Effect of Planets in 8th house

8th House

As we have already discussed few things about the 8th house in the earlier post here I am writing about the influence and effect of planets in the 8th house on demand of my blog readers who are more interested to know about the effect of planets in 8th house. The 8th house is the house of sudden happenings and unexpected events in life as we read in the earlier post, it also shows transformation in life and holds many mysteries in its bosom. It is the most mysterious house in the entire zodiac and the people who have a very strong and active 8th house will always have a very eventful and active life filled with tragedies and comedies both good and bad things. They can never lead a monotonous, dull life. Such people get to see many colors in life instead of living a boring and dull life. This could also be termed as a good side of 8th house for those who wish to live such a life full of unexpected happenings. People who want real adventure will love such a life. The events can however be good and bad depending on the entire horoscope and mahadashas one gets in life. We will have a look at the effect of planets in 8th house in general.

Sun in 8th

Sun is the karaka of soul and is called the natural atmakaraka in Astrology. Placement of sun in the 8th house does not augur well for health in general. Sun in 8th is like a petrol leaking from tank due to small holes. The vitality and defence mechanism against diseases can be less in such people depending on the affliction of sun. Such people are usually given to rise in body temperature, fever, boils, ulcers more so if other hot planets combine sun here.
Exalted and self placed sun however can mean increase in fame after death provided other factors are good. This 8th sun also gives huge inheritance from father and is good for spiritual progress as 8th being one of the houses of moksha trikona.

Moon in 8th

Moon is the life force and the karaka of mind and 8th house is the house of death and moon is said to be in “Marana Karaka” avastha in 8th house. Scorpio falls in the 8th house of natural zodiac which is again the debilitation sign of moon, hence moon in 8th does not usually augur well unless there are other benefic influences. The mind is in a habit of worrying constantly, fears and phobias are deeply rooted in case of such people. Such moon if well placed and well aspected by benefics can give good gains from opposite sex and inheritance from mother and in-laws. Such people have deep interest in occult subjects along with subjects which contain mysteries. Such people can be good mind readers and psychologist or psychiatrist. Such moon however is very good for occult pursuits and conjugal happiness along with spiritual pursuits.

Mars in 8th

Mars in 8th is said to create mangal dosha. 8th mars is harmful for longevity of married life in case of girls provided it is placed in krur nakshatra and under heavy affliction. Alone mars in 8th is very good for inheriting and getting gains from landed properties, it will however increase the sex appetite as 8th is the house which covers the area of private parts and is the seat of base chakra where the kundalini gets activated. Mars is the karaka of energy and it creates excess sexual appetite being placed in the 8th house. Such mars can cause unnatural death or injuries through burns, boils, accidents, weapons if severely afflicted.

Mercury in 8th

It is one of the best placements for mercury as mercury gives good longevity in the 8th house and augurs well for occult subjects like astrology. People with mercury in 8th can show deep interest in puranas, shastras, old languages etc, Such a mercury is very good for gains from inheritance, insurance, hidden treasures. On the negative side it can give sufferings related to nervous system, breathing, memory loss if afflicted.

Jupiter in 8th

Jupiter is always the best if placed in 4-8-12 houses it these houses come in the moksha trikona and are very good for spiritual progress, placement of jupiter in these houses guarantees spiritual progress and good knowledge of vedas, shastras and astrology. 8th jupiter however being the karaka of children can be bad for gain of a male child if severely afflicted. Jupiter in 8th aspects the 2nd house giving good speech habits and vaak siddhi, such people if say something turns out to be true.
Aspect on 4th and 12th gives good peace of mind, happiness and controlled expenditure. Such a jupiter also gives peaceful death if well placed in 8th.

Venus in 8th 

Venus in 8th house is very good for carnal pleasures, such people can be very romantic and experimental in romance, they know the art of satisfaction. However this venus can also give excess desires and tendency to indulge in sex more than required and it an also cause vikruti. Such a venus is very good for sudden gains and married life if well placed. Venus would tend to give some hidden artistic skills or abilities here.

Saturn in 8th

Saturn being the karaka of the 8th house and longevity can be very good for long life but it is one of the worse positions to have for saturn in the horoscope.
It will aspect the 10th, 2nd and the 5th house from 8th delaying child-birth, giving defective speech habits or bad communication skills and sufferings in career. Its aspect on 10th means one needs to put extra efforts in their work area. Some people might be karma oriented than spirituality oriented with saturn in 8th, Duty comes first to such people and life can be monotonous for them sometimes. This saturn is good for longevity however.

Rahu/ketu in 8th

Rahu/ketu axis on 2/8 will give problems related to family life and health. Placement of rahu and ketu in the 8th could give long term chronic disease. The axis falling on 2/8 itself indicates sufferings in family life and may be sometimes bad in-laws if afflicted severely.
Such rahu/ketu falling on 2/8 gives good expertise in vedic chantings or mantra shastra, voice of such people can be very commanding and loud. It is sometimes mesmerizing. Rahu and ketu are mystical planets so the sufferings they bring along are also mystical in nature.

The effect of planets in 8th house as discussed above is a very general outline and will vary from person to person depending upon the individual horoscope. contact us here if you want a horoscope reading for yourself.


  1. Mr. Anirudha Saha says:

    Nmae: Anirudha Saha
    My Date of Birth – 22nd July’1976
    Time – 11.55 AM
    Place – Imphal

    8th house is Rahu and Neptune.
    Can i get feedback on future in Career, Money and Health

  2. saraswathi says:

    hello sir

    my daughter is pices ascendant and she had moon mars mercury and sun in her 8th house scorpio… is it really bad and she had jupiter venus in 9th house sagitttarius really i am very much worried

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Saraswathi ji,

      If your daugther has Pisces ascendant Moon, Mars, Mercury and Sun come in the 9th house provided the ascendant is not in the last degrees and these planets are not at starting of the sign.

      Moon+sun amavasya and mercury+mars can be bad conjunctions if they are too close. Otherwise there is no need to worry much. As you mentioned jupiter is in Sagittarius, the lagna lord looks strong making panchamahapurush yoga and two benefics in angle from pisces ascendant cancel many doshas.

