Learn jyotish

I have been receiving many jyotish teaching requests from my blog readers and clients who want to learn jyotish. After 15 years experience in astrology consultations and watching people teach astrology I feel it is the right time to start teaching jyotish.

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The fees will 2999/- INR 1st month per person Pan India and 1099/- INR from 2nd month onwards. You can continue or leave anytime depending on how fast you learn.

51$ for 1st month per person for people residing outside India and 25$ from the 2nd month.

You can learn at self-pace, you can leave the course in between whenever you feel, there is no fix duration, no restrictions, it will be like a healthy discussion between learners, amateurs, experts alike. The mode of teaching would be personal as well as online. If you reside in Mumbai/Thane you can come to my residence to personally learn astrology. For personal teaching, you can come 2 days a week depending on my and your schedule.

By going through this course you will be saving 2100/- INR for personal consultation as your horoscope will be discussed in this course.

Fees will be paid as per 28 days cycle which is the period of moon transit from all 12 signs. You will be required to pay monthly fees once in every 28 days if you wish to continue learning further. Astrology being very vast takes a lot of time, practice and patience to learn.

Eligibility criteria

Not Everybody is Destined to practice astrology. You are required to submit your birth details along with your background and educational qualification to assess your learning potential and aptitude to learn astrology. This is just to ascertain your potential in learning. Anyone having a strong passion/desire to learn or understand astrology can join this course. Practicing depends on how well your horoscope supports it, Many scholars and rankers in astrology are zero in prediction part whereas one who has never joined any institute can be good at predicting by self-learning and experience which clearly indicates that Jyotish predictive skills are acquired through sadhana and purva janma sanchita. One who wants to practice must also have spiritual discipline to protect from negative influences and drain of energy.

Other requirement

For correspondence course you should have access to the internet, you should be able to send and receive emails and you should have access to gmail to chat with me for asking doubts and queries. You should have skype if you wish to learn online.

Topics covered

The topics covered won’t be as exhaustive as done in a 2 years astrology course, neither it will involve any complex mathematical calculations. It is a pretty basic + advance course which will teach you basics as well as some advanced techniques which are required to learn jyotish and equip yourself with the required understanding of astrological principles. Most of these things are covered in advanced courses of institutes which might take 3-5 years for you to learn considering the slow pace.

1: 12 rashi/zodiac signs, their nature and characteristics. 9 planets and 27 nakshatra.

You will be given a table for these and you need to learn it by-heart and after that first session will be to clear the doubts on these topics.

2 : Casting a vedic horoscope using astrology software. If you have your own software, you will be taught to use it with correct settings.

(You will be guided to install a free astrology software preferably Jhora here and its features and settings will be explained).

3 : Interpretation of birth chart/lagna chart/ascendant chart/Moon chart/Chandra kundali/Importance of Moon chart.

(conjunction, opposition, aspect of planets, classification of houses, understanding strength of houses, yogas, nabhas yogas).

Understanding dasha systems, application of dasha systems, vimshottari dasha its application. Use of divisional chart for specific purpose combined with rashi and navamsha.

5: Concept of match making, understanding transits from lagna and moon, use of astavarga in transits.

6: Remedial astrology, How and when to suggest remedies? Precautions while suggesting remedies, Gemstones, how to suggest gemstone ? 

The above stuff is a very basic outline of the course and can be discussed in detail depending on interest and grasping ability of the students.

Duration of Learn jyotish course

There is no specific duration, the course will be a self-paced learning course where one can join at any time. You pay recurring fees every month if you want to continue learning. 6 months are enough for one to learn the basics and foundation of astrology and start practicing on horoscopes to gain experience and expertise slowly. Expertise comes over the years as one practices over more and more horoscopes. Some people become experts quickly if they have combinations to become astrologers while others take time, there is no fix period in which one can learn astrology. Mastering astrology is altogether a different topic and even an entire life time is less for that.


Learn jyotish in Hindi, Learn Jyotish in Marathi or Learn Jyotish in English depending on your preference and good understanding of any of the above languages.

Benefits of joining Learn jyotish course.

  • You learn a life saving skill provided you use it properly.
  • You will be saved from quack astrologers who try to fool you.
  • You will be able to understand things in your own horoscope.
  • You will be able to assess people through their horoscope and know how to deal with them effectively on a personal and professional level.
  • Astrology can help you to boost your confidence provided you use it in the right way.
  • You will be able to find good and bad periods for you and plan things accordingly.
  • You will be able to understand the complexities involved in horoscope match making and avoid matching horoscopes loosely.
  • You will be able to take right decisions at the right moment.

You can join the course anytime. There is no fixed duration of the course.

Kp Modules will also be introduced shortly for those who are interested in learning KP astrology. I will be teaching both kp and Parashari mixed but more focus will be on Vedic/Parashari jyotish.

Note: One can bring his own case-studies to discuss and learn Jyotish, If you have a good collection of horoscopes it is an advantage to learn astrology. Case-studies of people known to us are better to learn astrology. Horoscope databank of celebrities, politicians are always unreliable unless it has come directly from him or a very reliable source whom they consult.

Teaching begins when you are ready to join. You can join for online learn Jyotish course through Gmail chats or come directly to my residence as per your preference.