Career selection astrology

Career selection astrology is a very complex process but at the same time equally rewarding. Our classical texts are full of hints and pointers for selecting the right profession through the use of astrology. Let us explore the topic of career selection astrology in this article.

Career Selection Astrology

The 10th house in the birth horoscope is the house of karma or karmasthana, it is seen for occupation or profession one chooses as a means of livelihood. 10th house represents karma, recognition, honor, social status, achievements, fame and our image in the society.

The 10th house tells about the occupation or profession one will take up for livelihood. Planets posited in 10th house or connected to 10th house and 10th lord give clues to the profession of the Jataka. But this is not so, the 10th from Lagna, moon and sun should be checked for the strongest influence, the strongest among the Navamsha dispositors of 10th lord or planets in 10th house from Lagna, sun and moon will give subtler clues to suitable career.

Over the period of time, people try various professions and get success or failure as per dasha/transits. The intensity of success or failure will be directly proportional to the strength of planet indicating that particular career in the horoscope.

The planet having highest strength and benefic vargas will give most success in a profession related to him. Having the right dasha periods at the right age is equally important to get good success.

The degree of success and status of any jataka will depend on the strength of overall horoscope and rajyogas formed in the horoscope.

Rajyoga is always formed by a combination of planets owning kendra and trikona. The mixing of Lakshmi sthanas 5 and 9 with vishnu sthana 1,4,7,10.

The 10th is the most powerful kendra and 9th is the most powerful trikona. If lords of other houses get mixed with the above the intensity of rajyoga reduces. I will cover this in a separate article.

Coming back to career selection astrology following pointers will give clue to most suitable careers.

Career selection through astrology
Career selection astrology

How to choose a career through astrology

  • First check the planets in 10th from Lagna, Sun and Moon. Make a note of them.
  • Check 10th lords from Lagna, Sun and Moon. Make a note of them.
  • Check the Navamsha lord of these planets. Check the strongest of these navamsha lords and their position in the birth horoscope.
  • Sometimes the planets posited in 10th from Lagna, Sun or moon themselves signify profession due to their placement in karma bhava.
  • The strongest planets will be those who are in own signs, exaltations, kendra, trikona or those aspected by their dispositors. Professions coming under these planets can give more success than other weak planets.

The profession giving most success to jataka will be indicated by the strongest planet among these or to put in other words, A jataka can get the highest success in a profession related to the strongest planet out of the above.

If jataka is in professions relating to other weak planets which happen in many cases the intensity of success or failure will be more or less according to the strength of that planet.

People who try many professions have many planets connected with karma bhava and they keep changing profession due to the weakness of karmesh/10th lord or weak rajyogas and luminaries. Career selection astrology will help them to find the suitable career as per their planetary positions. Let us check out professions related to planets in astrology.

Planets and Career selection astrology

Which profession suits me according to astrology? Each planet signifies certain careers/profession according to its karakatwa, You can see profession or career patterns according to planets and signs as below.

Professions and Careers Related to Sun

When the sun is strong in the horoscope or connected to karma bhava the jataka will be in a profession related to Administration, medicines, healing, goldsmiths, authority, leadership roles, alchemy, Mathematician, Metaphysics, Physics, father’s profession, manufacturing, government, politics etc. Such people can be given leadership roles in any area or profession if sun is strong or exalted.

Professions and Careers Related to Moon

When Moon is strong in the horoscope or connected to karma bhava the jataka will be in a profession related to water, liquids, herbs, dairy, hospitality, excellent cooks, caretakers, nursing, home interiors, psychiatry, psychology, poetry, prose etc. Moon if exalted and aspected by benefic planets gives  popularity and such a person is very lovable.

Professions and Careers Related to Mars

When Mars is strong in the horoscope or connected to the karma bhava the jataka will be in a profession related to security, army, police, commander, defense, fire brigade, fire-works, fire-arms, molding, engineering, railways, surgery, industrial works, furnace, entrepreneur, land and building, construction related work, or any profession involving risks. A strong or exalted Mars can put one in the role of commander or a team leader or make one an entrepreneur.

Professions and Careers Related to Mercury

When mercury is strong in the horoscope or connected with karma bhava the jataka will be in a profession related to acting, mimicking, comedian, communication, voice-overs, editing, writing, scripting, data entry, information technology, database, lower management, printing and stationery, clerical works, astrology, librarian, lecturer, proof reader, bookseller, post office, insurance, accounting, trading and commerce, stock markets or commission related work of all kinds etc. A strong or exalted mercury can make one a very efficient conversationalist, a writer or journalist.

Professions and Careers Related to Venus

When Venus is strong in the horoscope or connected with Karma bhava the jataka will be in a profession related to any of the 64 arts, glamour, aviation, hotel management, jewellery designing, animation, botany, fragrance, perfumes, liquor, flowers, sweets, beauty parlors, hair stylists, mantra shastra, jyotisha, women related professions, textiles, fashion designers, interior designers, modelling, make-up artists lighting, paints, colors, all luxurious goods and services. A strong or exalted venus can give benefits more than one’s ability and capacity. Any place which is full of glamour and luxury falls under karakatwa of Venus.

Professions and Careers Related to Jupiter

When Jupiter is strong in the horoscope or connected with karma bhava the jataka will be in profession connected with medicine (physician), biologist, biotechnology, higher management, Finance, Economics, Law, Banking, Vaidiki/Priest, Jyotish, Vedic literature, Sanskrit Guru, Professor, principal, Dean, Income tax officer, Chartered accountant, Lawyer etc. When Jupiter is strong or exalted in the horoscope a person is very lucky and revered by others for his vast knowledge. He reaches the top position quickly due to his good luck.

Professions and Careers Related to Saturn

When Saturn is strong in the horoscope or connected to Karma bhava the Jataka is in a profession related to public service, a government servant, Judge, Magistrate, Service class, Real estate, Iron-ore and steel, underground works, Mining, Coal, petrol, diesel, Cement, oil-related works, Digging, Drill bits, Leather, Mortuary, Labor or low class works etc. When Saturn is strong or exalted in the horoscope the jataka possesses excellent wisdom and ability to do justice, he can get fame among masses.

Professions and Careers Related to Rahu & Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are not independent planets and do not even have their rashi in the zodiac hence they give results according the the ownership of the sign they are posited in or the result of the planet they are conjunct. They amplify the result connected with karakatwa of any planet with whom they are conjoined. Rahu glorifies or blows the results whereas Ketu contracts the results. These planets act as yogakaras in connection with yogakarakas or when posited in trikona in their dashas or dasha of yogakaraka planets. These planets will also show some suffering carried on from generations in a certain clan/family.

It is often found that a jataka will have a mix of more than 2-3 planets connected with the 10th house and hence may not take up the right profession but get stuck in professions related to weak planets. Very few horoscopes have very strong planets giving a clear direction. Men of power and special qualities are always few whereas most of the people belong to the general public with low to moderate status, happiness and normal life according to weak rajyogas operating in their horoscopes.

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