      Thanks and regards,
      Ashish Desai.

  3. Putty says:

    I am mithuna lagna born, I have guru+kuja in 8th house makara raashi. Do I have a death threat in any way?

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Putty ji,

      No there is no threat to life. But there will be ups and downs in profession and marriage area as jupiter is debilitated and with ketu, however this combination is good for spiritual progress in 8th house.

      Thank you.

  4. HARSHITHA B says:

    Namaste sir,i am Gemini ascendent. I have sun and Mercury in 7th house. Venus Jupiter and Mars in 8th house .moon in second house .Rahu in 3rd house .ketu in 9th house and Saturn in 10th house.. I wanted to know about the effects of these placements in my birth chart

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Harshita ji,

      Kindly opt for horoscope consultation service to know the detailed analysis of the horoscope.

      Moon in 2nd in own sign aspected by mars from 8th who is exalted indicates good financial status and financial prosperity at the same time making the jataka greedy and more security conscious, you will probably look out for rich/prosperous in-laws.

      Jupiter is debilitated with guru-mangal yoga so remedies related to jupiter are required. Overall horoscope is very good. Lagnesha aspecting lagna is excellent.

  5. Nishtha says:

    Namaste sir, I have sun mercury and mars conjunction in 8th house in the sign of Virgo ( I have Aquarius lagna) with rahu in 4th house in Taurus and ketu is conjunct with moon in 10th house in scorpio. I have Saturn in 5th house (Gemini), Venus in 9th house (libra) and Jupiter in 6th house (cancer). I have loads of problems in my house, dealing with depression, my younger sister died 2 and a half years ago and my father is just worst. My mom is an unusual personality and my parents don’t get along! I have thought about suicide a lot.. I don’t know what to do in my career as I am really confused! I want to know if it is just Sade sati or my life is going to be like that always… Nobody cares for me and I have no friends as everyone had betrayed me. I don’t get along with relatives as well, and stress and anxiety are a part of everyday life.. Help me, and advice me please…

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Nistha ji,

      Your moon+ketu in scorpio is giving inferiority complex and lack of confidence to you. You should open up with people, learn to trust others and try to socialize more without thinking who cares for you and who doesn’t. The main issue is with moon+ketu giving a complex psychological make-up.

      Venus in 9th house in general indicates good bhagya, Saturn in 5th as lagna lord is also good.You can do well in statistics, maths, analyst, chemical/liquids/pharma/drug related careers, counseling related studies. Studying occult/metaphysics/literature/foreign language/bio-medics. can also be good for you as lagnesha in 5th and moon in scorpio with ketu aspected by jupiter support it.

      Thank you.

  6. sumit sharma says:


    Please help me with career. I am having difficulty getting a job. my DOB 21,12/1976 time 18.09pm , Nawshahar, Punjab.

    Kindly guide me please

  7. sangeetha says:

    Hi namaste . I am aries ascendent with raghu. and in 7th house Mars and Kettu. 8th house with saturn,venus and Mercury. 9th house is with Sun. 10th house is guru and moon in 12th house. My life is with full of with ups n downs. kindly suggest few remedies as Im with Ketu mahadasha now

    • astrologerashish says:


      Do suvarna daan and gau-daan to brahmana or rayar mutt and get Durga saptashati paath recitations done regularly through brahmana.
      Recite surya dwadashnaam and durga kavach regularly.

  8. Dr J N Sahay says:

    What is the effect of Rahu /Sun onwards for Leo ascendant with Sun in 12th and Rahu Moon conjunction in 8th.Thanks and regards

    • astrologerashish says:


      Rahu+Moon in 8th can give humiliation, mental phobias, disorders or eccentricities. People with 8th moon can be constantly under some or the other medications. Sun in 12th as ascendant lord is not good for health and may give foreign travels.
      Rahu/Sun onwards there can be foreign travels, loss of health, humiliation in moon antardasha some sudden events leading to lack of confidence or fears, it can be bad for partners health as well.

      This is subject to change depending on influence of other planets and closeness of rahu+moon and their position in bhav chalit.

      Thank you.

  9. phani says:

    Namaskaram sir
    Moon and satrun in 8th house, and lagnam is kumbha lagnam and my 8th house is virgo. What are the effects of this conjunction

    • astrologerashish says:


      Mental worries, defensive to criticism, too much worrying, digestion problems, slow digestion. One tends to criticize others and can have habit of procrastinating.

  10. Riya Sharma says:

    Namaste sir, my husband’s ascendant is pisces and he has sun +moon +mercury conjunction in 8 th house(Libra), what will be the effect of it?

  11. swathi says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am worried about my husband ..he is Kanya Lagna.. has Ketu and Saturn in second house( in Libra) ..Venus and Rahu in 8th house( mesha) ..Mars and Mercury in 10th ( Mithuna) Jupiter in 5th (makara) Sun in 9th ( Vrishabha) ..His Naksathra is Uttarabhadra…his Ketu Mahadasha is going on since 2015 for next 7 years..could you please let me know if any issues with his health or career ? What remedies he should take…Thanks a lot in advance..

    • astrologerashish says:

      NAmaste Swathi,

      Your husband is very intelligent with mercury and mars combination in 10th house. For kanya lagna it indicates breaks in profession and probably health issues.
      Venus+Rahu in 8th indicates debts/financial difficulties. He should plan his finances properly and avoid taking loans and getting into debts ever. Focus on financial planning and keep a good health insurance handy to avoid loss of money due to health issues.

  12. Sonali says:

    Hello sir,

    My husband is meen ascendent. In his kundali Saturn and mars are in 8 th house, Venus rahul sun mercury in 3th , moon in 6th, Jupiter in 10 th, ketu in 9 th. I am concerned about his health as I have heard that Saturn and mars combination is good for longevity and married life.

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Sonali,

      Saturn in 8th house in exaltation is good, Generally such saturn should give long life. Lagna lord in 10th in own rasi is good for long life. Saturn+Mars in 8th house can cause health issues/injuries/surgery in future in life. But if they are not deep conjunct may not cause any problem to him. It can affect his siblings and father.

      Thank you.

