, Simha rashi, Mesha rashi. It will be moderate with Karka rashi, Kumbha rashi, Makar rashi and Kanya rashi.

Makar rashi will have intense chemistry with Makar rashi, Kanya rashi, Vrishabh rashi. It will be moderate with Mithuna rashi, kumbha rashi, tula rashi.

Kumbha rashi will have intense chemistry with Mithuna rashi, Kumbha rashi, Tula rashi. It will be moderate with Dhanu rashi, Kanya rashi, Vrishabh rashi, meena rashi.

Meena rashi will have intense chemistry with Karka rashi, Meena rashi, Vruschik rashi and vrushabh rashi. It will be moderate with Kanya rashi, dhanu rashi, mithuna rashi, simha rashi

The above is just a very general picture, the more planets of two people are in good yogas or connection with each other the more strong the spark or more intense is the chemistry between them. The closer the planets are by the degree the strong the urge, passion, spark, chemistry is between two people.

Can two people having great spark in a relationship or intense chemistry in relationship get separated or divorced ?

Yes off course, the longevity of the relationship and happiness between the two people is decided by the promise of marriage/married life in their individual horoscopes. If the individual horoscopes show strong afflictions to houses related to family, marriage/married life, longevity then there will be problems between these couples due to some or the other reasons not under their control. Sometimes the problems are of temporary nature due to bad transits and sometime dashas of enemy planets also leads to complications.

It is advisable to consult a good astrologer and counselor for proper guidance in such times of distress. The solutions can sometimes be as easy as letting a bad transit or antardasha go or perform certain remedies according to the nature of problem in prashna or natal horoscope.

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