Puja services

This page is for all kinds of remedial and puja services. The idea is to provide for personalized and customized Vidhi in your homes and offices or getting  sankalpa sahit pooja vidhi/remedies done for you alone only than doing a samuhika pooja by collecting money from 1000 people.

You can book puja services by emailing us on jyotishresearch@gmail.com for more details. We have a team of expert brahmins/pandits who are well versed and learned in karma kaanda.

My intention to put this page is to let people genuine pooja services.

For Kids and newborns:

  • Naming Ceremony
  • First Food Eating Ceremony
  • Mundan Ceremony
  • Birthday Ceremony
  • Thread wearing  Ceremony (along with Grahmakh)
  • Samavartan Vidhi
  • Dattak Vidhi (adoption).

For would be Brides and Grooms:

  • Marriage Ceremony
  • Engagement Ceremony
  • Navagraha Shanti OR Grahamakh
  • Mangal dosha puja

For senior citizens:

  • Shanti at the age 60 years, 75 years, 80 years, 90 years, 100 years
  • Shanti after a great grand daughter or great grandson is born.

Other Pujas and Shanti:

  • Satyanarayan Pooja (with or without Havan)
  • Udakshanti
  • Vastushanti
  • Sahastravartan
  • Laghurudra
  • Navachandi
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja
  • Kalsarp Shanti
  • Grahashanti

Shraaddha Vidhi:

  • Hiranya-shraddha
  • Sapindak-shraddha
  • Last rites
  • Antyeshtavidhi

Pitrudosha Vidhi:

  • Narayanbali Naagbali
  • Tripindi Shraaddha

Write to us @ jyotishresearch@gmail.com to know more details about puja services. Personalized and customized vidhis are available at home and office or any commercial place in Mumbai.

If you are in Srirangapattna in Karnataka and want to perform any Purva Karya, Dharma karya or Uttara kriya You can get in touch with Acharya H.K Ramprasad @ 9980631361.

He is a Very good Purohita and also teaches in VedaShala. I have personally met and interacted with him, he went out of the way to help me and he is a very learned and wise person which was quite clear from the time spent with him.

He is available @ 9980631361.