  13. Pravallika says:

    Namaste sir
    my dob.12-09-1988 2:30pm
    My lagnam is dhanu and I’m divorced
    Please tell my 2nd marries life and I have children or not

  14. shikhar sharma says:

    namastey sir I am shikhar sharma I have saturn in 8th house of my kundli in kumbh rashi & sun in 6 house dhanu rashi & mars in 2 house in leo sign & jupiter venus in 5 house in vrischak rashi ,mercury in 7 th house makar rashi & moon in 11 th house in vrish rashi rahu in 4 house in tula rashi & ketu in mesh rashi at 10 th house sir I ask 3 question which planets are strong in my birth chart?
    2 business / job which is best for me
    3 I want to know I will goes through up down in my whole life or I rise ? presently I am in rahu mahadasha till 2021

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Shikar,

      Kindly opt for paid consultations for horoscope reading. Nothing of precise nature can be predicted with just planetary positions, Horoscope has to be checked in detail with degree of planets, navamsha, dasha, transit as bare minimum requisites.

  15. Ambika says:

    Hello sir, I’m worried about my husbands health… because I have mars and Raahu in 8th place… my Lagna is simmam… my sign is Capricorn… we checked horo before marriage which was matched… after marriage somebody told both doesn’t match because I have dosha… please clarify me… is it dosha or not…

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste ambika,

      Match making just tells whether partner is suitable for you physically, mentally and spiritually. It does not alter your destiny or cancel results of planetary positions. It infact neutralizes the results making you compatible for each other.

      Mars+Rahu in 8th is not good for married life as a general thumb rule, but you should not worry until there is any problem. It is quite possible that you will have a good married life if there is no adverse dasha or transit or the horoscope of husband is good for longevity/marriage and health.

      And nothing can be said just by one combination in horoscope, the results in horoscope are the sum of all planetary combinations and their relation to each other.

  16. Lakshay kakkar says:

    Namaste sir,i have raahu in 8th house,ketu in 2nd house,Mangal in 12th house,sun and moon in 1st house,buddh shukar and ketu in 2nd house…..I am having soo much health issues and never heal and i cant do anything in life and also suffer with mental problems please help me

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Lakshay,

      Your lagna lord is weak in 12th and your 6th lord is conjunct ketu. Sun moon together in lagna indicate birth nearer or just after amavasya if it is not amavasya. So moon also invariably becomes weak.

      Wear a Red Coral and recite Aditya hridayam for health.

  17. surabhi vaish says:

    Hello Sir

    It’s Libra ascendant. Moon 4 degree +mercury is of 14 degree in eighth house. No other planets aspect this house. What is the effect of them.


    • astrologerashish says:

      If they are also in 8th in bhav chalit also, Result would be good gains in insurance, inheritance, money under the table or easy money, gains from in-laws/rich inlaws. Negative result will be some phobia, anxiety, nervousness or low self confidence.

  18. Sanu says:

    Sun Saturn and Venus in 9th house Gemini ascendant. Sun in different nakshatra
    Saturn Venus in one nakshatra. Will the effect be combustion? Moreover sun is ahead of Venus Saturn.

  19. Ishan Gautam says:

    Hello sir,
    I am a Capricorn. Moon in 2nd, jupiter is in 3rd, ketu in 4th, Pluto in 7th, Mars in 8th, rahu and Venus in 10th house and Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Uranus & Neptune in 9th house.
    Plz give me advice for career.

  20. Pramod Kumar says:

    Dear Admin,

    I’m worrying about my wife. She is Gemini ascendant. Mars + Saturn in 8 house in her kundali. I hear that this conjunction may bring lots of troubles in marriage life. Other positions are Venus in 3rd, Sun + Mercury in 4th, Rahu and Moon in 5th, Jupiter in 9th and Ketu in 11th.

    Looking forward your consultation.

    • astrologerashish says:

      Namaste Pramod ji,

      Kindly opt for paid consultations for general horoscope readings. For gemini ascendant saturn is the 8th lord in 8th with 6th lord mars which will either indicate acute health issues requiring surgery or chronic health issues of long term nature, it will not cause problems to longevity since ascendant lord mercury is strongly placed in kendra in exaltation and jupiter aspects ascendant and moon.

  21. Aman sharma says:

    I m Gemini ascendant. Moon in 1st house Jupiter venus and ketu in 2nd sun and mercury in 3rd .retrograde saturn in 7th .rahhu in 8th and mars in 11th.my dob is 17 aug 1990 and time is 3.15 am.can i make career in movies.plz help me .give me advice fir career

  22. Sanjay says:

    I am Capricorn ascendant with Sun + mercury in 8th house. Jupiter in 2nd and Saturn in 11th. Venus in 10th and moon in 7th. Is this placement good for business??

    • admin says:


      Venus in 10th is excellent for capricorn, moon in 7th is good but since it is within 72 degrees of sun it seems to be bit weak. For business these combinations are good. Jupiter as 12th lord in 2nd is not very good for finances.

  23. Nikita Ok says:


    I have Rahu and Saturn in Capricorn in my 8th house
    is this combination bad for love and marriage ?

    I am male 25.04.1990 born in Riga (Latvia)
    09.45 am

    • admin says:


      This combination delays marriage and will bring changes in career unexpectedly. Your horoscope has strong saturn which is vargottama hence there will not be much issues. There will be some big change once in life due to 8th saturn rahu in 8th. Horoscope is otherwise very good.

  24. dadu says:

    What do you mean by deep conjunct? Further I have jupiter in 5th house & Moon.Mercuty in 7th, Venus in 9th. And I’m a leo ascendant. An astrologer told me that I’ve Akhanda samrajiya yoga that will nullify the effects of the malefic conjunctions. Is that true

  25. Alisha Thakkar says:

    Hello sir
    I have ketu and moon in 8th house . M a virgo asc.
    I have idiotic fears like m scared of driving myself .
    Is there any way to reduce these fears ?

    • admin says:

      Namaste Alisha ji,

      Moon in 8th usually gives phobias, you can get over these through some regression therapies or meditation. I do not know the complete horoscope hence cannot comment much about it, you can opt for paid consultations.

  26. vaibhav khuriwal says:

    Hello sir
    I need your help. My lagna is Tula and moon and Mars conjunction in eight house . I heard both planet are not good in this house and somebody says that conjunction give mahalaxmi yoga.
    And not good for health I m very scared about it plz give me some suggestions.

    • admin says:


      This conjunction in 8th will make you greedy for money. You will gain from lands, inheritance and in-laws if moon mars are well placed without any malefic aspect. It is not completely bad unless other factors obstruct.

  27. dadu says:

    mars, sat, sun ketu in 8th house pisces?

    • admin says:

      Namaste dadu,

      Not good for health and longevity if deep conjunct.

      • dadu says:

        What do you mean by deep conjunct? Further I have jupiter in 5th house & Moon.Mercuty in 7th, Venus in 9th. And I’m a leo ascendant. An astrologer told me that I’ve Akhanda samrajiya yoga that will nullify the effects of the malefic conjunctions. Is that true

  28. Shraddha says:

    Thank you very much, one single doubt his moon is in Aquarius that is in 11th house.
    Then also he loves to be in someone’s company always?

  29. Veena says:

    Hello sir,

    I need your help. Rahu, moon and Saturn placed in 8th house. I have heard it is very conjunction and I’m scared of loosing my family life.


    • admin says:

      Namaste Veena ji,

      There is no need to panic, There can be many interpretations for such placement. The intensity of result will depend on the closeness of all the 3 planets. Avoid going near secluded places, water bodies, going alone after evening. This combination can also indicate chronic health issues. The results will vary for each ascendant.

  30. Ansuman Mohapatra says:

    Sir my name Ansuman Mohapatra. Ketu and moon in 8th house. Give me please your view.

    • admin says:

      Ketu+moon in 8th, interest in occult and low self confidence or inferiority complex, could result in problems related to digestion and below waist area depending on the closeness of conjunction and sign they are placed in.

  31. Lekshmi says:

    Hi ji, I’m a girl whose dob is 08-08-1989 (birth time: 12.00 pm – trivandrum) who would like to marry a guy whose dob is 13-10-1989 (birth time: 3.20 pm – trivandrum)
    The guy has Mars, Sun, Mercury in 8th position… Could you please let me know if there are any way by which the dosha can be canceled, or any remedies.. Also please tell me if it affects his longevity.. Pls help

  32. Shraddha says:

    Namaste admin,
    My friend has a weird nature, it becomes difficult for me to understand him, sometimes he completely surrender himself and other times completely avoids, when I try to stay away and neglect he shows interest and if I ll be in touch then no response at all. He has many female friends and that makes me insecure, his planets are placed this way Venus, Saturn and mercury in 8th house, Mars and ketu in 7th, moon in 11th, Jupiter in 10th, sun in 9th house and rahu in 1st with Aries ascendant.

    While I have Leo ascendant with sun,Mars and ketu in 1st.mercury and Venus in 2nd, moon in 3rd,Saturn in 5th, rahu in 7th and Jupiter in 11th. My time is going very plain n boring now, I had to leave job because of health reasons and it’s still difficult for me to overcome.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Shraddha,

      Mars+ketu in the 7th house is not good, your partner seems to have parivartana yoga of venus and mars from 7th and 8th house it shows unnatural sexual appetite and tendency to physically abuse.
      Moon in gemini usually gives a socialite nature and such people love to be in some or the other company constantly. It would be better for you to take your decisions if its not working out.

      • Shraddha says:

        Thank you very much, but one single doubt, his moon is in 11th house that is Aquarius so this also means he always loves to be in company of someone?

  33. Madhu says:

    Hello ,

    My DOB and Time is 17th-11-1989, 8.43 am.. There is delay in marriage and facing lot of problems in carrier life. Shani Dasha is going on. Please let me know some remedies.

  34. Arindam Ghosh says:

    I heard Guru Mahadasha gives good result but it also gives bad result & it comes after Rahu Mahadasha. So is it true? Will my all expectations & dreams will get fulfill in Guru Mahadasha?

    I have consult few astrologer & they said things will take place as per my expectations in Guru Mahadasha but some says on the basis of moon chart & lagna chart. Which one is more accurate?

    • admin says:

      Namaste Arindam,

      It will depend on placement of planets in the horoscope, if the placement of jupiter is good and has good strength in the navamsha the dasha should be good. Both moon and lagna chart are used to check whether the promise of one is repeated in the other.

  35. Charmi Dedhia says:

    Hello Sir, This is Charmi
    I am so glad I found you and that you are helping people.
    I am very anxious since last 2-3 months, as I have applied abroad for studies and haven’t heard from them yet.
    My details are as follows,
    Birthdate: 14 June 1993,
    Time: 11 AM,
    Birthplace: Mumbai.
    When can I expect to fly broad?
    I appreciate your time and efforts.
    Thank you very much in advance

  36. Shailesh says:

    My DOB is 20/12/1985, time 4:05 Morning. Place siwana. I am worried about my career and work . please guide me the time ahead.

  37. Dhruv says:

    My– Dob (28/12/1991)
    Time (2:00 pm)
    Place (ganganagar,rajasthan)
    Someone told me that i have a chance of big accident in my life..
    Sir pls tell is their anything like that pls tell me or their chance of any miss happening in life i’m so worried… pls suggest if some remedy needed..

  38. ajit says:

    im Ajit
    DOB 02 Aug 1974 @ 9.15, Ambernath, Maharashtra – Guru Mahadasha
    im facing career problems, left good job , started business in partnership. Now facing financial problems. Lost huge amount in shares also. trying to sale property to overcome on this
    struggling a lot. Shall I search job again now ?

    • admin says:


      Horoscope is very good for job, business can be done with job as side business initially. 10th lord is with shani in the 11th house indicating success in job. The present period of 7 months is tough so it is better to lay low and not take any big risks, avoid selling house for 3-4 months if possible. Things will slowly improve from august onwards.

      business related to garments, perfumes, attar, antique items, stationery, fruits, food items like spices, pickles, designing& printing, stationary, advertising, financial services will do good.

  39. Seema says:

    Namaste.. I have moon in 8th house Sagittarius.
    I have moon dasha coming up and Saturn Sade shati too. Please let me know if there will be any adverse effects on my married life or any other aspects. 5 Nov 1986 7.43pm Mandya Karnataka.

    • admin says:


      It will give mental troubles, frustrations and more mood swings. There is nothing much adverse for you except health issues which will be due to mental frustrations and stress.
      Mother and siblings can suffer as moon is karaka for mother and 3rd lord younger siblings.

      Do rudrabhisheka through brahamanas regularly for next 3 years as per yatha shakti, monthly or quarterly.

      • Seema says:

        Thanks for the reply. Will Sade shati cause any bad effect on my marriage? When will these mental frustration s end?

  40. Swati says:

    Hello sir..warm wishes..!
    Mine is Aries ascendant with debilitated mars in 4th house, Jupiter in scorpio in 8th house and Moon+Rahu in 7th house in Libra.
    Is the presence of rahu and moon in 7th house bad for marriage? Can rahu there give outcaste partner?

    • admin says:


      Moon+rahu if close gives hallucinations and wrong perceptions about everything, rahu in 7th can definitely give out-caste marriage. Attraction for other caste is usually immense.

  41. dilip thapa says:

    hello sir
    this is dilip from nepal
    i have sun and saturn in eighth house.
    is it good or bad?

    • admin says:


      Its bad if they are conjunct within 8 degrees orbit, health will suffer and there will be struggles in life. Success comes after lots of hardwork and there will be no recognition for work.

  42. dhruv says:

    helo my name is dhruv soni i have Mars,Mercury and Venus in 8th house. i just wanna know about its benefits,losses and consequences. Should i be worried or should I need some remedy? pls suggest

    • admin says:


      Do not indulge in adultery else it can cause venereal diseases, signs ascendant nothing has been mentioned. Keep your thoughts and character clean there is nothing to worry about. Sudden gains, gains from inlaws, maternal relatives will be there.

      • Dhruv says:

        Dob (28/12/1991)
        Time (2:00 pm)
        Place (ganganagar,rajasthan)
        Someone told me that i have a chance of big accident in my life..
        Sir pls tell is their anything like that pls tell me or their chance of any miss happening in life i’m so worried…

  43. Shashi says:

    My lagna is Kanya. Moon, Venus and Rahu are in 8th house. Now passing through mahadasha of Rahu. What can be the effect?

    • admin says:


      Depending on closeness of venus and moon with rahu, bad company of friends, uncontrollable sexual libido, earning money in wrong ways and some dosha in family are the probable results, since moon and venus are 11th and 2nd lords the money you earn will bring misery as it carries curses along with it. Remedy is to do daana.

  44. shivamdhar says:

    Sir, Shivam here, I want to know about my longevity I have SATURN and KETU in eighth house..dob 26-9-1996 time 5:30am jammu

    • admin says:

      Greetings shivam,

      I avoid predicting longevity since it terrifies the people and it is also against the ethics. Saturn in 8th usually gives long life. Sun+rahu, Saturn+ketu opposition indicates health issues as the opposition is exact under rahu/ketu axis. There is a pitra dosha in the horoscope in kutumba(family) sthana. Do pitra tarpana regularly every year and pray to god to relive your pitris of troubles grant them mukti to go to higher worlds. The above yoga is not good for happiness of father.

      • Bharati says:

        Close sun rahu conjunction in 8th house,where sun is exalted and mars as the ruler of eighth in fourth house. What does exalted sun eclipsed by rahu in eighth show?

        • admin says:

          Sudden losses and sudden health issues, heart & eye problems can be there and lack of happiness from father.

  45. Manoj says:

    many consider Moon to be dead in 8th house. But if Moon is a func malefic for a chart. then does it create vipreet yoga

    6th/8th/12th in 6th/8th or 12th house. Is that true. If FMs are sitting in each other nak. does it create another good yoga or no

    If Moon is in Uppapada Lagna and UL lord Me in 12th. What kind of spouse traits you can expect

    • admin says:

      Namaste Manoj,

      The questions you are asking cannot be explained in two lines.

      Yes, vipareet rajyoga gets created, but rajyoga does not mean what you might expect. It can also mean easy life without struggles though less money no own house or vehicle.

      Vipareet rajyoga means struggle and something lost in the struggle to gain something. You get one thing at the expense of other, suppose 6th lord in 8th, you loose health.

      Spouse traits need consideration of a lot of other factors, spouse traits can be as per navamsha lagna, 7th lord sign and house, 7th house, planets in 7th house, upapada, planets influencing all the above. So there can be a quite mix of the results or some prominent factor from any of the above depending on strength based on each of the above factors.

      Moon in upapada in mercurial sign should give a practical, calculate, young looking spouse. These effects will be altered by aspect and influence of other planets.

      • Manoj says:

        thanks ashish ji for reply. You always educate and interact with readers which is very important to keep connect.

        If 7th has no planets and receiving aspects on three planets – Rahu / jup / Sat. What does it indicate. Does planets aspect empty house has any meaning?

        7th lord Surya in 12th house.Here Shani also aspects surya and Ve. Can it delay marriage till late 30s? or cause separation or Jup can save?

        if lagna lord shani aspects yogakarak Ve. is that also harsh aspect and make Ve afflicted.

        • admin says:

          Namaste manoj ji,

          Thank you for the words of appreciation. Saturn’s aspect on any planet is bad for the karakatwa of that planet be it a yogakaraka or saturn’s best friend. Aspect only delays results or either denies it depending on overall condition.

          7th house having aspect of the above 3 planets means, delayed marriage or problems in marriage if married early. Yes, planets aspecting house definitely has meanings.

          Suppose there are two goons residing beside your house who watch your house regularly and there is also a very learned scholar who also watches your house who will you be comfortable with and who can be beneficial for you ?

          • Manoj says:

            Thanks sir for your guidance and response. So we all want to have a scholar with us. But how will it work. do we look for such a trait in spouse

            Can the above aspects on 7th bhava and bhava lord also lead to a older age women or a mature wife?

            What combinations is needed for person marrying in different religion or having foreign spouse. can shukra in 12th bhava with 7th lord give that.

            Not much is written on it on web

          • admin says:

            Rahu and ketu give marriage in different religion or caste. Planets in nakshatra of rahu and ketu can also lead to such marriages, The conjunction of 7th lord or planet in 7th house with rahu ketu can lead to such results.

            Aspect of saturn on 7th delays marriage, older spouse or huge difference between spouses with respect to financial, age, other factors are indicated by Saturn’s connection to 7th house, lord, venus, moon etc in the horoscope of a man.

  46. are these predictions in general for rasi chart or any divisional chart

    If Ketu in 2nd and Rahu in 8th in D 9. what does it indicate

    If Sat from the 12th in D 9 aspects Ketu and Rahu what does it indicate

    • admin says:

      It can indicate thousands of things depending on complete horoscope. Its better to opt for complete horoscope analysis in paid section.

      Saturn aspecting rahu/ketu in 2nd can mean dhana naash, eye troubles, no emotional bonding with family, negative karma with respect to family and much more. The conditions should first apply in rashi chart before you move to navamsha, there should be some combinations in rashi chart for the same before the promise is confirmed in navamsha.

  47. Sunbeam says:

    I have Taurus asc with 4th house moon and 9th house sun. I also have mercury conjunct jupiter in the 8th. I have heard such scary things about the 8th in vedic astrology but your interpretation seems more constructive and insightful. Even so should I be nervous?

    • admin says:


      There is no need to be nervous about such combinations, 8th has also has a very positive side which indicates transformation of life after bitter experiences. Mercury and jupiter in 8th are very good for occult learning and finance/C.A or insurance profession. They also grant longevity and good in-laws depending on other factors in the horoscope.

      • Leigh says:

        How about Mercury Venus and Jupiter in 8th house aspecting moon in 2nd? (Libra ascendant)

        • admin says:

          Namaste Olivia,

          Mercury, venus and jupiter in 8th are good for longevity, study of occult, good conjugal life and they aspecting moon in 2nd can mean good finances and inheritance. These are general indications, horoscope readings can give more clues after analyzing complete horoscope.

  48. Schoen says:

    Namaste SIR!

    My name is Olga and I have Jupiter ( Gemini ) and Mars (Cancer) both in 8th house. The ruler of the 2nd house
    is Jupiter. Sun (Pisces), Mercury + Venus (Aries) are placed in 4th house and the Moon in 7th. In the 10th House
    there are Pluto ( Libra) and Rahu (Libra). I am a Scorpio rising.
    What could his mean – I am a businessperson.

    Thanks for Advise!

    • admin says:

      Namaste Schoen,

      For scorpio Ascendant Moon in 7th house is good as exalted. Sun in pieces in 5th and jupiter in gemini in 8th can make you a consultant, counselor, healer or a medical professional generally. 8th jupiter as 2nd and 5th lord is good for study of astrology and insurance/finance related professions. Mercury venus in 6th and a debilitated mars would give problems in relationships though they would give happiness due to exalted moon in 7th.

  49. Adarsh says:

    I’m Adarsh

    I have debilitated sun, mars and mercury in 8th house from lagna (Pisces). Saturn is in 11th house. Jupiter and Venus in 6th house. Are there any bad implications due to three planets in 8th house?

    • admin says:

      Namaste Adarsh,

      The above combinations will have bad effect in general for father and education. All benefics in trik houses and sun + mars aspected by saturn will also give health issues and surgeries depending on closeness of degree and aspects. The Lagna lord in 6th indicates health issues related to sugar/liver/kindeys and through over eating.

  50. srikanth says:

    Yes sir.You are 100% right.Lot of changes in career.At present iam a assistant professor in an engineering college.Will this profession have improvement

  51. raj says:

    Rahu and Jupiter in 8 th house for Leo ascendent. Saturn in 4 and sun in 10th house. Currently running mahadasha of rahu which started in 2011.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Raj,

      The general results will be bad for children, health, education depending upon the closeness of these two planets and other afflictions to them. It can also give false illusions of having high knowledge, tendency to earn by unscruplous means and loss of samskaras.

  52. srikanth says:


    feburary 1st at 7.52 p.m

    I am a kataka ascedent with jupiter in the same house
    moon,mars and kethu in 4th
    venus in 2nd
    saturn in 9th
    raghu in 10th
    mercury and sun in 12th house
    do i have pitru dosha? what will be my job prospects

    • admin says:

      Namaste Srikanth,

      No there is no pitru dosha but moon + ketu does give dosha from maternal side and vayu tattwa dosha since mars is with ketu in airy sign. Moon+mars+Ketu depending on closeness will be bad for health and mother. Rest horoscope is very good for success in career, there could be changes in the career due to affliction to mars+moon.

  53. narmadha says:

    Namestea sir, my mom having ketu in 8th place. My dad also having ketu in mangalyam. Is this any health issue to my mom? If any remedies are there please suggest. Worrying a lot.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Narmadha ji,

      There is no need to worry about anything, alone ketu in 8th is not at all bad unless it is badly afflicted by other planets. It is good for spiritual progress and premonitions.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Dear sir,

    I am scorpio ascendant and have Sun, Saturn and Mercury in 8th house, Rahu 1st house, jupiter 4th house, venus 7th,Mars 9th house, moon 3rd house. What will be the general effect?

    • admin says:

      Namaste Shiva ji,

      Moon+mars yoga and 10th lord in 8th with saturn and mercury the 8th lord. Lust for money and sudden gains can be the result, money from under the table also seems to be there, saturn+sun depending on closeness will give breaks in career and health issues.

  55. Aashi says:

    Namaste. If my birth of time is accurate should i be only looking at the shashtiamsa chart?

    • admin says:

      Namaste Devika ji,

      No, Birth chart is the main pillar which creates the base for other divisional charts. Division chart will only conform to the promises in the birth horoscope. The strength of planets etc and the results pertaining to particular aspects of life are to be studied in combination with the birth chart, the navamsha and the other horoscopes. Shastiamsha has more weightage than these do but that does not mean it should be studied independently.

  56. tarun says:

    sir namaste
    my d o b is 16-01-1988 time of birth 8.38 pm place of birth delhi why do i always keep having health problems and accidents and no finacial stablity

  57. Deepak Ratwani says:

    My name is Deepak Ratwani.. Born in Ahmedabad on 1st DEC 1987 @ 1:31 AM.
    I think I have Saturn and Sun both in 8th Position which is very bad. I want to know how worse it can be.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Deepak,

      Sun and Saturn are in 4th house of your horoscope not in the 8th. They are 14 degrees apart so the result would not be much pronounced, being in applying conjunction there can be delay in marriage or problems in happiness related to parents. Health issues related to heart in future could be probable result in dasha of sun.

  58. Natasha says:

    I’m a libra ascendant with Saturn in it.. My 8th house of Taurus has rahu in it with Ketu and Jupiter in the second house of Scorpio. Lord of 7th and 8th conjunct in the 10th house (deb) Mars and Venus in cancer. Do I need to worry about health or longevity ?

    • admin says:

      Namaste Natasha,

      No there is no need to worry about longevity. It will give health issues depending on the closeness of orbits of planets aspecting and conjunct 8th and lagna lord venus.
      The more closer they aspect or conjunct in orbit say within 5 degrees, the more the intensity of results, the rest would depend on dashas and the divisional horoscopes.

      • Natasha says:

        Yes Venus and Mars are very tightly conjunct less than 2 degrees in my birth chart.. How much importance should be given to D30 chart ? That has rahu Ketu Mars Venus in 8th house in Scorpio, Saturn in 11th house in sign 11, Jupiter in 6th. And moon and sun in 2nd.,..I’m very worried as I’ve read some scary things abt these combinations in the 8th house

  59. kabi says:

    Greetings Sir,

    Namaste Smruti ji,

    I have Sani, Kethu and Chandra in my 8th house. Is there any problem? What are their combined effect and impact in my life?

    Also, I am from the Pisces Ascendent with Rahu in 2nd house, Venus in 3rd, Sun & Mars in 5th, Merc in 6th, Jup in 11th.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Kabi,

      Saturn+Ketu+Moon will give lots of mood swings and depressions along with phobias or chronic health issues depending on the closeness of conjunction of these 3 planets. Saturn in 8th is good for longevity, 8th lord venus is self placed in 3rd so doesn’t look much of a problem. The analysis of whole horoscope can give more clues. Saturn+Moon+Ketu can indicate danger of drowning and troubles related to asthama, breathing, cold, mental illusions and phobias as moon is 5th lord and delay in child birth + Marriage if other combinations are obstructing.

  60. kavi says:

    My daughter has venus mars and rahu in 8th house. Will she have any extra marital affair pls help me. How will be her married life.
    Place: chennai
    Time:12:32 p.m…

    • admin says:

      Namaste Kavi ji,

      Kindly opt for paid consultations for complete horoscope analysis. Usually these 3 planets in 8th house are not good if closely conjunct else the intensity results will vary. The navamsha will also have a say in this along with dasha running.

  61. Simi says:

    Hi my nakshtra is bharni,yoga is saubhagya.I ve mars and neptune in 8th house in birth chart. Does it indicate my short life and death could be sudden?Venus is in my 1st house and Asc too. Will it ve any positive impact?
    My father died this year suddenly was it due to some dasha?

    • admin says:

      Namaste Simi,

      Mars in 8th does not necessarily give a short life unless other factors are bad, yes the death usually is sudden and quick but even that is a very general assumption. Sorry to hear about sad demise of your father, there could be other reasons for that which can be seen in Dasha + Transit + horoscope of Father and his longevity etc.

      Horoscope, planetary placements, dasha and transits are just indicators of events and they do not cause the events themselves, they are like the gps system showing you the road ahead in advance.

      • Simi says:

        Thanks for your reply. My DOB is 09.05.1986 at 6:00 am at Patna Bihar. Can you please tell me is other positive factors present in my kundli which can decrease Mars bad effect?

  62. smruti says:

    Namaste,my lagna is dhanu,guru is vakri in 8th house,sun,mars,mercury in 12th house,not blessed with child after 12yrs of marriage,consulted so many astrologers but in vain,is there any hope?

    • admin says:

      Namaste Smruti ji,

      Horoscopes of both of you will have to be checked to arrive at any conclusion regarding this. There is always a hope. Further remedies if applicable will have to be performed if there are combinations for remedies to work.

      Kindly opt for paid consultations.

  63. ujjwalika says:

    My daugter is haing sun mercury and rahu in 8th house..is there any problem

    • admin says:

      Namaste Ujjwalika ji,

      Not until Rahu is too close to sun or mercury by degrees, the good or bad results will depend on lot of factors.

  64. shruti says:

    my dob is 12/03/1988
    i am a cancer ascendent
    sun rahu mercury in 8th
    moon mars saturn in 6th
    jupiter and venus in 10th
    what are above planetary positions subjected to.?

    • admin says:

      NAmaste Shruti,

      Moon, Mars Saturn in 6th and sun rahu in 8th indicate weak health, volatile temperament and mood swings with weak mind. Moon as the lagna lord has established connection with 6th house its closeness with saturn mars will further amplify the bad results. Sun rahu mercury in 8th, strain on nerves, stress etc. Jupiter aspecting moon is protection against apghata yet combinations are there. There is a parivartana of Jupiter and mars which is excellent for progress in career and climbing up in life against odds.

  65. Brijender Gupta says:

    Thanks Sir for earlier reply.
    In my horoscope …I have Gemini ascendant with moon saturn in 2nd house in cancer , sun venus in leo in 3rd house, mercury mars in 4th house , rahu in Fifth , ketu in 11th & jupiter in 12th house.
    What are the implications of planetary positions ?

  66. raj says:

    i have combination of Saturn and ketu in Pisces for Acquarius ascedant and a Rahu in 8th house..
    Jupiter in Sagittarius and Moon and venus in Gemini and Mars aspects Rahu . Mercury in 7th house . Any issues with health /family life

    • admin says:

      Namaste Raj ji,

      Saturn ketu in 2nd will show unorthodox family depending on the closeness between them and it will show that the person will not much like to mingle with extended family. Saturn+Ketu if close can give issues related legs as they are in pieces and speech problems at times.

      Rest planetary positions are excellent, horoscope has good rajyogas.

  67. Sebastian says:

    I have venus in 8th house of aries being aspected by jupiter from 4th house of sagitarius. but i have ketu and saturn in 7th house… i should probably hold my horses down then…

    • admin says:

      Venus in 8th aspected by jupiter is good and gives controlled appetite, Saturn-ketu in 7th can give a very dedicated and spiritual wife who is very particular in doing her duties and it can indicate unconventional marriage or big age difference between wife and you. Rest of the horoscope and closeness of conjunctions and aspects will decide final outcome.

  68. Varsha Save says:

    I have Saturn in 8th House ( in Taurus sign) but I have no speech problem. In fact I have won many Elocution competitions and people like to listen when I talk.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Varsha,

      The effects given here are general and get modified according to other combinations in horoscope. For tula lagna saturn is a yogakaraka as well. Winning competitions and elocution is a part of academic stuff and saturn as the 5th lord is connected to 2nd house in your horoscope. The 3rd and the 11th houses also play role for speech and achievements.

  69. Brijender Gupta says:

    Hello Sir,
    My Girl friend is a cancer ascendant with Jupiter & moon sign “pieces” with mercury & moon…. 3 planets in 8th house in kumbh rashi viz…sun , ketu, mars…. Saturn & rahu in 2nd house in singh(leo) rashi… venus in 7th house in capricorn … What wd b implication of the planetary positions on her life .

    • admin says:

      Namaste Brijendar ji,

      She has some very good as well as bad combinations in the horoscope. Family life and marriage can get affected depending on closeness of saturn rahu orbit and their opposition to mars, sun, ketu if there in tight orbits. Health issues will be there due to 6th lords presence in ascendant and aspect between ascendant and 8th lord saturn and sun under rahu/ketu axis.

      Good dhanayogas will give opulence and prosperity after marriage.

    • Brijender Gupta says:

      Thanks Sir for earlier reply.
      In my horoscope …I have Gemini ascendant with moon saturn in 2nd house in cancer , sun venus in leo in 3rd house, mercury mars in 4th house , rahu in Fifth , ketu in 11th & jupiter in 12th house.
      What are the implications of planetary positions ?

      • admin says:

        Venus sun in 3rd will give artistic talents, mercury and mars in 4th will give good lands and properties. Jupiter’s aspect is a bonus and indicates good spiritual progress and blessings as well. Saturn/moon makes one introvert and lonely.

  70. Dr suman sopori says:

    Hi. I was born on 10.11.1987 at 1.50am in srinagar(j&k).having both rahu and Jupiter in 8th house,is it delaying my marriage and job prospects? What remedies should I do for both? Being a dr, I want to further my career abroad. Are there marriage and career prospects abroad?

  71. Kshitij More says:

    Hello, I am a cancer ascendant and my moon sign is Sagittarius. The planets positioned in the 7th house are sun,mercury,mars, uranus and neptune in capricorn… what does this indicate? i also have my venus and saturn in The8th house in aquarius?

    • admin says:

      Namaste Kshitij,

      It indicates that you will have a good longevity though there could be long term chronic health issues, the results of 3 planets in 7th house with uranus will depend on the closeness of their orbit. This should give a powerful women as wife who will be dominating and at the same time very good chances for inheritance through wife’s family.

      • Kshitij More says:

        Having chronic health issue is true as I suffered near death experiences… But can you tell me more about my married life? Thank you sir…

  72. Siddhita says:

    I am a female. I am a scorpio ascendant having following 3 planets in 8 house: Jupiter 061-58-32
    Mercury 075-15-37
    Sun 084-32-54
    Also Saturn is in 2nd house and Rahu is in 4th house aspecting 8th house.
    What would be d implication?

    • admin says:

      Namaste Siddhita,

      Jupiter mercury in 8th will definitely give good inheritance, sudden gains and in-laws. Teaching and research oriented subjects occult subjects will interest you.
      On the negative side, child birth will be delayed or one of the children will suffer from health complications or give you trouble in future i.e one of the child will be source of some pain to you.

  73. aman sharma says:

    Hello sir,
    I am gemini ascendant. I have jupiter , ketu, venus conjunction in 2nd house.rahu in 8th house.mars in 11th and sun in 3rd house along with mercury and moon in 1st house and saturn in 7th house. Would I be successful in my life

    • admin says:

      Namaste Aman ji,

      Yes, you will be successful in life since you have very good dhanayogas, Just focus your mind on your aims and have patience.

  74. manoj says:

    my lagna is tula and my venus in 3rd house from ascd and jupiter is in eight house should i wear pukhraj or not?? my dob is 25/01/1989 time 12:55am amritsar punjab

    • admin says:

      Namaste Manoj ji,

      No, you should not wear pukhraj since there is a parivartana of 3rd and 8th lords. Jupiter will already give results of vipareet rajyoga being 6th lord in 8th. So no need to wear pukhraj.

  75. Mani says:

    Namaste Sir
    I m female and I have Jupiter- ketu in 8 house.should I need some remedy? Pls suggest
    if so.
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Namaste Mani ji,

      Much depends on the closeness of jupiter with ketu which will modify the results. Generally jupiter+Ketu should give Liver/kidney pancreas problems, problems in having children or children who won’t give any happiness, overall result will depend on a lot of other factors. Kindly opt for paid consultations if you want to go for analysis of the horoscope.

  76. rick says:

    Hello Please give some inputs on how is placement of saturn in 8th in its own sign + Mars in 5th for gemini ascendent ?

    mutual aspect on each others exaltation signs


    i hope you reply

    • admin says:

      Greetings Rick,
      It is not good for health in general and also make you prone to burns, cuts, injuries, accidents, surgery etc depending on the closeness of them in orbits w.r.t to degrees. Much modifications will come in depending on other planets and afflictions or influence.
      Kindly opt for paid consultations if you want a whole reading.

  77. amit says:

    my son is having venus ,sun and ketu in 8 th house ,should i be worried.

    • admin says:

      Namaste Amit thapar ji,

      Not unless there is closeness of degree between sun ketu and venus, they may also be going to the 7th house or 9th house in bhav chalit, so there is nothing to worry unless everything is clearly checked, if the dashas do not promise any bad events, there will be no bad events inspite of the combinations being there.

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